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Leonard Hatred 11:16 Fri Aug 9
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Cheezey Bell-End 12:13 Thu Aug 15
Re: Nando's
The quality varies quite a bit. Usually it's ok, but I've been served cold or reheated before. They are usually good about replacing it.
I think the chips are fine. KFC and Burger King are the worst.

White Pony 2:54 Thu Aug 15
Re: Nando's
Nando's chicken is fine. I mean, it's just chicken now hard can it be?

Their fries however are an abomination.

yogib 8:29 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
I'm having Peri Peri chicken from a place round the corner from me tonight- A whole Hot Peri Peri Cicken, Large PP fries, Salad and a 1.5l bottle of drink £11.99 - bargain

ironsofcanada 7:01 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
Oh and the katsu curry reminded me...thanks Gavros

Can someone recommend a takoyaki place next time I am in London?

ironsofcanada 6:57 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
I think burgers have kind if become like Italian for me. If you have the right tools, experience and know how to source your ingredients, you can usually do better at home.

I guess the big exception would craving flame grilled when it is raining or actual winter.

Gavros 6:53 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
personally i quite like their chicken katsu curry and their beef ramen.

washed down with a large Asahi.

mashed in maryland 6:50 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
goose 11:44 Wed Aug 14

Wagamama is shit.

mashed in maryland 6:48 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's

Council Scum 11:00 Wed Aug 14

They look disgusting but that's probably part of the appeal. Big fat greasy heart attack on bread. And they usually taste alright. Better than spoons burgers anyway which cost about the same.

Altho do think it does depend on the branch, had one in Westfield and it was shit, as was the service, but that's probably just westfield in general.

Gavros 5:14 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
I actually have TWO sweatbands.

But they're mainly for biking it into work.

riosleftsock 5:10 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's

Be very careful.

I understand that Gavros belongs to a city boy boxing club.

He may even have a skipping rope and sweatband.

Block 5:03 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
Tell Griffin that, you fat side salad?

JustAFatKevinDavies 4:49 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
your nose is the least of your issues to be fair you despicable fatberg.

Block 4:27 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
Now now Griffin, I didn't have the luxury of a nose job like some.

worm 4:26 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's

simon.s 4:25 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
Never been Nando’s.

Did go Old Orleans back in the day. The Bubba Gump of its time I suppose.

stewie griffin 4:24 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
to be fair, he'd have no idea if he'd broken your nose or not

fucking thing is splattered all over your gargantuan cranium already. Hideous.

Mr Kenzo 4:23 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
Stop giving him an audience, its all very tedious, day in day out.

Gavros 4:23 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
Yeah it is quiet here. Waiting for the computer programmers to make changes to a model I created which is a significant input into to the risk management of the bank.

Bolty must have finished his picking and packing for the day.

Block 4:22 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
Kenzo, worryingly DIVROS is an Economist who's role is to determine our future outlook yet too busy posting on here to do his job.

goose 4:19 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
if you say her name 3 times she magically appears and fucks up Gavvys life again.

best left alone.

Mr Kenzo 4:19 Wed Aug 14
Re: Nando's
Tomorrow, it will be the same old shit but on a different thread, must both be very quiet at their relevant workplace.

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