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Bishopsfinger 8:52 Tue Sep 24
Diane Abbott
What an absolute gibbering mess this women is. Stuttering, bat eyed, rabbit in headlights and shambles.

Every time a question appears she avoids, waffles and splutters through avoiding it.

How the hell did this women get anywhere ? She can’t speak, doesn’t know any facts to back up her points and surely has winged her way to her position.

With her and Corbin probably two of the most detested people in politics, how do labour even bother trying to compete?


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Bungo 8:57 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
BRANDED 6:25 Tue Sep 24

That's the fella.

BRANDED 6:25 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott

This Rebecca Long Bailey?

Bungo 6:20 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
The one that has risen above Abbott for me in the 'I can't take you seriously for even 1 second', is Rebecca Long Bailey.

Seems to have attended a VERY basic 'this is what you say to avoid answering the question', course, and then apply what she has (or hasn't ?) learnt in the most amateurish way possible.

Future leader of the Labour Party clearly.

Mike Oxsaw 5:45 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
They fully endorse her views as theirs, then.

Bunch of out of touch, yoghurt-knitting entitlementists.

BRANDED 5:41 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
It says they want her to represent them irrespective of all the hate she gets.

Mike Oxsaw 5:40 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
She keeps getting re-elected. What does that say about ALL the residents of Hackney?

That they always expect to get their own way and that somebody else should pay for it.

Davenport 5:29 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
Boris Johnson is on the verge of bringing the country to its knees and you post this? Today?

ChillTheKeel 4:29 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
We have this same fucking thread practically every month. She's not the only div in Parliament ffs. Look at our current Home Sec, who's a traitor to boot.

Bishopsfinger 4:27 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott

Watch an interview with her and tell me I’m wrong I dare you to say she’s not well out of her depth. I dare you to say she is someone that you would be happy helping to run the country. I don’t care what colour she is or how she was educated.

Bishopsfinger 4:22 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
The exile

Yep I agree he’s a job wrong joke also. What a terrible state we have become having people like this on top positions, although it isn’t anything new.

She in particular is somebody I can’t have, I’m almost embarrassed for her.

Bishopsfinger 4:19 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
Why has it back fired? It’s interesting seeing different views. The post didn’t have an agenda it was an opinion and I keep that opinion.... she’s a mess

Norman 4:07 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
Exactly Exile there are just as many idiots in the Tory Party!

Bishopsfinger stop the reading the Sun and Britain First.

This thread kind of back fired didnt it?

the exile 3:45 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
Bishopsfinger - as one of this site's minority of lefties I would happily admit that I'm no fan of Diane Abbott. I bear her no ill will but have to admit she's a liability who should be encouraged to find a living well away from politics.

However, I just wanted to point out that the description you have written in your original post also fits Boris Johnson perfectly.

JonWHUFC 3:28 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
To be fair, she is to be congratulated IMHO. In this day and age, to stand out as being so incompetent and out of her depth amongst her colleagues really does take some doing. Her and David Lammy really get my goat!!!!!

Sven Roeder 3:28 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
It’s those two activists I feel sorry for.
Imagine being confronted with a naked Dianne Abbott when you weren’t expecting it.
S’pose they are still in therapy

Boycie 3:04 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
bruuuno 11:34 Tue Sep 24

you would have to be seriously not working very hard to get a 2:2 in her day

chim chim cha boo 3:02 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
brundal 2:47 Tue Sep 24

Brilliant! Does anyone who believes all that want to buy a bridge from me?

Far Cough 2:58 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
brundal, fucking hell, what a cunt

brundal 2:47 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
Bishopfinger, this is why.
CORB BLIMEY! Jeremy Corbyn ‘invited two left-wing friends to his flat to show off naked girlfriend Diane Abbott’
It happened in 1979 after Corbyn’s first marriage to Jane Chapman broke down

Thomas Burrows
10 Feb 2019, 9:15Updated: 10 Feb 2019, 14:20
LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn showed off a naked Diane Abbott in his bed to two left-wing friends when he was a young activist, a new book has revealed.

Corbyn invited two political allies back to his North London flat saying he needed to pick up more leaflets – but they stumbled in to find Abbott lying naked on the bed.

Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott campaigning together when theywere young lovers
Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott campaigning together when theywere young lovers
Corbyn proudly told them Abbott was his new girlfriend, the book by investigative author Tom Bower claims.

