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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Exiled In Surrey 10:26 Sun Aug 11
Feb/Mar 2021

What's your experience

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southbankbornnbred 7:14 Sun Oct 6
Re: Cuba
Oh, alright.

First went there in 2000.

Great place, it has changed a lot since then.

One of my favourite museums in the word - the Museum of the Revolution. Extraordinary displays. Don't believe much of what you read in there, though. Pure propaganda. Came out laughing my head off!

Trinidad de Cuba is beautiful - Unesco protected old Spanish colonial town on the Caribbean coast. Swim in the warm waters, dive for your dinner.

Great bars and music in most towns, but I'm sure it has all changed enormously. Enjoy it while it lasts.

southbankbornnbred 7:07 Sun Oct 6
Re: Cuba
Born favela, Havana in '30.

Tortured by Batista's troops in '42.

Amateur boxing title in '46.

Joined 26th July Movement on 25th July.

Discovered berets in '57.

Swept through Camaguey and Sancti Spritus in '59.

Held the high line in Santa in Santa Clara.

Held Clara and Santa in Highline.

Adored by the public.

Reviled by politicians.

Sank a lot of rum.

Ate a lot of beans.

Won a lot of fights.

Married your mother.

What's your fucking story?

jim@chickenrun 10:47 Sat Oct 5
Re: Cuba
Book recommendation....a revolutionary life by Jon Lee Anderson.

jakehammer 12:36 Sat Oct 5
Re: Cuba
67, you probably know that bacardi was born in Cuba, but the owners scarpered to miami after the revolution.

Westham67 10:02 Fri Oct 4
Re: Cuba
White Cuban rum is decent better than that Bacardi rubbish

Gavros 9:54 Fri Oct 4
Re: Cuba
I would spend as little time in places like varadro as is humanly possible.

Go to Havana and stay there. Go to Vinales and stay there for one night. Lnow its a lobg way but Trinidad deserves at least two nights. If youre staying longer go to Santiago, the black capital of Cuba.

Side of Ham 9:43 Fri Oct 4
Re: Cuba
BRANDED 8:07 Mon Aug 12

What did they sail into? Your anal passage?

BRANDED 9:33 Fri Oct 4
Re: Cuba
Literally the greatest place in earth

Bishopsfinger 8:55 Fri Oct 4
Re: Cuba
Amazing place, best beaches I’ve seen , lovely people , great culture but the foods a bit wonky. Unless it’s the freshly caught and cooked lobster of course.

Exiled In Surrey 8:42 Fri Oct 4
Re: Cuba
Gav said Cuba was good for single guys.

What does that mean in reality?

Gavros 11:34 Wed Aug 14
Re: Cuba
You tiresome plebian.

Havana, Trinidad, Vinales. Do those three at the very least. Ive also heard some good things about Santiago, but that's a long way from Havana.

Block 11:32 Wed Aug 14
Re: Cuba
How would you know? You've never been.

Gavros 11:26 Wed Aug 14
Re: Cuba
One thing i will say.

its a fucking great place to be if youre a single man.

violator 10:50 Wed Aug 14
Re: Cuba

violator 10:49 Wed Aug 14
Re: Cuba
Went to Holguin a few years ago, had a great time but wouldn't rush back. Food wasn't great but I guess they cant import much, but they had a beer called Buccanero which blew your bollocks off. I gave one of the barmen a tip on the first day and he made sure we were looked after from that point onwards, on our second to last day it was his day off so he came and met us on the beach with his wife and kid, wearing a West Ham top and a Hammers beach towel that someone obviously gave him previously. I ended up giving him a few shirts and a pair of trainers that were honing after wearing them for two weeks and he acted like it was Christmas day.

Roeders Jacket 9:28 Wed Aug 14
Re: Cuba
I’m there at the end of Jan for joint birthday with the Mrs.

3 nights Havana + 7 Varadero....done zero research as Mrs sorted, but staying in somewhere called Royalton Hicacos Resort.

Looking forward to the Varadero bit and naturally the lack of Yanks.

normannomates 4:58 Wed Aug 14
Re: Cuba
Always wanted to visit this gaff.. The fanny alone is worth the chore.

I'm that shallow

joe royal 8:25 Mon Aug 12
Re: Cuba
Take the day tour of Havana, worth every penny.

BRANDED 8:07 Mon Aug 12
Re: Cuba
I met two yanks there. Both perfectly nice gents. Sailed in illegally.

jakehammer 1:35 Mon Aug 12
Re: Cuba
I love Cuba. been several times. you must spend a few days in Habana as there is so much to see and it really is pretty safe as well.
last time the wife and i stayed at the former hilton hotel which during the revolution became fidels headquarters. revolution pictures on the walls and for a cigar smoker like myself, it was heaven sitting in the comfy armchairs drinking dark rum and sucking on good cigars.
heaven indeed.
dont forget to have a ride in some of those lovely old yank cars, especially the convertables.
enjoy the absence of gobby yanks all over the place as a previous poster wrote ( sorry i forget who it was), although you do get canadians there, like you do throughout the caribbean.

gank 12:59 Mon Aug 12
Re: Cuba
Best holiday I've ever had. Avoid the coast where all the mosquitoes are.

What does this have to do with West Ham anyway?

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