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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
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crystal falace 4:25 Tue Oct 1
The Hundred (Cricket)
Saw an article on the BBC website about this today, was aware of it but hadnt really dug into exactly how it was going to work.

It's a novel Idea not really sure we need yet another competition but it seems to actually be attracting some of the "big names" that tour the world as opposed to the T20 Blast which for whatever reason didnt.

Really dont liek the idea of city based "franchises" big county teams such as Essex and Somerset dont really have anyone close to route for and a team iup north just called Leeds & Manchester will surely alienate alot of fans based on footballing biases (whether thats correct or not)

Do like that it's going to be shown on the BBC though, hopefully get more people watching even if it is a bit of a bastardised version of the game.

Draft is in a couple of weeks.

For anyone that wants to have a bit more of a read up on it : https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/49716478

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crystal falace 11:38 Thu Oct 24
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Yeah i imagine the Phoenix (ergh) may well regret spunking 125k on Liam Livingstone.

Im sure in the IPL teams essentially have first refusal to keep players they had in the previous year because there isnt much moving around of the big stars,

would assume that they would have to keep them at an agreed spending slot and if someone else wanted to offer them a higher pay deal they could move then.

Sven Roeder 11:35 Thu Oct 24
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
It had been suggested they could have a two division t20 county competition with presumably the top 9 being given some finance maybe to bring in some overseas stars . You could still do it in the same condensed period which is necessary to get the overseas players to commit and it wouldn’t cost £50m a season.

By the way what happens in year 2 to players drafted to a club this season?
Is there another draft next season or do players get traded?
What happens if a player turns out to be a £125k mistake?

ironskej 11:30 Thu Oct 24
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
West Ham CC at the OS

crystal falace 11:22 Thu Oct 24
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Not sure why they couldnt have just revamped the existing T20 competition, but it will be nice to get a chance to see some of the big names and best T20 players in the world ply their trade over here.

I'll try and go to 1 Birmingham game probably a friday or saturday evening game so i can go on the beers afterwards, i've loved watching Andre Russell for years in the IPL would like to get a chance to see him in person

Bernie 1:19 Thu Oct 24
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Do we really need another format? Hopefully it'll die a death after one season and the focus can be returned to test cricket.

But I doubt it

Sven Roeder 10:29 Wed Oct 23
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
I see ECB officials were called to answer some MP committee questioning on The Hundred as per an article on cricinfo.
VERY reluctant to answer questions on what the initial budget was and what it will cost in reality.
Seems that each county gets £1.3m and when you add those in it will cost £58.6m in 2020.
Income should be £51m.
Expected that the first year it ‘might’ break even is year 5.
The idea is (supposedly) that all these new people attracted to cricket will result in an increase in the next tv deal.
Good luck with that

zebthecat 9:38 Tue Oct 22
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
A hundred pints of bothered

White Pony 9:37 Tue Oct 22
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
This is such a shit idea. Trying to get people all excited about "the draft. This isn't NFL you cringe cunts.

Lee Trundle 4:31 Tue Oct 22
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
It's good that have you back, Matty.

Your efforts haven't gone unnoticed.

Dr Matt 4:22 Tue Oct 22
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Playing against mediocre cricketers will harm the game far more.

Out with the crap and in with the elite at the elite grounds.

Use the other grounds for 2nd XI or minor cities stuff.

lowermarshhammer 12:23 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Red ball county cricket played at the extremities of the season in shit conditions with hardly any in peak summer.

England test opener Rory Burns carrying drinks and gloves and passing on messages during strategic time outs for London Spirit during hundred games in July and August.

That really helps improve the England test side.

Give it up Matt, your spiel is getting worse.

crystal falace 12:21 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Will be interesting to see how some of the county players can deliver when faced with what should be some higher competition.

Moeen ali looked a class above for most of his innings in the Blast against what are regular county bowlers but has looked completely out of his depth at times when he plays for England

Dr Matt 12:12 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Dr Matt 2:12 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
City based teams is the only way we can compete with Australia and India.

Looks quizzically....

lowermarshhammer 12:08 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Dr Prat 1138

Tell me how the hundred is going to help England improve the Test side?

You're an unfunny idiot.

lowermarshhammer 12:02 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Delport is a decent whackball specialist T20 whore opener.

Spectacular 38 ball ton in his first game at New Writtle Street.

Generally fails slightly more often than he comes good which is normal for his role. Fairly sure each time he got 30 plus we won the game with the exception of the final. Which we won anyway.

Very decent in the quarter and semi finals, turned up at the right time in the tournament.

Can send down some dibbly dobbly pies as well which somehow take wickets.

crystal falace 11:44 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
I remember the name Delport from the Blast final, Any Essex fans shed any light on if he's decent or not? as he and Ravi have both been drafted by the Birmingham team

Pickle Rick 11:38 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Can't really get into this, I'm not travelling to Hampshire to watch Southern Brave, I'm a Kent boy (yes I typed that right!) I doubt many of you Essex Boys are wanting to travel to Hampshire either. Only connection with London for many is work, I don't work in London so will not be watching London Spirit, also the names of the sides are laughable so that as well.

Dr Matt 11:38 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
I’m talking about Test cricket and T20 cricket, the only formats which matter.

lowermarshhammer 11:30 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Dr.Twat 2.12

Who won the World Cup this year?

Don't recall India or Australia in the final.

Iron Duke 10:54 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
This is bullshit. How can you get excited about a team that means nothing to you?

crystal falace 10:47 Mon Oct 21
Re: The Hundred (Cricket)
Think the Southern Brave may well have the best team, i really wanted andre russell after watching every game he's played in the IPL over the last couple of years.

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