His friend Keith Veness recalled: “He wanted us to see her in his bed. She was shocked when we entered”.

It happened in 1979 soon after Corbyn’s first marriage to Jane Chapman broke down because he was apparently more interested in political campaigning than her emotional needs.

Corbyn’s romance with Abbott ended any hope Chapman might have had that their relationship could be rekindled, the book claims.

In Abbott, he had found a political soul mate who viewed Britain as the country that “invented racism” and echoed his praise for the IRA.

At the time Abbott was working for the National Council for Civil Liberties as a race relations officer.

The book, serialised in the Mail on Sunday, alleges her colleagues found her private diary, where one entry detailed her sexual fantasy of being manhandled by Corbyn who she described as a “a bearded Fenian and NUPE national organiser”.

There were also descriptions of a motorbike holiday with him around France and a passionate romp in a Cotswolds field, which she described as her “finest half-hour”.

However their love affair only lasted a year because Abbott grew fed-up with Corbyn’s way of life, the book claims.

Just as he had ignored his first wife, he started ignoring her. At 27, she wanted marriage and eventually children. Corbyn wanted neither.

Abbott said it was “hard to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t come home for two weeks”.

According to Bower’s book when he saw her belongings being packed up, he walked away without comment and said he was off to a meeting.

Elsewhere in the book Corbyn’s first wife told how the Labour leader’s “joyless” approach to life wrecked their marriage.

Bower writes: “He would sit on the floor in his greasy, unwashed army surplus store jacket, oblivious to his wife’s irritation.

“They rarely went out together. Dinner invitations were refused. Chapman spent lonely evenings in their small flat with Mango the dog and Harold Wilson the cat as her only companions while Corbyn met political cronies.”

Occasionally he returned home late from a meeting of the Hornsey Labour Party with friends to sing IRA songs while they all got drunk on beer.

The pair split before Christmas 1979, shortly before Corbyn embarked on his year-long affair with Abbott.

As she packed her bags, Corbyn told her she should read something by the feminist author Simone de Beauvoir.

Chapman said: “Jeremy never thought there was anything wrong. He assumed that, because our politics were compatible, that amounted to a proper relationship.

“He didn’t acknowledge my emotional side. He doesn’t recognise a woman’s feelings.

“He thought I left him on a feminist kick. But it was because I wanted some fun. His lack of emotional awareness didn’t change. My emotional life was part of a relationship was forgotten.”

Corbyn then met Claudia Bracchitta at a protest meeting against Chile’s military dictatorship, addressed by Ken Livingstone.

“She wanted to get off with me”, Livingstone claimed, “but I had to go off to meet Kate, my partner, so she went for Jeremy.”

Claudia was already married, but by the following year she was pregnant with Corbyn’s child and rushed through a divorce to marry him.

However the relationship fizzled out within little more than a decade not because of her decision to send their son to grammar school but, Bower writes, “by Corbyn’s financial incompetence, his neglect of his family, his arid lifestyle and his apparent misogyny”.

Friends said the marriage ended because of Corbyn’s “financial fecklessness, his thoughtless absences and his selfish refusal to do anything to make his wife’s life more pleasant”.

The book, written after 18 months research by the investigative author, claimed Corbyn secretly believed in Brexit but campaigned for Remain.

The EU, he thought, existed for greedy bankers and multinationals to exploit the working class.

If Britain voted to leave, and freed itself from Brussels’ control, a socialist government could prevent British investment abroad and control markets, tariffs and profits – all contrary to EU laws.

The book claimed Corbyn and McDonnell wanted to campaign for Britain to leave, but were challenged by Hilary Benn and others in the Shadow Cabinet. Reluctantly, Corbyn agreed to campaign for Remain.

It said the day after the Referendum result Corbyn was “seen laughing over breakfast with his team”

Bower said: “Although Milne and McDonnell admitted to voting Leave, Corbyn would deny that he had done so.

“After a telephone conversation, his old friend Keith Veness believes that he did vote Leave, not least because he sounded so delighted.”

Bower's biography A Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot for Power, serialised in the Mail on Sunday, is published on February 21.

Moncurs Putting Iron 12:38 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
I am going to the A Mascot Story thread to centre my Chi.

Takashi Miike 12:30 Tue Sep 24
Re: Diane Abbott
someone have a word with the narcissist cunt. he's sold reason for coming on here is to abuse other posters or boast. im also sick of the word he's using, if some cunt used the N word, you'd soon ban them

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