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LeroysBoots 12:08 Sun Aug 4
Money Heist

Most successful show in such a short space of time

Breaking all sorts of records

34 million watched it in 7 days

You seen it ?

About the robbery of 2.2 billion from Royal Mint in Madrid

Its compulsive viewing that's for sure !

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sanfrancis-co-uk 5:12 Wed Sep 25
Re: Money Heist
What the fuck has this to do with Gank?

Fifth Column 11:53 Tue Sep 24
Re: Money Heist
I loved money heist

Fortunes Hiding 11:51 Tue Sep 24
Re: Money Heist
Ignore the timeline.

It’s easy to watch

collyrob 11:47 Tue Sep 24
Re: Money Heist
As a punishment because he thought Berlin killed the pregnant bird I think.

I enjoyed it, but the time line just didn’t make any sense. The professor went on coffee dates and was doing loads of stuff, had about 20 calls with them, had surgeons going in to remove bullets, hitting chemists, going to scrap yards looking for the car and it pops up “48 hours”.

I finished season 1 and then heard Neymar does be in it, that’s where I drew the line😂

Fortunes Hiding 11:22 Tue Sep 24
Re: Money Heist
Why did the professor plant Berlins button in the seat Ibiza?

southbankbornnbred 12:22 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
Mindhunter also based on real cases - Kemper, Manson, Watson etc.

Well worth a watch.

southbankbornnbred 12:15 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
Best "new" series on Netflix at the moment is Mindhunter.

Slow-build and gritty stuff, superbly written. Real focus on quality scripts. Proper dialogue and some extraordinarily well-written characters (the jailed serial killer in the first season is a real complex character and not the one-dimensional killer of most drama series). Not much of the copycat shiny whistles and bells shit you get in Money Heist (I know, let's put them all in Dali masks and try to make it a bit like "Vendetta", let's also have lots of slow-mos of attractive women carrying guns, for the wank-stained audience).


riosleftsock 12:04 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
Try Fauda.

Manuel 11:47 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
Sydney - Yes, I was gonna knock Gomorrah on the head after 1 or 2 episodes, thank fuck I never, the show sends a chill down my spine just thinking about it.

Prison Break
Ray Donovan
True Detective
The Sinner
Fargo, all top drawer

I couldn't get into Ozark. The American's meant to be good.

Never watched Dexter.

D Scully (eire) 11:40 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
Been watching this over the last week, i enjoy it, its nowhere near the best dubbing tho, really have to avoid watching their mouths

Sydney_Iron 10:12 Fri Aug 23
They're not robbing it tho - buying more time in the gaf is the actual goal.

Woden 11:37 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
Actually I watched the first season of la casa de papel months ago. Netfilx just caught on have they?

Woden 11:34 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
No but I've been watching a series called La Casa de Papel which I'm sure is better :-)

Sydney_Iron 10:12 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
Jut noticed there are 13 episodes in series 1, all bar the first episode in the fucking bank, fuck this! The build up and initial entry of the bank was ok, but how long does it take to rob the fucker?

There is then a series 2 FFS!!!

As to Gomorrah, that is in a totaly differnt league to this bang average show, mind you it did take an episode or 2 to get into Gomorrah, but its riveting stuff, think the subtitles actually add to the brilliance of it.

Lee Trundle 10:07 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
Iron Duke 9:47 Fri Aug 23

I think Leroys and Eddie B challenge each other daily to see who can post the most irrelevant thread.

munkyfunk 10:04 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist

Had a dose of man flu this year and binge watched gomorrah.
That is superb. I have links to Naples which made it more interesting. Great box set

Iron Duke 9:47 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
Imagine if everyone started a new thread every time they saw a TV show they liked.

w4hammer 9:40 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
on episode two of series two- have really enjoyed it however i fear it is disappearing up its own arse in every daft plot twists in the style of prison break...

Manuel 8:16 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
I was thinking of starting this and after looking into it concluded it wasn't gonna be that good. If I'm gonna invest literally hours in something it can't just be ok.

On the 5th season of Breaking Bad now, it did get better and yes it's a very good show, not top 3 though for me.

Gomorrah and Narcos are the best 2 I've seen in recent years.

Sydney_Iron 8:05 Fri Aug 23
Re: Money Heist
"Its compulsive viewing"

Sorry but it isnt!

Up to episode 3 and its starting to get bit boring, actually thought it was only 3 episodes but i was wrong..............

And the dubbing is fucking awfull, would rather subtitles and Spanish....

Manuel 4:49 Mon Aug 5
Re: Money Heist
I reckon you posted this 2 mins after the last episode? Bless your cottons..

White Pony 11:32 Sun Aug 4
Re: Money Heist
Sounds fucking awful Boots. No thanks.

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