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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Tomshardware 6:23 Sun Jul 28
Hugill has gone
Season loan to Queens Park Rangers.


Jordan Hugill departs West Ham United for Norwich City

West Ham United can confirm Jordan Hugill has joined Norwich City on a permanent basis.

The centre forward moves to the Canaries for an undisclosed fee, two-and-a-half years after joining the Hammers from Preston North End.

The 28-year-old moves to Norfolk after making three Premier League appearances in Claret and Blue, all of which were as a substitute at the end of the 2017/18 season.

Middlesbrough-born Hugill has spent the past two seasons on loan in the Championship, with his hometown club in 2018/19 and with Queens Park Rangers last term, scoring 22 goals in 82 games in total.

West Ham United would like to thank Jordan for his professionalism, hard work and commitment and wish him the very best for his future career.

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White Pony 1:10 Wed Aug 26
Re: Hugill has gone
I don’t think anyone has said it was great business.

Chinkey Weasel 12:06 Wed Aug 26
Re: Hugill has gone
Yeah getting rid of bang average players that should have never ever have been on our fucking radar, let alone fucking signed for large sums and shipping them straight back out to the championship on loan & finally selling them for 2 bob is great business. Let's all be well pleased about that.

Silva. Yeah what a player. He'll solve all our problems.

Have a word with yourselves you indenial cuntshovels.

Vexed 3:45 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
If Xande Silva was up to it I'd have expected him to have played some games. Not like we're overrun with talent is it?

Pickle Rick 3:01 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
Luis Suarez is about to become available on a free.

eusebiovic 10:55 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
dealcanvey 9:58 Tue Aug 25

Full Claret Jacket 10:52 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
I also don't mind getting rid of average players who are unlikely to make a significant contribution but I've been around long enough to know that they either don't get replaced or are replaced with equally average players.

When we are looking to shift players who do have some quality be that Anderson, Lanzini, Wilshere, Diop, Yarmalenko, Haller and even Rice then are a couple of players from the Championship and youth team and a loan turned permanent going to be suitable replacements?

Sven Roeder 10:44 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
Silva was ill for a long time but has obviously got to a now or never season.
If he isn’t around the first team squad at the beginning of the season he should be moved on.
Same for players like Holland & Cullen

lab 10:33 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
Can’t believe he’s not got game time , is he too lightweight?

scott_d 10:25 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
Xande Silva is 23 now.

Why not promote him and give him a chance rather than looking elsewhere?

I thought the owners would love this seeing as it wouldn't cost a penny.

Rossal 10:15 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone

Agree with your thinking but he would cost more than the both the Ajeti and Hugill fees put together

Free transfer or a shit loan is best we can hope for



Sven Roeder 10:06 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
Two years ago we could have bought Grant & Olli Watkins for the price of Hugill.
Unfortunately neither were at Preston or had the ‘right’ agent

dealcanvey 9:58 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
I would like to see us go out and get Karlan grant now.

Replacing Hugill and Ajeti with him would be good work.

Won’t cost loads and only 22.

scott_d 9:51 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
I dont mind getting rid of some of these average players who are unlikely to make a significant contribution.

So long as it means that there is more opportunity for younger players to get a chance.

Sadly, we'll definitely end up signing a bang average foreigner like Martin Braithwaite instead and the youngsters still won't get a chance.

White Pony 9:40 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
I would have rather had Hugill in the squad than Ajeti last season, but glad.they've both gone. As long as.we.get a decent striker in. Which we probably won't.

VickyPkVillageIdiot 8:53 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone

I agree with that. Just shows how much of a clueless cunt Bilic was trying to shoehorn him in at RB.

Darby_ 6:18 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
We all know that Antonio's a beast, but his great attitude isn't recognised enough. I was surprised listening to him at how proud he was of his time at right back. Not that I think he was particularly bad. It's just that he didn't whinge or get sulky about being played out of position. He just got on with it and tried to make the position his own.

People get too wrapped up in technical ability. Attitude is far more important, and it's why he's made the striker position his own. He doesn't strike me as a bad finisher. I don't know where people get that from, but even if he is, he's still by far our most dangerous striker and player.

zebthecat 12:58 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
Glad he has gone, good luck to him.
Why he ended with us in the first place remains a mystery.
I hope whoever scouted Soucek and Bowen are still on out books.

DukeofDevo 12:44 Tue Aug 25
Re: Hugill has gone
We sign a striker that doesn’t get played, and let a midfielder like Dendonker slip away And he’s having a good couple of seasons at a successful side like Wolves! Always thought it was a strange set of events

Vexed 7:28 Mon Aug 24
Re: Hugill has gone
How on earth did we end up fucking re-employing the idiot Moyes after the obviously shady transfer of this absolute fucking waster? What a shit show.

gph 7:24 Mon Aug 24
Re: Hugill has gone
Geoff Hurst seemed to do quite well as a striker, given that it was the THIRD position he played in.

only1billybonds 7:11 Mon Aug 24
Re: Hugill has gone
Koeman seemingly has no interest in Suarez at Barcelona and the wannabe vampire will be available on a free.

Worth a punt?

Joking you cunts (-:

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