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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
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cup of tea 10:40 Fri Sep 27
New Orleans
Visiting in November for a week.

First time in this part of the USA after doing the usual NYC San Fran Vegas stuff plenty of times.

Enlighten me with do's don'ts and must sees etc

P.S I like corn so happy to eat that and rice and pea soul food etc

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bruuuno 12:11 Mon Nov 11
Re: New Orleans
I found the local black folk to be some of the nicest people I've met anywhere in the world. The white ones were a bit up their own arse

ak37 11:00 Sun Nov 10
Re: New Orleans
Do the locals get the hump if you say New Orl-leens instead of Norlins?

cup of tea 10:46 Sun Nov 10
Re: New Orleans
I have returned, It was ... different

Although I enjoyed it I found the locals pretty rude and most streets stunk of piss

Jambalaya was nice, also had a few of the local beers which were good (cant remember the name of it but one of them was pretty strong and fucked me up a bit)

Done some sightseeing ...bus tour, zoo, aquarium, saw a few alligators (fucking snappy cunts!) and listened to some decent jazz in some rather 'different' bars full of people speaking in weird accents haha!

Flight out was superb - plenty of room and peaceful, had the usual screaming cunt kids on the way back which pissed me off.

A solid 7.5/10 but behind NYC and San Fran for me.

Deanooooo 3:23 Mon Sep 30
Re: New Orleans
Been once, interesting place! Bourbon St stinks of sewerage, half the people don’t have any teeth. You can buy a drink in one bar and move on to the next bar with your drink. Everyone is pissed at all times.

Not sure if still there but there was a restaurant called Clancy’s, 15 mins or so in a taxi away from Bourbon St area which was really good. Would probably need to book it now though.

Too Much Too Young 1:47 Sun Sep 29
Re: New Orleans
Load up with a bunch of cheap flashy plastic necklaces from ebay before you go.

Thank me later.

arsene york-hunt 12:15 Sun Sep 29
Re: New Orleans
Apparently, there is a house in New Orleans, they call the rising sun. Don't go there it will be the ruin of you.

wmc3205 7:07 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans
dinner at BB Kings
breakfast at daisy dukes

Nurse Ratched 2:45 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans
Manuel 6:16

Same here.

ironsofcanada 1:50 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans
RBshorty 1:46 Sat Sep 28

The Rams are fine, good team but not one of the real rivals.

Dressing in black and white stripes on the other hand...

RBshorty 1:46 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans
Don’t mention the Rams.!

bruuuno 1:26 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans

bruuuno 1:26 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans
Not sure how open you are to these things but we spent a bit of time in the gay bars - mainly because they were the only places that didn’t play just jazz and blues.

Met some really nice and fascinating people and were treated like royalty. One fella watched me doing a piss and told me I had a beautiful penis. Otherwise I escaped I violated

percyd 12:48 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans
Never been - but still hope to, for the music.

Tuba Skinny being a good example:

"busk" in Royal St. Monday and Friday


Sydney_Iron 6:44 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans
Been a few years but spent a few days in New Orleans and quite enjoyed it, although don’t stray far outside of the French Quarter as its a bit of a shit hole and some parts are quite dangerous especially if your a honky! Mind you they had that hurricane that all but flattened the place since I visited, maybe been re built re vitalised etc.

Manuel 6:16 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans
I would love to spend time in America, maybe 3 months or so and visit many of their diverse cities, reckon I would love it.

Alex Bunbury 12:49 Sat Sep 28
Re: New Orleans
Went to New Orleans about 15 years ago and loved it. Had some great nights out on Bourbon Street.

jfk 11:31 Fri Sep 27
Re: New Orleans
New Orleans is the bussines,or it was 15ish years ago.
It's not like any other city I've been to in America.from memory(I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow hammer from Romford way that had married a Texan bird

we just went with the flow and had a brilliant time.
Reccomend booking a rapid boat to take you through the biouyou's.Its a quite a long way from the city and ignore American tourists most are fat wankers.

Go to Irene's restaurant it's the bollocks.
Royal street is /was lovely.
Take in the vibe of the city you'll have a ball.
Be very aware it's a very dangerous city,drugs are rife,unless you know a local avoid.
As long as you have your wits about you you'll be fine.
Have a great time C of T.id love to go back.

thegodson 11:56 Fri Sep 27
Re: New Orleans
My HQ is in NOLA, and I'm there every 6 weeks. It's changing constantly, with excellent restaurants and hotels popping up every few weeks. Unfortunately the new international terminal isn't open yet, so you'll have to go through one of the worst airports in the US.


Music, food and wine (excellent live jazz in a courtyard with a cheese room and a wine shop where you just choose what you want and take it outside. non-touristy jazz)

Reading the above URL, i assure you it's Bacchanal, not Bach Anal Wine

If they have a good gig on while you're there, go here

Good cocktails and beer plus views here


Great beer selection and outside courtyard here


legendary live music venue (Prince has played here unannounced)


Bourbon Street for a few minutes just to say you've done it, but stay the hell away after midnight.

Frenchman Street is better for music bars and not getting murdered or robbed.

Have fun!

tonka 11:52 Fri Sep 27
Re: New Orleans
cafe du monde for beignets, I also enjoyed the voodoo museum

ironsofcanada 11:48 Fri Sep 27
Re: New Orleans

BRANDED 11:41 Fri Sep 27
Re: New Orleans
Merde dans la chapeau?

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