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Huffers 8:49 Thu Sep 19
FENSA Certificate
Absolutely the worst place to ask but it also seems like the best.

I had a substantial extension built on a house a couple of years ago and at the same time had new windows throughout, which includes replacing the existing ones.

The windows were purchased from a FENSA accredited company but fitted by someone else. I am now selling the house and the buyer's solicitors are asking for the certificate (probably as standard).

I have a Building Regulations cert but that doesn't specifically state windows, although its surely obvious the new part of the house had its windows signed off at least.

I will look into things properly tomorrow but in the meantime, does anyone have any experience of obtaining a retrospective FENSA certificate?


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Pop Robson 12:14 Sun Sep 22
Re: FENSA Certificate
Scan mine and photoshop it or the bloke I used will do you one for £300

Indemnity is cheaper though !!!!!!!

Briano 12:04 Sun Sep 22
Re: FENSA Certificate
I took the train to the Fensa head office in Peterborough one Friday, found out the boozer they all go at lunchtime and wangled a blank certificate

Pop Robson 12:01 Sun Sep 22
Re: FENSA Certificate
We sold never had Fensa and paid the indemnity, windows were top quality and well fitted

Now in the new place we have new Windows fitted and a Fensa cert, Windows aren't as good and fitting isn't as good

It's all bollocks

jfk 11:14 Sat Sep 21
Re: FENSA Certificate
I've heard loads of tales similar to this I wouldn't take any notice.
If your property is structurally sound the balls in your court.
Accept an offer or choose not to. It's not down to you getting everything approved chasing your arse only to find out a potential "buyer" has fucked off.

bigrich 9:55 Sat Sep 21
Re: FENSA Certificate
If you have a building control completion cert this trumps FENSA. New windows have to be fitted according to building regs (part A suitable for escape from fire, part K toughened in the correct places, part L correct level of insulation etc). Membership of FENSA just means that whoever fitted them is competent to fit them in accordance with building regs, and means you you don’t have to go through a building control app to just change some windows. This is similar with a competent electrician under part P. I’ve sold loads of properties, with windows fitted by normal chippies and never had an issue. Asking for a FENSA cert is just a tick box on the conveyancers list, just tell them it’s signed off by building control and they should learn what the law is if they are doing it for a career.

Block 1:30 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
Speak to FENSA directly, if the firm are accredited FENSA themselves will have a copy of your certificate.

You can however get an indemnity policy to cover this, the buyers solicitor will be happy with that also.


penners28 1:15 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
Pretty sure any indemnity wont cover you for any personal injury suffered because of poor workmanship though. Something to consider...

madeeasy 1:15 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate

it doesn't matter who supplied the windows and whether they are FENSA registered or not.

The FENSA is all to do with the installer. So if the builder that put them in for you was not FENSA registered then you won't get a FENSA certificate.

If the company that did put them in for you was FENSA registered then you will. You can then go to FENSA direct and they will issue you said certificate.

But has nothing to do with the supplier.

As someone else said an indemnity insurance will cover it if you desperately need it and it is a problem.


penners28 1:14 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
It does really though, as if the fitter wasn't accredited then it's makes sense that you wouldn't be able to get someone who is Fensa accredited to sign it off? Cant think of any reputable trade who would open themselves up and put their name against someone else work?

Driz 1:12 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
To be fair, if they were fitted as part of an extension and you have a completion certificate, this enquiry is a it BS.

Driz 1:11 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
1) https://www.fensa.org.uk/fensa-certificate (find if they were registered)

2) Offer an indemnity policy - your solicitor will explain - this is the fastest and cleanest way to address this.

3) Contact your local authority and get them out to inspect and issue a letter/cert advising they comply with current regs.

Do option 2.

Huffers 1:07 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
That wasn’t my question, pal. Are you Manuel in disguise?

penners28 12:30 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
If the fitter wasnt fensa accredited then I think there is your answer pal....

SecondOpinion 11:25 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
Good accurate answers here. We had the same problem with ONE window that didnt have a FENSA certificate. Told the buyers to get on with it and they did

Russ of the BML 11:16 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
Manuel 11:14 Fri Sep 20

he did say 'but its also the best'.

I think its because some days you get cunted off and asked if you have wiped your knob on the screen and others you get the info.

WHO is a place that operates on the current mood of posters.

Manuel 11:14 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
So it's 'absolutely the worst place to ask' yet you have had a lot of good feedback?


Russ of the BML 11:09 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
Have had this situation twice before. On both occasions windows were supplied and fitted by a friend who is not FENSA accredited and so got no FENSA certificate. Our solicitor organised a £50 insurance so that if the buyer is told the builders aren't the right spec and need to come out then this insurance covers that. But was told each time the likelihood of that is almost zero.

It's just a big con. At the end of the day you could, as others have said, just say there is no FENSA certificate and if you want the gaff then fucking buy it. if you don't then sod and off we will move on. That will get them to move on sharpish.

Or do what we did and pay the £50. To be fair in the grand scheme of things when it comes to property its fuck all and covers you and so you get peace of mind.

Huffers 10:51 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
The fitter wasn't FENSA accredited so there is no record of the fitting. Thanks

w4hammer 10:49 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
have you tried FENSA- as I recall they centrally hold records of installers and installations...

Huffers 10:36 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
Thanks - I am going down the route of the BC Cert should suffice and will await their reply.

RichyP 1:13 Fri Sep 20
Re: FENSA Certificate
I sold a flat last December that i’d had replacement windows put in throughout. I didn’t have a FENSA certificate which tge buyers solicitor had requested so i paid about £100 for indemnity insurance and the sale went through with no issues

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