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mashed in maryland 10:02 Thu Aug 8
Julian Dicks
50 today.


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Tomshardware 1:11 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Everton game when he went in goal.

Cony Tottee 12:21 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
My favourite ever player.

So many great moments, the Man Utd penalty, two goals against Oxford at home, the run for Clive Allen's goal against Cambridge along with so many others.

Northern Sold 12:05 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Ahhhhhhh like a little labrador puppy following me from thread to thread... awwwww...

.... fat headed cunt

Block 12:02 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Blatantly never happened

Northern Sold 12:01 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Backed him (fiver) at 18/1 to score first goal v Villa in the League Cup … saw him the next day up Southend High Street pushing his twin girls in a buggy… stopped him and thanked him for the win and offered to buy him a cup of tea??!! He kindly refused… ag ag !!

goose 11:57 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
free kick away at the city ground.

my first ever away game.

Eggbert Nobacon 11:54 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Perry Groves pretty much in tears, asking the ref for protection and then asking George Graham to take him off

LeroysBoots 11:42 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Twoleftfeet......bit of a comment...what about Frank Lampard Snr ?

Northern Sold 11:39 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Squaring up to Roy Keane...

violator 11:31 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Trying to kill John Spencer

Sven Roeder 10:46 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Can remember watching towards the end of his career playing in a game at Charlton and it was obvious that he couldn’t turn or change direction with his knee and Danny Mills was running past him down our left.
That’s a sign you are finished and he only played another half a dozen games.

twoleftfeet 9:48 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Best left back we ever had.

Treading on Dennis Wise was a beautiful thing to see, I still have the t shirt that was produced in its honour.

Grumpster 9:47 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
bruuuno 2:26 Fri Aug 9

Would say that was the game just mentioned by TK, Wolves away.

Took one out then as the other chap steamed in to remonstrate he literally threw him over his shoulder and then just walked knowing he was off.

Think he missed about 13 games suspended that season, fucking loon :o)

LeroysBoots 9:47 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Loved him to bits

When he returned for a 2nd spell at the club I dont think he was that good, my minds a bit hazy

I think his injuries caught up with him

Huffers 9:44 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Wouldn't have changed him for the world. My first hero.

Takashi Miike 9:43 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
I was at the wolves game when birch & bull tried to mix it with him, both come unstuck :.)

Coffee 9:40 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Anyone remember an evening Anglo Italian Cup game against Pisa (??) when he gave a opposition forward a very hard time?

cholo 9:26 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
In the Wimbledon cup game he almost cut denis wise in half right by tunnel and walked straight down it iirc?

Oh dear 9:23 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
Perry Groves pleading to substituted.............

Billy Bonds running down the touchline to stop him ironing out a Wolves player..........

The Ted McMinn tackle that Leeshere has posted about I am sure is the tackle where he just walked off Bruuuno

Julian Dicks was a very talented player, I'm not sure he got as much out of himself as he could.

NigelKhazi 9:20 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
scouse kid 11:23 Thu Aug 8

Miller and Carter

Don Ravioli 8:02 Fri Aug 9
Re: Julian Dicks
I was at that debt away game.
He seemed like he wanted a row that day.
That poor cunt he hit with the tackle screamed and from where we were it looked like he ended up in the stands.
My favourite player at that time, never forget the perry groves thing as well. That was proper funny.
Shocking haircut though.

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