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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

JonWHUFC 11:52 Fri Sep 20
Ronaldo interview
Hi all, massive Messi fan me and always prefer him over Ronaldo. I had a dim view on Ronaldo and felt he was a bit selfish and all about him. However, Piers Morgan interviewed him and I watched it last night on catch up (ITV). It is well worth a watch and I couldn't have been more wrong. He holds a staggering 145 football records at the moment and his work ethic is awesome. He just wants to win and be the best he can be so I can't knock him for that. He came across as very humble and showed a sensitive side I was not expecting. I was very taken with him and it was refreshing to see someone of his stature open up and give honest answers. Still love Messi but fair play to CR7.

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peroni 11:55 Mon Sep 23
Re: Ronaldo interview

You lost me at "CR7"...

scouse kid 11:16 Mon Sep 23
Re: Ronaldo interview
Nah. This is all part of Ronaldo rehabilitation after the rape allegations. So they want to promote him as humble rather than the geezer who stands on his tip toes all the time

collyrob 11:13 Mon Sep 23
Re: Ronaldo interview
Another award for the 🐐 tonight. FIFA best player award for king Leo

the exile 12:56 Sat Sep 21
Re: Ronaldo interview
Love you Alfie. You keep taking whatever it is you're on.

Alfie 10:23 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
Ronaldo Mcdonaldo's most famous interview was with Russell Harty - and it was very emotional and deep.

It was 1982 - and Ronald had just got the job as the stabby Hamburger childrens party cardboard hat Fastfood clown.

His first appearance in the role was in Basildon Mcdonalds, before it was full of star wars characters and poor european spice takers - like now.

jaunty Harty probed him hard - his first question to Ronald was ' is it true you kicked Terry Wogans fuckin poxy head in with your giant lary feet?'.

Puffing nonchalantly on a Gitanes - McDonald barely skipped a beat as he replied ' yes as it happens: it was just after I done that slag Hamburglar with a bayonet - in Raquels'.

This was the 90s and ecstacy love doves meant even fast food mascots were stabbing one anothers eyes out with chip forks.

Mad days - crazy times.

Moncurs Putting Iron 10:12 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
You lost me at Piers Morgan.

Would rather shat in my hands and clap bubbles than watch that cunt for one single second.

collyrob 10:02 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
Surely opposition comes into it when you’re talking about goal scoring records?

And unfortunately pele’s goals were against regional part timers.

Too Much Too Young 9:49 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
Football is game about scoring goals.

PELE has scored the most and has MULTIPLE world cup winner medals.


Far Cough 8:39 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
Vexed, why because I rate ZZ, fat Ronaldo, skinny Ronaldo, Pele and Ronaldinho above Messi?

Vexed 8:32 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
You've made a twonk of yourself here Farcs son.


Far Cough 8:25 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
t-shirt = world cup, HTFHYC

mallard 8:08 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
C.Ronaldo + Messi < Maradonna

collyrob 8:08 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview

“Messi is highly skilled and has had a great career...but is faltering”

Top scorer in Europe last year 😂

twoleftfeet 8:04 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
All I want to know is -

Did West Ham turn him down before he joined Man Utd?

Will he end his career with us?

Manuel 7:58 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
Since when have we judged greatness on what trophy's a player wins? Totti only won 1 big trophy with Roma. What did Shearer win? Gasgoigne? Le Tissier? Brooking? Moore?

Turn it in ffs.

Vexed 7:58 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
Don't care what he's done, he's a Waxwork looking cunt who i'd like to see get a career ender.

Was one of his records greatest number of sexually assaulted women paid off?

You sound like a fucking twat Jon Whu.

Joe C 7:56 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
Some great stuff in this thread, points of view put across well etc.

However, nobody has mentioned that the opening post is the gayest one we’ve had on here since 13BR’s ‘Going Forward with you Sam’ one a few years back.

Site. Dogs. Etc.

Manuel 7:50 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
So scoring over 600 top level goals and winning the ballon door 5 times is not getting a t-shirt?? Fucking hell.

Far Cough 7:47 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
You're damn right Messi is not in my top five, the ones I have mentioned have been there done it and got the t-shirts

Sven Roeder 7:40 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
Both have tippy tapped the ball into various nets over 600 times each.
I have a horrible feeling that since they started playing both have probably scored more goals than West Ham Utd in total in the same period.

Jasnik 7:30 Fri Sep 20
Re: Ronaldo interview
They all play a lot of tippy tappy football.

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