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cup of tea 10:51 Mon Aug 12
new laptop help ... HELP!
So new laptop bought today, all set up nicely, office downloaded, virus protection downloaded, cloud doing the backup as I type but two main issues I just cannot resolve.

No matter what setting I use my time keeps switching to 9 hours behind UK time (checked settings and all OK on GMT and even changes back after a while after manually changing time)

Also, photos in files I took off my external HD show when you click on them but no preview (like if you have 100 pics in a folder you can see the small picture before clicking to enlarge) I have unchecked always show icons etc with no luck

Help you cunts

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cup of tea 2:26 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Faulty BIOS after 6 hours. Returned full refund


ironsofcanada 12:49 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Mike Oxsaw 12:45 Tue Aug 13

You would never see an Apple user post a thread like this because it almost literally akin to heresy to admit that technology breaks or is difficult to use sometimes.

ironsofcanada 12:47 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Westham67 12:43 Tue Aug 13

We had a calf named Printer when I was young. Probably a boring story but I will tell it if you ask.

Mike Oxsaw 12:45 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Apple LOST it's technological edge when they switched from using the Motorola 68000 family of chips to the Intel 8080 family - NOBODY who fully understands IT argues with that.

The passion for Apple lies partially with the "not Microsoft - the corporate BASTARDS!!!" brigade (WTF is Apple, then??), partially with the perception that it's a better product simply because it costs more (not to make, it doesn't), and partly with the familiarity of the underlying Operating System.

On the last part, Apple users are on exactly the same level as Windows/Office users.

Apple is regally shafting it's users, and, so convincing is their propaganda machine, those same users won't here a word against it.

Westham67 12:43 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Do you have printer ?

ironsofcanada 12:37 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
ray winstone 12:29 Tue Aug 13

If it works for you and you don't want to change and you want pay a lot extra for the hardware and software, that fine for you.

It's not for me. And so it is massively overpriced.

But that snap, "get a Mac" - is like a slogan and hence part of my half joking political analogy.

ray winstone 12:29 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
canada, I have used software on Windows for music production in the past, some of it free and some paid for and found it to be sluggish and buggy.
That was a few years ago, maybe things have improved but I'm not going to change my opinion as GB ticks every box and never lets me down and is far more intuitive to use than some of the convoluted, expensive stuff out there.

ironsofcanada 12:15 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
ray winstone 11:58 Tue Aug 13

Ha. Makes my point, lots of things can do what Garageband does for a fraction of the prize in software and the required hardware.

It's the name and the culture that they have crafted around that makes people pay the extra £s and feel good doing it.

I understand when one thing is the standard and you have deal with others. I have to dual-boot Windows because the referencing software I need to use available on it.

I worked in newspapers for a bit and it had to be Pagemaker or QuarkXPress and Macs until people realised InDesign on a Windows machine was better and cheaper. Look where each software is now.

But even in the creative fields people are now realizing that Macs self-crafted cultural monopoly can be skirted with a little looking and willingness to work outside the box.

ray winstone 11:58 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
canada, 'massively overcharged'? I use Garageband for music creation, that program alone is worth the extra money paid. Why not have a think about what you post before your fingers type shit?

ironsofcanada 8:26 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!

It is completely surprising that Branded and ray winstone are Mac guys.

I have never seen in one of their political posts, for instance:

- a desire to let a massive organization do things that they could do themselves

- happy to be massively overcharged for that privilege

- buy into the propaganda/cult that you are morally superior because you allow the above to happen

geoffpikey 8:23 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Move to Pitcairn!

All your PC problems solved.

Alfs 4:16 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Move your watch back nine hours and stop noncing over pics of children.

You're welcome.

gank 1:23 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
ph - I concede

Wils 12:47 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Thumbnails or what you call icons will create over time. It won't happen immediately if you have thousands of photos.

You have got the clock set to update from a server. Change the timezone, not the time. When you change the time the laptop is checking you synced with the timezone you are in. Sounds like it is set to America-California or something.

ray winstone 12:35 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
BRANDED 11:45 Mon Aug 12

East Auckland Hammer 12:28 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
You've got the timezone set to UK?

Have you set the time to synch with the windows time server as well?

Can't remember where to do that in the settings.

The other thing I've had previously that messes with the time is the CMOS battery running down. Shouldn't happen on a new laptop, but could be faulty. Depending on the laptop, they're often pretty easy to replace, as long as you have a small enough Phillips head screwdriver and want to take the thing apart.

Sometimes it might just need to reset, so you can actually just take the battery out for 30 seconds and then put it back in, or you may need to replace it. Should be CR2032 model number.

You might well invalidate the warranty if you open the laptop up, so best if it's still under warranty, take it back.

Westham67 12:12 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Great minds and all that Sven hahaha

Westham67 12:11 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Have you tried wiping your knob on the screen ?

cup of tea 12:09 Tue Aug 13
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Fuck it had enough will sort tomorrow. Now put the TV on and what was a thing faint red line vertically down far left hand side of screen is now a black line and visible. Great, laptop and new TV no doubt very soon .... £1500 smackers in a week ffs

BRANDED 11:45 Mon Aug 12
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!
Get a Mac

riosleftsock 11:44 Mon Aug 12
Re: new laptop help ... HELP!


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