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Wonderkid 7:30 Wed Sep 4
Away Tickets
After reading a large thread on another forum about the away ticket distribution in recent times.

I thought I would create a thread on here to see if there is any other views on the current high pp sell outs.

Where do you think the change in Away ticket Sales has come from?

Do you think there needs to be more clarity in terms of numbers in each bracket which tickets are going to?

Would you welcome the removal of the Away cap to whittle out the points hoarders?

Have you noticed a difference in the faces at an away ground in recent times?

What changes would you suggest it any?

Cheers for reading

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RM10 3:13 Sun Sep 8
Re: Away Tickets
I think that’s the best way, hate to think I wouldn’t get a cup final ticket after 20 years being a STH.

brundal 1:10 Sun Sep 8
Re: Away Tickets
This is the way away tickets should have been allocated in the first season at the London Stadium
Bond holders
Founders ( old season ticket holders from The Boleyn)
New season tickets
General sale

RM10 9:14 Fri Sep 6
Re: Away Tickets
There will be loads of spares for villa due to the new age fans caring about their points

Huggie 6:13 Fri Sep 6
Re: Away Tickets
Villa went down to 10 points before the ballot which is very low. The current method is the only fair way to distribute tickets IMO. I'd prefer all on points because I have a lot but not enough. Got Brighton and Villa but no chance even for Watford, let alone Bournemouth etc.

Bonds have become very popular of late and as the only benefit of holding one is ticket priority I think it says a lot. One sold last month for over £3,000 in a charity auction, more than double the price of the previous one 18 months before.

Looks like the bonds were a good investment after all :)

1975witham 2:21 Fri Sep 6
Re: Away Tickets
As anyone found out about the ballot for Villa yet?

Fifth Column 1:44 Fri Sep 6
Re: Away Tickets
Richy it's for nearly all the away games except those with tiny allocation like Newport and Bournemouth

michael 7:07 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
Back in the day If you couldn’t get an away ticket
You’re go in the home end not sure the people on 30 points would be doing this. IMHO

Niblets 5:45 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
Huffers 12:02 Thu Sep 5

Double points won't lead to bigger support for home games, it'll just mean the same amount of empty seats but the club still get paid.

Corporate get offered tickets ahead of anyone else. Not sure where that stops in terms of the corporate ladder but the higher priced corporate definitely do.

They don't give a fuck about the away support. If you want to pinpoint when this all started, it was with the appointment of Nicola Keye.

Huffers 5:37 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
Depends on the allocation.

RichyP 5:30 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
Do all away games subject ti the 10% ballot? On the OS it says the Villa game sold out 90% to pp and the remaining 10% have gone to a ballot but for the Bournemouth game it says it sold out to ST holders with 27+ pp

Pickle Rick 2:21 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
I thinks its partly due to Police not wanting thousands of fans in their town with the potential to cause trouble, e.g. Millwall probably only get small away allocations due to their reputation.

North Bank 2:11 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
I stopped going away during Allardyces last season and when we moved was slow to start going again, as it stands I only have 15 points and have to rely on the ballot, that said I get offered tickets from various sources for almost every game, all in all I did about 8 or 9 aways last season including some of the main games

The system is a curates egg, what gets me is the people that collect points and then sell on, but without them I wouldn't be able to get to as many awaydays

As an afterthought people like Sean Whetstone have less points than me but gets tickets for all of the big games, you may wonder how

DaveT 1:50 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
Sold out to ten or more points. Have to try for the ballot.
I used to be able to go to any away game but last season. I ruptured my Achilles so missed a few. Got 20 points but didn't get a chance for Watford, Newport, Oxford or Bournemouth so will be playing catch up this season.
It seems they allocated a point for both the Wimbledon games even though it was only away season ticket holders who could apply. Apart from that issue still think it is the fairest way.
Maybe an ID spot check, as Huffers said, would stop some of the ones who don't always go. Think that's what Man U do

crystal falace 12:33 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
t appears that Aston Villa (I consider that a 'local' away game) is on general sale if anyone is keen.

