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Alfie 4:09 Mon Aug 26
Hurdy gurdy man
Have hit a bit of a career crossroads, and was thinking of moving into the hurdy gurdy man space.

Has anyone on here any prior Experience of hurdy gurdying?

Am advised that it involves singing songs of love - and roly polying in a sort of quasi 60's cannabis resin smoking lsd tincture sniffing hurdy gurdy gurdy hurdy roly poly man style.

Anyone know of any decent hurdy gurdy agencies? If anyone knows where i can get some decent hurdy or any gurdy in convenient tablet - or lozenge form - id be indebted.

While we are on the subject - any of you lot clued up as to where i can get any Rowche Rumble? Ive been speeding so long - i know i need to put a brake on it.

Rowche rumble

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Gloucester Iron 2:08 Wed Aug 28
Re: Hurdy gurdy man
Hurdy and indeed, Gurdy is readily available to all, but you need to search for it within, not without, Alfie son.

Failing this, I got mine in Boots on the shelf right next to medium doses of Barabajagal...

Thank me later.

DiCaniosLefty 2:30 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hurdy gurdy man
If there's one WHOer that could make it as a world class hurdy gurdy man, that would be Alfie. Good luck!

Criminal that 24 hours after this was posted, there's only been 9 (NINE) replies.

Site, dogs etc

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:48 Tue Aug 27
Re: Hurdy gurdy man
A bit like Steve Jobs only spiritualism instead of PCs.

eusebiovic 12:41 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hurdy gurdy man
I always dreamed of being a middle class hippy who learnt about spiritualism on their gap year only to arrive back home and behave like the most ruthless cutthroat capitalist since Genghis Khan...

Sadly it never really happened...acid house was a lot of fun though

Far Cough 12:33 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hurdy gurdy man
Poor mans Bob Dylan innit

Browno22 12:29 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hurdy gurdy man
Ground breaking comedy this

Italian hammer 12:05 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hurdy gurdy man
You can ask to Jennifer Juniper.
She lives up on the hills, and she talks french too.

tr3bor 7:38 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hurdy gurdy man
The B side.is better IMO

Peckham 7:33 Mon Aug 26
Re: Hurdy gurdy man
In stitches at this. Can't help Alfie. I've heard un
Gank is your man for anything not West Ham related.

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