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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

mulle91 6:06 Sat Sep 28
Roberto is shit
Worse keeper Ive ever seen

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The old c wing 5:48 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
Leicester spent what £14m on ward from Liverpool? We spent fuck all on the basis off a high risk strategy that gk don't get injured much.

Oh dear.

Sven Roeder 5:25 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
He wanted first team football but the only offers he got were from Spanish clubs and not a lot of ££££.
Obviously while he was considering offers in July we had to sign SOMEONE.
By the time he we had done that he had rejected all offers to be a no1 so was available a week before the season when Liverpool managed to offload Mignolet.
As usual our timing was shit. And our signing of a replacement was worse.

ironsofcanada 5:16 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
Can someone clear up for whether Adrian wanted first team football or not?

Obviously it will be different if the European Champions come calling but was not that the original situation?

Sven Roeder 5:15 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
As has been pointed out Adrian sacked US off as he wanted to be a No1 despite the decent offer we made him.
Doesn’t excuse the signing of Roberto though.
As said I can’t think of a worse keeper to appear in the Premier league and that includes various 40 yo’s who have been no2’s

eusebiovic 4:59 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
To think they sacked off Adrian for this pile of shite...

At least Adrian was a likeable, positive bloke with no shortage of charisma which can only be good for team spirit. So we forgave him the odd flap because generally he did the basics well.

This bloke is surly and a bit moody in comparison and not as good obv

13 Brentford Rd 2:33 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
Butland is a no brainer to challenge Fab and take over eventually but our owners do actually have no brains.

JayeMPee 2:20 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
I have never seen a worse keeper in the premiership, it is quite outrageous the number of games he has been allowed to stand between the posts (I could never say played because he hasn't). The fact Martin has not been allowed to play presumably means that in the eyes of Pelligrini he is even worse, you couldn't make it up!

Hopefully Pelligrini will be sacked during the next 48 hours but the fact remains we need a new keeper, surely there is an out of contract
keeper worth bringing in. If not I predict that we will not win another premiership match whilst the current clown continues. He is worth, at a minimum, a two goal start for ANY premiership club

Sven Roeder 2:02 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
I’ve seen that Jordan Archer play a couple of Millwall games.
Think of a more tentative Darren Randolph with the rashness of Adrian and the inability to get down to shots of Joe Hart.

master 1:42 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
He's played zero games this season.

master 1:42 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
Denmark keeper Jonas Lössl joined Everton on a free transfer on 1 July 2019.

Tomshardware 1:18 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
Makes Stephen Bywater seem like Gigi Buffon.

Eerie Descent 1:14 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
No one was jeering him, everyone was cheering when he collected the ball. If you can't have a laugh about how bad he is, what can you do?

Far Cough 1:13 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
We can't get rid of him, I mean who is going to buy him? Not even from conference would anyone buy him

Bernie 1:11 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
Hats off to everyone that jeererd him yesterday. Must've made him feel really good about himself and inspired him to perform better.

Eerie Descent 1:06 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
I've just read that we are looking at signing Jordan Archer on a free transfer.

My cousin is Millwall, and trust me, their fans think he is fucking shit. The best thing about this is he was dropped by them last season for Dave Martin, who they all rated and wanted to keep him to be their number 1.


Eerie Descent 12:18 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
It is staggering how bad he is. He's not only the worst keeper to ever play for us, he one of the worst players to ever pull on the shirt full stop.

The most worrying thing is, even if Fabianski was fit, this cunt would be starting in the cups. FUCKING HELL! He's on a 2 year deal, so if Worzel Gummage somehow manages to keep us up, thus keeping his job, he'll be playing in the cups next season.

What an absolute fucking shit show we are.

eusebiovic 12:13 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
He was never anything more than bang average in Spain so I can't understand why we signed him. There are any number of half decent Spanish keepers that wouldn't have cost much compared to this neck tattoo fucking clown

master 10:25 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
He's a keeper that doesn't read the game, but rather reacts to it. When you're young you react quickly enough to make shot stopping saves. But as you age, your reactions are not there and the ball flies past you even if it's a foot away as you try to get down. We've seen it several times with this clown keeper. He's past it because of his technique. Players like Fabianski understand angles and the flight of the ball. This dumb Spaniard doesn't.

Godwinson 10:10 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
He didn’t even try yesterday. Pathetic.

HairyHammer 8:36 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit

True !

Mex Martillo 6:19 Sun Nov 24
Re: Roberto is shit
On the bright side Roberto will always be shit, but when we win it will not be shit to be a HAMMER

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