When you say general sale do you mean to anybody? just tried going on the buy now option on the site and on both my phone and laptop it throws me too a "page not found" tab

w4hammer 12:29 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
D Scully (eire) 11:58 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
Huffers if i recall correctly from a search awhile ago there is 750 away season ticket holders, and that is the cap.

Anyone know how long the waiting list is?


over on " that other board" a few references to people who applied this summer with 2, yes 2, away points who have got an AST

The bond holders dont go away/die- they just pass them onto relatives- spoke to someone on saturday who has his dads and uncles seats-- both long gone...there's 900 Bondholders -

The £30 cap and doubling the ST at the new stadium has an impact however they have been fucking useless at implementing this new method and as ever, we are reduced to guessing/making shit up - why cant they be transparent!?

Alot of people now just buying tickets to keep their points up *

* anyone need an U14 ticket for Everton ;-)

RM10 12:03 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
since moving from Upton Park, the few away games I go to I don't recognise many faces, was in the top 1000 before the move but I couldn't play the ticket game since the move.

Huffers 12:02 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
As much as it annoyed me at the time, I have begun to agree with the 10% ballot as I will want to start taking my son in a few years.

You can build up points this way, although I appreciate it will be difficult to amass a large amount. It appears that Aston Villa (I consider that a 'local' away game) is on general sale if anyone is keen.

You also get 2 points if you are on the automatic cup scheme now so it gives a starting point. Its wrong, but again I understand why the club do it and if it leads to better support for home games, I can deal with it, and we are all in the same boat. I don't know many people on 29 points who wouldn't want to go to Macclesfield at home.

D Scully (eire) 11:58 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
Huffers if i recall correctly from a search awhile ago there is 750 away season ticket holders, and that is the cap.

Anyone know how long the waiting list is?

Rossal 11:18 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
West Ham have always had a terrific away support.

In recent years theres alot of teams that are in London, or not too far away on the train therefore a great day can be had out for £50 train and ticket for most grounds.

I think the move to the OS increased demand for aways as they were seen as a better football experience by a lot of people than the home games.

Its a shame is so hard to build up points even if you want to. It seems bit of a closed book now. The people with the points wont let them fall. The ones without the points cant build them up even if they want to.

With the demand there is for away tickets i dont think there will be a system that pleases all. There is simply not enough tickets to go round.

Not noticed any change to the crowd at away games

Huffers 10:18 Thu Sep 5
Re: Away Tickets
I am surprised this hasn't received more replies.

The £30 price cap hasn't helped although I'm not sure its the reason. Man United away used to cost £45 for example. I think the point is pretty much worth the £15 now so I don't think we can use the cap as the only reason. I use Man United as the example rather than Chelsea / Fulham (£50+) as there is travel costs to be accounted for also. There has probably been a little more positivity in the last year also.

Yes, there should be more clarity. Apparently there is 100 tickets available for friends & family of players & staff now. If I remember correctly, this used to be around 25. Obviously squads are bigger now, as are their entourages. (I think) In the past, any unused complimentary tickets used to go back for sale. It seems now that they remain empty, as we saw at Newport.

I am not sure how many Bond Holders there are. I heard approx 800 a few weeks ago but this could be completely wrong. I imagine these will eventually phase out as anyone would've had to have signed up 30 years ago now and would've likely been from the older section of the support? I may be completely wrong here.

How many Away Season Ticket Holders are there? Is this number also now at its maximum?

As detailed above, I don't think the extra £10-20 a ticket makes a difference to anyone now.

I haven't noticed a massive change in faces.

If any changes have to be made, I suggest its random ID checking against the ticket purchased. Maybe if anyone is caught selling, they could be deducted the point plus one more in the first instance. I understand this will piss some people off but I think alternative methods that may be introduced are a lot worse!

Lily Hammer 8:42 Wed Sep 4
Re: Away Tickets
My personal view is something like 80% to loyal away fans, who have put in the hard miles, 20% to a lottery of season ticket holders and members who go to more than a couple of games a season, that shows some level of loyalty too.

Nearly all regular away fans who buy but can’t go will usually sell on to someone they know is genuine, so I’m not so against PP hoarders, but the idea of offering them as a dangled carrot to get corporate to renew is bollocks.

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