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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

claret on my shirt 3:19 Sun Sep 1
Scottish Football
Watching Rangers and Celtic and the football is seriously worse than a game you see up the park on a Sunday. They can't make more than 2 passes to each other without making a mistake. The tackling is industrial as best and out of the 70's

Aberdeen (3rd or 4th biggest team) best player went to Salford last year which shows how little money the teams have apart from Rangers and Celtic

Apart from the bigoted Protestant and Catholic hatred on both sides is there anything about Scottish Football that makes it worth having?

Your thoughts?

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Far Cough 6:02 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
Denis Law
Kenny Dalglish
Archie Gemmill
Jim Baxter (unbelievable footballer) took the piss out of England by doing keepy uppys during a game

There are many others from the past but not that many currently

dealcanvey 5:55 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
I read somewhere that St Mirren (who play in the top division) transfer record is 75K.

Celtics is about 125-150 times more at 10 million.

I know their is a gap in the EPL but that is ridiculous. How do even Celtic fans enjoy the football with such a lack of competition?

Mex Martillo 4:55 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
I blame the SFA, I think they are a useless bunch of cunts. I am sure if you listed football associations by stupid disputes with players, managers and clubs the SFA would come out on top. Scotland always seems to have players refusing to play for the national side or top plays playing in the premier league strangely not selected. There management of football is crap and the kids do other stuff and so the country misses out on possible good players as they are not interested, do other sports, drugs whatever. Its a fucking shambles!

crystal falace 10:35 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
and personally - I hope Scotland can still produce players who are better than Snodgrass.

I mean that Andy Robertson lad isn't half bad is he

cholo 8:52 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
Croatia and Scotland have similar sized populations, Croatia regularly outpunch their weight and produce class players the same way Scotland used to. I blame deep fried mars bars.

Gazza_AZ 8:02 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
and personally - I hope Scotland can still produce players who are better than Snodgrass.

West Ham has had better Scottish players...

Gazza_AZ 8:01 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
Do ya ken that the Scottish Teams would be in the Hyper League that the big teams in Europe have been wanting. They would have been a shoe-in ten years ago...Now I dont think either team deserves a look.
Sad - stop laughing...

gph 1:09 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
Scotland used to produce better players than Snodgrass, who's got a good claim to be one of their best of today.

Not saying he's rubbish, far from it, but he wouldn't have been the best they could offer in past generations.

That said, the real mystery is why they used to be so good, usually giving England a hard time in the Home Internationals, sometimes outclassing them.

pdbis 12:34 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
They care more about bloody religious hatred than they do about football.

Grumpster 12:01 Wed Sep 4
Re: Scottish Football
A game not ruined by VAR and where tackling isn't outlawed and so it's still a mans game with minimal play acting.

May not be CL or prem standard, but it's the only game I've managed to watch on the tv for more than 15 mins in the entire 2019 (west ham aside), as I get bored senseless watching players dive and officials make diabolical decisions in the prem.

JAC 11:22 Tue Sep 3
Re: Scottish Football
Ive been to a few matchs up there over the years,truely shockingly bad standard,League One at best.

My son went to Hearts v Ross County the other week...0-0 draw and you cant even buy a beer inside the ground.

Why bother?

bruuuno 4:36 Sun Sep 1
Re: Scottish Football
I wonder if they’d be championship level in the English league?

swindon hammer 4:29 Sun Sep 1
Re: Scottish Football
The biggest issue is that you have 2 clubs that are about 25 times bigger than every other club in Scotland in terms of fan base.

Every time you watch Celtic or Rangers play away to the likes of Kilmarnock or Motherwell the away support outnumbers the home support by at least double. These clubs can barely pull in 6k.

Obviously in England you have the Lverpool's & Man Utd's who have the biggest fan base but even mid table clubs like us and clubs in the championship have massive support.

I can't think of another full time league in World football where 2 of its clubs combined have 90 percent of the supporters and that's a big problem in terms of competing and also atmosphere at matches.

side effect 4:20 Sun Sep 1
Re: Scottish Football
Its truly shocking. Why they cannot produce any decent players anymore. Rangers need to stop celtic winning 10 i a row and getting a manager who has no experience of winning the league is a big mistake.

lab 4:05 Sun Sep 1
Re: Scottish Football
It was a grim watch.

the coming of gary 4:00 Sun Sep 1
Re: Scottish Football
good nicknames though


terry-h 3:48 Sun Sep 1
Re: Scottish Football
Dear oh dear. Gerrard has a face like a slapped arse as Celtic score a second in the dying minutes.

By the way Adam Rooney was offered more money by Salford who were in the National League at the time than Aberdeen were able to pay him. The TV money in Scotland is shit compared to England and the 'lesser' Scottish clubs find it impossible to keep their better players,most of whom end up in the lower English leagues.

claret on my shirt 3:43 Sun Sep 1
Re: Scottish Football
That Scott Brown is a right horrible cunt as well.

ironsofcanada 3:23 Sun Sep 1
Re: Scottish Football
I watched a bit of another Scottish game yesterday, weirdly for national reasons

The stands were empty but it was better than this. Apparently these two teams have to try so hard that any finesse in the game goes out the window.

, 3:19 Sun Sep 1
Re: Scottish Football
Scottish football = Oxymoron.

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