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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

dicksie3 12:27 Sat Oct 5
DNA Test
Anyone done one? Very interesting. My siblings did one so I thought that I would as well to compare the results - mainly to discount it being a load of old shit.

Turns out I’m almost 10% West African! That was the same for my siblings too! Our results were fairly similar. Predominantly Irish and then Spanish and not Italian as we had thought. No English blood in any of us, apparently!

*Blasts out gangster rap on ghetto blaster*

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chevy chase 6:04 Mon Oct 7
Re: DNA Test
10% Klingon. I know my great grandad got about but fuck me

Sydney_Iron 4:34 Mon Oct 7
Re: DNA Test
Not me but my Sister did one of these things a few years ago, so would assume the results are the same for me (Cant see me Mum ever played away from home!!!)

No real suprise, i have a Danish surname, and my Grandmother was Irish, So a heathy chunck of both Scandinavian and Irish, the rest was English.

Thanksfully she never meantioned Scottish or Welsh!!!

jfk 4:09 Mon Oct 7
Re: DNA Test
Not a DNA but helped my youngest compile a family tree today for a school project,went as far back as my great,grand perants and I'm in me early 50,s.
My wife is Irish my nans maiden was O'Neil on my dads side she was fom Manor Park and my mums parents were both Scottish who died in their early 20's after their house was bombed in Hackney during the blitz.They had only moved from Glasgow to London 4 months previously.
Sobering stuff.

gph 2:10 Mon Oct 7
Re: DNA Test
It's certainly true people have moved around.

The French are more German than their leftist nationalists care to admit, and the Eastern bit of the Germans more Polish than their rightist nationalist care to admit.

Of course, we're pretty German ourselves. When we're not Celts.

mashed in maryland 8:38 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Wow ur so cleva branded omg

BRANDED 6:54 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Pretty much all humans share the same DNA.

chiff 6:21 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Sorry coffee I should have typed Indian, English.

dicksie3 2:48 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
True. After all, most countries have been invaded and occupied by different people - including the Anglo-Saxons settling here after the Romans left and their Empire collapsed.

mashed in maryland 2:32 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Problem is that how they work is they compare to what's about in those countries now.

For example if you were told you had 25% French DNA, it doesn't mean you're 25% French or that you have 25% ancestry from France. It just means that 25% of you is close to what's average in France today. The population in France today is likely very different to what it was in ancient times.

Also bare in mind that a lot of countries didn't exist even decades ago let alone hundreds of years ago.

dicksie3 2:26 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Hahaha! It’s still fairly expensive though at around £60. They’re meant to have a quick turnaround of a few weeks for results but ours took ages which makes sense now!

Slightly bigger sites will give you more country specific results instead of regionalised areas so we may try one of them too.

mashed in maryland 2:21 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
"as they’re slightly cheaper than other sites and they have a quicker turnaround"

Hardly a ringing endorsement?

dicksie3 2:17 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Me and my siblings used MyHeritage for the DNA tests as they’re slightly cheaper than other sites and they have a quicker turnaround. The only thing with them is that some areas are regionalised e.g. East Europe and not country specific. We might try a bigger site and compare results.

Still, MyHeritage is supposed to be pretty accurate and me and my siblings top three were all the same.

I don’t think that the DNA results goes back more than 4 or 5 generations though, apparently, so it’s likely that either a great-grandparent(s) or great-great-grandparent(s) were West African in heritage via the Caribbean in my family.

My dad’s dad was very tanned with dark hair, even more so than my dad, so it can’t have been long ago. Fascinating stuff though! It’s definitely worth doing if you’re curious about your roots!

mashed in maryland 1:57 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
I think the thing about them pissing about with results to own the racists was at best exaggerated if not totally made up.

However the way they seem to work is they compare your dna to the dna that's currently in different parts of the world.

Therefore in a historic "where are my ancestors from" sense they're pretty shit, as the populations in southern England (for example) is potentially very different today to what it was in ancient times.

, 1:55 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Most of the DNA companies now point out where there are, on record, other people with very similar profiles.

This has lead in some cases to people finding out that their uncle is in fact their biological father.

OccupyGreenStreet 1:41 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
English, Irish, Norwegian for me - which probably figures as the Mile End branch of the family migrated from the former Viking settlement of Limerick.

BRANDED 5:23 Sat Oct 5
Re: DNA Test
We share about 98% of our DNA with chimps.

gph 5:17 Sat Oct 5
Re: DNA Test
I wonder who that could be?

BRANDED 5:07 Sat Oct 5
Re: DNA Test
Someone doesn’t understand DNA.

BRANDED 5:07 Sat Oct 5
Re: DNA Test

Nagel 4:55 Sat Oct 5
Re: DNA Test

Yeah, I know that scenario I gave was unlikely. Just seemed the simplest way of explaining it. Fact remains that it's quite possible to skip completely certain racial genes from either parent, although much more likely if they're a smaller percentage of the genetic makeup.

Johnson 4:49 Sat Oct 5
Re: DNA Test
As long as that 10% is corey you’re fine son

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