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Sniper 9:16 Thu Sep 26
Gatwick north parking
Havent travelled from Gatwick for a good 15 years as I live in the Cotswolds but have a holiday booked for the end of October and is was £500 cheaper to go from Gatwick instead of Birmingham or Cardiff - any of you lot recommend good places/companies for parking for a week? Or ones to avoid like the plague?

The official Gatwick on site long stay is £71 which seems ridiculous!

Cheers in advance

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White Pony 2:19 Sun Sep 29
Re: Gatwick north parking
Purple Parking is rubbish, which is disappointing as I'm a big Prince fan.

Alfie 1:52 Sun Sep 29
Re: Gatwick north parking
The mercenary - ' my sister in law regularly lets people park in her drive'...is that a euphemi..eupha...eupha sissisism...

Is that a saucy code word? Does she 'let people park in her garage' too?

Is the 'side gate' in play too...or off limits? No 'ball games' ?

On The Ball 9:32 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
How about for the parking?

The Mercernary 8:24 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
Have you looked on parkonmydrive.com? My sis-in-law lives five minutes from Gatwick and regularly lets people park on their drive. Not sure how much she charges though...

Westside 7:21 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
Northern is right re hotel stay and parking.

Just watch the bus transfers to and from the hotel, these can be £5 per person one way, so if 4 of you another £40 on the booked price. Last time I flew from Gatwick, stayed at the Hilton, which is on the airport property, so just walk to the terminal. Overall cheaper than staying offsite and paying the bus transfers.

I use the FHR website for airport hotel parking for ideas, then see if direct booking is cheaper.

Northern Sold 4:57 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
Just do an overnighter in a airport hotel + parking... always do it now... ton and a bit (fortnight) and you are already there so all you need is a shuttle or a cab.... car stays in the hotel car park... good as gold..

Iron Duke 4:55 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
When I last parked there I opted for the valet parking. It was only a few quid more than the long stay and so much more convenient. It's great coming out of the airport and getting straight in your car rather than waiting for that bus.

Bungo 2:34 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
David L 2:32 Fri Sep 27

There was one I saw where they'd parked the cars in an open muddy field, then just left all the car keys in a plastic crate near the cars.

Beggars belief!

David L 2:32 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
Copthall Parking off airport is excellent. Family run good prices. No cars left in muddy fields or shit like that Gatwick Parking Direct who were on Rogue Traders last night!

Admiral Lard 12:30 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
Sniper, if you go onto the official website https://www.gatwickparking.com

They do a deal called summer special which is still running. The car park is next to the north terminal long stay with marginally less frequent shuttle services.

It might save you £10-£15

Other than that the offsite stuff is a real risk. I have used a few of them and you just don't know whether the pikie scum that run them are having it off with your car.

For the sake of £20 its not worth the risk IMHO

Razzle 12:03 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
On business I use the Gatwick North long stay. Have no problems with it.

JOHNNY V 11:56 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
What Duke said, I’m flying on the 13th Oct booked the Sofitel last week, night stay included a weeks parking and they have a decent Thai restaurant. The Sofitel is also bang in the north terminal. If your travelling down from the Cotswolds it’s takes all the stress out of it.

Bungo 11:12 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
Slight tangent but the last couple of times I've flown from Heathrow, the quote to leave it in short stay for a week over airport long stay was only £20 or so more.

Booked that both times. I like keeping my car keys.

Russ of the BML 9:33 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
WHU77 9:28 Thu Sep 26

Cophall Parking. Been there donkeys years and have never let us down.

Joe C 9:13 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
Same as stewey - valet parking is the one to use. Got it for a week in October myself for £82 - don’t have to piss about getting over to the long stay car park etc

Oh dear 8:56 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
Sniper, the price you have been quoted seems pretty good.

I also thought that long stay parking costs were high when I first used the service. But once you do it and realise how reliable the service is and how much time and aggravation you save by doing you'll wonder why you didn't do it before.

GreenStreetPlayer 1:54 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
As mentioned, the M25 is your main concern and would book a hotel near the airport. Early start to your hols as well!
If you are saving £500, sounds you are going somewhere long haul and perhaps exotic and could afford what you like round there.

DukeofDevo 1:34 Fri Sep 27
Re: Gatwick north parking
Book a night at the Sofitel parking is included so no getting up at ridiculous times! And you start your holiday a day early, decent couple of restaurants and you have a drink as well

On The Ball 11:14 Thu Sep 26
Re: Gatwick north parking
£71, on-site for a week, with not much notice, isn't bad at all.

Too Much Too Young 11:04 Thu Sep 26
Re: Gatwick north parking
Anyway, i would just pay the £71 and be done with it.

And don't think twice about the 70 odd euros for a taxi each way at the other end for a taxi.

WHUDeano 10:48 Thu Sep 26
Re: Gatwick north parking
Oh mate it was a nightmare! Lived abroad for a while, home territory for me is Thurrock so to visit my parents we have to drive M40, M25 north, not too bad usually until potters bar, but coming the other way was a nightmare - of course an accident, maybe two, it was moving though - maybe 10mph from Gatwick to M40 - almost came off on the M4 but was tricked by 2 mins moving at 60 and thought it would be clear now....wrong. To be honest though, both kids and the missus pretty much slept for the majority of the time though so I was quite content listening to what I wanted to listen too and enjoying the quiet!

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