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LeroysBoots 4:24 Thu Aug 8
Glen Johnson on Berahino

Scathing comments

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martyboy 12:23 Fri Aug 9
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
I've meet, and had dealings with Glen Johnson, and can honestly say his a decent bloke, his now got into property renting/building large houses. He used to live next door to Ashley Cole in Oxshott, and speaking to him once, after he see my Hammers tattoo on my leg, that he always looked out for the Hammers results, and i sensed he and the little wanker Cole never got on, never spoke to each other, and they were neighbours!!

, 11:17 Fri Aug 9
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
We actually put up with people’s bad behaviour when it has no roots in childhood trauma too.

Hermit Road 11:04 Fri Aug 9
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
One of the worst things about modern society is its tendency to excuse bad behaviour because of childhood trauma. At the end of the day, a society with personal responsibility has a bright, constructive future. A society with none is doomed.

Bad things happen, to lots of people. Find someone to talk to, get help, and then try and think of someone other than yourself.

Infantilising people by making them perpetual victims is like a cancer.

MikeHammer 4:28 Fri Aug 9
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
Listened to Glen on radio and he came across as sincere and hard hitting at same time .. honest bloke who can articulate a good debate / response ... very intelligent and knowledgeable too. Would see a great future for him in media - good luck

Manuel 3:46 Fri Aug 9
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
What a wanker Collymore is. Literally millions of people have had personal tragedy/bad childhoods yet come out the other side as good, respectable people. Wanker.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 3:18 Fri Aug 9
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
He can you not enjoy playing something you're really good at with a working week of around 20 hours tops

Honestly these cunts while on youth terms should be farmed out to call centres or supermarkets after training for a bit of 'focus'


Stevethehammer 3:02 Fri Aug 9
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
What I think Johnson is getting at is the disrespect he showed not only the club and its fans but to his team mates aswell.
Every fan will no doubt tell you the number 1 thing they want from any player is a desire to play for the shirt. There are many players around that aren't gifted but their work rate is what has made them professional and their attitude to work.
If we all turned up and disrespected the rules, thought we were better than everyone else and generally took the piss then we would be out the door.
Just because he is a footballer why shouldn't basic rules, respect and a little bit of awareness of just how lucky you are to have that kind of lifestyle, count for you.
No doubt Berahino had his issues and still does, but if it was so bad and all too much then rip up your contract and fuck off. In his contract it would say he has to make himself available for selection unless medically injured. Just being a cunt, big billy bollocks and refusing to follow rules that all over players under contract do means he shouldn't get paid.
Fuck him.. self entitled prick prick and good on Johnson for calling him out. Funny how all these footballers who have got behind berahino, also fail to follow simple rules..

Mart O 11:16 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
"Raheem Sterling’s father was murdered wasnt he?"

I have the feeling of a theme coming on...

Sven Roeder 10:41 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
Raheem Sterling’s father was murdered wasnt he?
And I don’t imagine he had a bed or roses being brought up by his Mum.
He seems to have increased his effort to play for Liverpool, Man City and England and surprise people with his maturity.

Berahino was a talented young player. Didn’t Spurs offer £20m for him and have it knocked back?
He seemed to give up after that and people have been taking chances on him for the last few years in the style of Ravel Morrison.
With even less output

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:04 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
Bill W

There's a difference between 'indifference' and 'laziness' , mate, and even bigger one to unprofessionalism. There's also a huge gap between that and being a disruptive influence and general cunt.

Bill W 9:53 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
Went on holiday once and met a lovely family who were sort of related to Johnson in an in law twice removed type of way. They had loads of photos of him on their phones in normal family situations and were obviously not bullshitters.

It was around the time towards the end of his Liverpool career. They liked him and weren't coating him off, they were just painting him in an honest light (we were fairly merry and I had mentioned I was gutted when we lost him to Chelsea so early in his career)

They basically said,he was bored of football, was going through the motions, didn't want to play for England as he liked to go snowboarding during international breaks (or some other sport, I was pissed) which he enjoyed much more than football, which had now become to him a way of earning money while he was still able to, but really couldn't be arsed with it all

Point being, Vexed was spot on, and he's got a bit of front coating off another geezer who just didn't hide his laziness and indifference quite as well as he did

NDT 8:57 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
Vexed 7:41 Thu Aug 8

Haha. Quality

geoffpikey 7:48 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
Just read all of what Johnson said about Berahino. Blimey, he's not holding back! "if was a manager, I wouldn't take him if you paid me."


Glen clearly not of the Arry school.

Some TV channel should get him as a pundit. Applecarts blown apart!

Vexed 7:41 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
A cunt calls another cunt a cunt and then loads of other cunts pile in with nobody covering themselves in anything resembling glory.

It's basically a higher profile WHO.

, 7:34 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
There is a host of players who having experienced tough upbringings have used that as a motivator rather than an excuse.

Far Cough 7:08 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
threesixty, you can throw our very own Snodders in there too

ak37 7:04 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
I still love the
Yeah, he smashed it in the back of the net, like you smashed up Ulrika

threesixty 6:52 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
You cant throw in the whole "he had a bad childhood" thing in. There are plenty of sports people who have been through just as bad shit and dont act up like that. I think the whole Bosnian team might have a lot to say etc..

I do think that fellow footballers should perhaps air out each other in private. Similar thing with our chairman talking about Charlie Austin. It can kind of ruin careers and deals in a short career.

Best to be diplomatic really... (unless they're spurs players )

flyingV 6:31 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
What’s Collymores point?

So Berahino had a fucked up childhood, unlike many in a similar scenario, he was blessed with elite talent. Got his foot in the door to a career of wealth and success and was of such weak character that he gave it all away because he didn’t fancy turning up on time for the people that were paying him more in a week than plenty see in a year.

Makes him an even bigger prick.

Eerie Descent 6:19 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
"I'll then throw a different culture and lifestyle at you"

Yeah Stan, there hasn't been a load of cultures and lifestyles thrown our way. And expecting him to show a bit of gratitude towards the country who gave him a chance to get away from all that, tut tut.

Block 6:03 Thu Aug 8
Re: Glen Johnson on Berahino
Nothing like making excuses for acting like a cunt, no surprise Collymore is defending him.

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