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Leonard Hatred 8:59 Tue Sep 10
England v Kosovo
Anyone give a fuck?

England 1/9. Not even worth having a bet on it to make it interesting.

International football is moribund.

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nerd 12:48 Thu Sep 12
Re: England v Kosovo
Thought the bit where he won the ball on the penalty area and sent a great pass to sterling to attack was utter class, that's what he can do.

southbankbornnbred 12:30 Thu Sep 12
Re: England v Kosovo
North - I hear ya. And I agree.

I like Rice, he's a good player who could become a very good player indeed. But you know what you're getting with him, sure.

Northern Sold 12:19 Thu Sep 12
Re: England v Kosovo
southbankbornnbred 6:33 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo

I get what you're saying, mate. But Rice doesn't really play the role that Hoddle and Lampard fulfilled.

Yeah I know... I'm saying that those type of players are the ones that should have the mega price tags.... not defensive .... holding midfielders... some do it better than others and I include Rice with that but ... I know where my big bucks would be

Sniper 8:40 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
I don’t think you can blame rice for that goal. It still took them bringing the ball a long way forward, a great pass, some terrible defending and a great finish for them to score

Hardly on a par with keanes pass

Or maguires ludicrous tackle/foul

The reason our defence is crap is because our defenders are crap. Maguire, £80m? Insane

SUM A DING WONG 7:26 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo

Yes, youre right.

I've been a bit conservative there.

southbankbornnbred 6:33 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo

I get what you're saying, mate. But Rice doesn't really play the role that Hoddle and Lampard fulfilled.

They both played as the advanced central midfielder in their systems - Rice is effectively playing the old "half back" role operating as a defensive shield just in front of his back four.

Hoddle played a little further forward than Graham Roberts (his minder) at Spurs. I guess in that analogy, Rice is Roberts, not Hoddle. Likewise Lampard generally played ahead of Makelele or Essien etc.

But I take the point: his long-range passing could be better.

I like the guy, though. He is far from the problem that West Ham or England have in midfield.

Takashi Miike 6:31 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
lumpard only scored the goals he did because of players like rice doing the job they do, the comparison is stupid

Northern Sold 6:06 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
southbankbornnbred 12:48 Wed Sep 11

Not gonna argue with any of that... but for me ... and I played that role he is playing now virtually all my footballing career as long as you got discipline and a bit of common' then you can play that role with ease in any company... he ain't no Glenn Hoddle... he ain't hitting defence splitting 40 yard passes... he ain't no Lampard getting on the end of balls and whacking in 30+ goals a year... that's what I would want for that type of money...

Jasnik 5:17 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
SUM A DING WONG 3:28 Wed Sep 11

Don't be stupid its 100 million.

SUM A DING WONG 3:28 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
This is the way i see things.

Is Rice worth £90 million - of course he isn't.

Is Rice worth £90 million in the crazy, ridiculous world of football - there's a strong argument he is.

Unfortunately, football is completely insane, but that's the way it is - fucking ridiculous.

What do you do?

International Donald 2:05 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo

Block 1:52 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
Rice has 1 poor game and people unsure on his price tag.


, 12:52 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
Having watched Bobby Moore and latterly Rio Ferdinand in both cases they played in away that made the game easy and their contributions effortless. They both purred like Rolls Royce’s on the pitch. Their positional sense and anticipation was eerie and such that during a normal game they were not the defender making the most tackles.

Rice is not there yet, and may never be, but cut him some slack because he is a work in progress. It would no surprise me to see him ending up in a centre back position for club and country eventually.

southbankbornnbred 12:51 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
Btw, in terms of price tags, I have no idea who is worth what these days. I'm a middle-aged fart now, and I think all transfer values are utterly ridiculous.

When distinctly and proven "average" players in the Prem are changing hands for £40m we're all in trouble.

southbankbornnbred 12:48 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo

I get what you're getting at - but the value of somebody like Declan is how well he plays a straightforward role. Plenty of other midfielders, especially in the Premier League, over-complicate that role. Declan doesn't.

He strips out the complexity of it and keeps it all very simple. He has positional discipline and doesn't easily get drawn out of position like some of his predecessors in the England side. His passing could be better over long distances - but he keeps his passing simple over short and medium distances and generally recycles the ball quickly, which allows England to dictate the tempo against lesser sides (one of Southgate's biggest improvements to England).

Rice also covers a lot of ground, often "crabbing" in front of his back line and his ultimate value is in the number of opposition attacks he breaks up.

I like the kid. I think he can - and should - improve with time. But I like the fact that in a position which the supposed "experts" believe is THE crucial battleground (central midfield, and they are right) he keeps it all very simple from that deep position.

He's a good platform from which any decent side could build a midfield. He just needs the right players alongside him - offering more creativity, vision and technical ability.

He's basically a mini Ronnie Whelan (that'll stir up the pissed-off Ireland fans!): few people know his real value to his sides until he isn't playing.

Northern Sold 12:47 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
The game is all about opinions Rossal... if you think he's worth £90m then fair enough... I'd just want a lot more than what he's produced so far this season..

Rossal 12:31 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
'Plenty of players can play it'

They can, but not many are as effective as Rice. His reading of the game and interceptions is top top drawer. For a 20 year old kid his passing ability is fantastic too, the amount of forward passes and how quick he moves the ball is stuff that we take for granted but not many can do. I can't think of a better defensive midfielder in the prem thats under 21 or maybe in europe?

Northern Sold 12:20 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
I think this sums up Rice for me at the moment...


What I have seen this season he is nowhere near that price bracket that is being touted... yes he keeps it simple... tidy... mops up and covers at the back... but I'd want a hell of a lot more for my big bucks than that... the role he is playing is very simplistic... plenty of players can play it... on his current form I can't see him being sold for the amounts being touted... so I suppose in the long run it's a win win if we keep him...

Lee Trundle 12:20 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
I was never previously sold on Sterling either.

His form now probably gets him into every team in the world, so he's certainly shoving that opinion down my throat.

I don't think it's unfair to group him with a handful of players that could be taking over from Messi and Ronaldo when they retire as the best players in the world.

Northern Sold 12:10 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
Takashi Miike 10:37 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
never thought scrappy doo was talented enough but he is finally an ELITE PLAYER. well done pep

Yup I was probably his biggest critic on here... in fact I think it was me who came up with his Scrappy Doo moniker... happy to eat humble pie .... he is in the form of his life... and is up there with the top players in the world on current form...

w4hammer 12:07 Wed Sep 11
Re: England v Kosovo
ive never got Ross barkley and I still dont-0 a real flat-track bully who is as likley to score a worldy as he is to run into an opppo or ignore a simple through pass- total luxury player and nowehere near good enough for international level

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