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claret59 3:01 Fri Aug 30
the cow and goldengrove
my first game for a couple of seasons. i'm going with another couple and leaving the women to shop in westfields and meeting them in the cow afterwards. in the past i've had to queue with the crowds directed to stratford station and then come back through westfields. has that changed? if i wait at the ground for 20 mins or so can I simply walk across the road from the stadium?
what's the wetherspoons goldengrove like after the game - worth the walk from the cow?

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claret59 6:02 Sun Sep 1
Re: the cow and goldengrove
the barriers came down outside the cow at 5.40.
thoroughly enjoyed half an hour of spirited hammers terrace songs around 7.00.

On The Ball 12:00 Sat Aug 31
Re: the cow and goldengrove
I don't walk that way, but I'd imagine if you stay back in the stadium and have a pint post-match you'll be able to walk round the normal way once all the crowds have gone.

claret59 7:26 Fri Aug 30
Re: the cow and goldengrove
any ideas about easiest way back to the cow initially post match?
it has to be there - it's the only pub the wife knows round there to meet ( and she will have a pint waiting for me! ).

1964 7:08 Fri Aug 30
Re: the cow and goldengrove
One thing you can rely on about the Golden Grove, it will be a lot cheaper than The Cow

the last eastender 3:13 Fri Aug 30
Re: the cow and goldengrove
Unless you want to read magazines about why no deal brexit is so great.

lufbra iron 3:10 Fri Aug 30
Re: the cow and goldengrove
I don't think there is a Wetherspoons in existence that is worth the walk from anywhere

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