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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

The old c wing 9:25 Sat Aug 24
What a fucking miss...


Neat finish for his goal, but terrible keeping.

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El Scorchio 1:01 Sun Sep 1
Re: Hugill
This is great for him and it’s good for us.

If he can score 20 goals this season, then we either get a great price for him given how much championship strikers are going for, or he impresses enough to get another chance here next year.

For him, I want him to succeed and have a good career wherever it is. Seems like a good lad.

ironsofcanada 11:41 Sun Sep 1
Re: Hugill
Not sure we are going to get much better if we want a third striker until January...apparently.

eusebiovic 11:35 Sun Sep 1
Re: Hugill
Another double yesterday...

Marco Van Hugill does it again

gph 12:33 Wed Aug 28
Re: Hugill
What a fucking miss!


The old c wing 12:01 Wed Aug 28
Re: Hugill
I would like to point out, as creator of the thread, it has nothing to do with wanting him to fail. Just simply that he made the most ridiculous miss since Ronnie Rosenthal (sp?) I have seen....

Darby_ 4:43 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
From memory he was only scoring one in three or one in four in the Championship, so I doubt he would have been first-choice for us even in the Championship.

By comparison, David Connolly had scored 42 in 63 for Wimbledon before he joined us.

Passerby66 4:33 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
Hugill was a backup option bought to be useful in the event that we got relegated (which we were in danger of) and all our main strikers wanted out. We knew he could cut it in the championship and that was all he was bought for.

Because we didn't get relegated Hugill became unneeded at West Ham but since he is on relatively big wages then he has been difficult for us to shift. Hopefully he does well for QPR this season and then we will recover our money. If this happens then it was an excellent piece of business.

And none of this is the players fault. We would have loved him if we got relegated and he banged in the goals that brought us right back up.

Bishopsfinger 3:36 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
Hill came to the club and looked like he genuinely wanted to do well. You could see from his first interview he was a normal lad done well.

He said all the same as most that join a new club but it actually appeared heartfelt.

Pagey 2:19 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
I don’t think anybody is desperate for him to fail at all. Most people are just questioning the reasoning for us signing him, which is more than fair given his record prior to signing and how many times he’s actually played for us.

I think we all want him to score 20+ goals for QPR and then either return to us as a revamped goal scoring machine or sign for a Championship team for £10m minimum.

dealcanvey 1:39 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
Why are people so desperate for this guy to fail.

Not his fault we bought him.


REALGSA 12:28 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
How can he be a grade above other Championship strikers.
Look at his age and his goal ratio...

Sydney_Iron 12:24 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
You never know but signing Hugill maybe did us a favour, either Moyes thought the owners were stupid or actually thought Hugill could cut it in the PL?

Doubt like the rest of us the owners knew much about him but with Moyes keen on the job and us in the shit, they may well have said ok, only to see he was a bit dog shit and out of his league (not that he had many opportunitys) and if its true Moyes son was his agent, then any hope Moyes had of getting the job full time went out of the window then.

But i could be wrong.....

Manuel 11:59 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
'on here'? You make it sound like we're important. Very much doubt he's heard of westhamonline.net somehow.

Rossal 11:57 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
Tomshardware 9:02 Mon Aug 26

Exactly this. Seems like Moyes was dodgy as fuck for pushing this one through.

Glad he is scoring goals, only so we get a decent fee for him. It was clear from day 1 he was never going to cut it for us.

Woden 11:53 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
Doesn't deserve the stick he gets on here. Yeah strange deal. Maybe we can offload to QPR for 7-8m end of loan.

Alfs 2:20 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hugill
A mate of mine is a former semi pro and QPR season ticket holder and told me that Hugill was a grade above most Championship strikers and he's becoming a fan's favourite.

If you put it into the contaxt that's he's a quality championship striker then 10 million is perhaps not to far off the mark.

But yes, still an odd signing.

Tomshardware 9:02 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hugill
I don't understand how the deal wasn't investigated.

Pagey 8:45 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hugill
There was definitely something dodgy about the signing from the off. His record wasn’t great and the reaction from the Preston fans on their forums was laughter at how much we paid.

He looked truly awful away to Dagenham in a friendly and totally out of his depth. But, in a way, he also hit the jackpot with a huge pay rise. As did Preston. As did Moyes probably and, if the rumours are true, Moyes’s son. Nice work if you can get it!

Roeder-nowhere 8:32 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hugill
Is that really true about his agent?
I was dubious enough that Moyes (normally a tight jock) paid such a fee for a lower league player with a far from great scoring record and older than 22 so not exactly a prospect, but to add the family connection - jesus. Oh and that’s not mentioning doing his old club a favour either!

Sven Roeder 8:23 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hugill
He is a decent Championship striker and I wish him well.
But as said it’s all about him doing well to spark up interest amongst a few clubs down there and drive up the price.

He is never going to be a player like Haller is he?

Manuel 8:08 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hugill
Wishing him luck is all well and good, but we want him to do well regardless so that we get a decent fee for him.

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