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dicksie3 12:27 Sat Oct 5
DNA Test
Anyone done one? Very interesting. My siblings did one so I thought that I would as well to compare the results - mainly to discount it being a load of old shit.

Turns out I’m almost 10% West African! That was the same for my siblings too! Our results were fairly similar. Predominantly Irish and then Spanish and not Italian as we had thought. No English blood in any of us, apparently!

*Blasts out gangster rap on ghetto blaster*

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boleyn8420 4:40 Tue Nov 22
Re: DNA Test
A frog got his DNA test back.
He's part Scottish, part Irish and a tad Pole

Ill get me coat

Mike Oxsaw 3:51 Tue Nov 22
Re: DNA Test
Traced my paternal ancestry back to a chap who would possibly have seen the glow in the night sky from the Great Fire of London in 1666.

He lived in Cuxham, Oxfordshire, as did several of his descendants ; one descendent branch, however shows up as "Caribbean" at about the peak of the slave trade.

I'm obviously from a family of bad 'uns.

Cony Tottee 3:48 Tue Nov 22
Re: DNA Test
England 77%
Sweden & Denmark 8%
Nigeria 6 %
Wales 5%
Scotland 4%

Unfortunately all of my English DNA seems to come from Leeds!!

Godwinson 3:35 Tue Nov 22
Re: DNA Test
Irish/Scots - 54%
English/British - 38%
Germanic European - 5%
Norwegian - 2%
Swedish - 1%

Swiss. 2:40 Tue Nov 22
Re: DNA Test
Love that clip on Youtube where they submitted DNA from their pet lizard. Came back 51% Azkanasi Jewish and 48% West Asian, 1% other.

Far Cough 10:15 Tue Nov 22
Re: DNA Test
Haven't had a DNA test but I'm pretty certain that I'm 50% St Helenan

BRANDED 10:13 Tue Nov 22
Re: DNA Test
DNA of human beings and chimpanzees is 98.7 percent same.
Gorillas and humans share about 98.4% DNA
Orangutans share 96.9 percent of their DNA with humans.
Rhesus monkeys and humans share about 93 percent DNA.
Cat shares 90 percent of its DNA with humans.
Mice and humans share, on average, about 85 percent of their DNA.
84 percent of Dog DNA matches with humans.
Cows and Humans have 80% same DNA.
Fruit flies and Humans are genetically 61% identical.
Chicken DNA is 60% similar to humans.
Human DNA is 50% similar to Plants, and 60% similar to Banana.

Which of you lot’s a banana?

Fifth Column 9:52 Tue Nov 22
Re: DNA Test

That's the best admission of anything on WHO. Deserves its own thread.

As for me, 98% English, 2% from Finland.

Pub Bigot 1:03 Tue Nov 22
Re: DNA Test
48% Scottish
26% English
24% Jewish
2% Irish

Nurse Ratched 11:09 Mon Nov 21
Re: DNA Test

To be fair to our hedgehog-chomping friends, this sort of thing would be less likely to happen in their families. They chain their women to the stove, don't they?

only1billybonds 11:09 Mon Nov 21
Re: DNA Test

Link to your Mum?

Asking for me uncle. :-)

happygilmore 11:03 Mon Nov 21
Re: DNA Test

Nurse Ratched 10:54 Mon Nov 21
Re: DNA Test

Are you talking families that mainly live in caravans?

Yes, I've heard of lots of people getting unwanted suprises.

Nurse Ratched 10:54 Mon Nov 21
Re: DNA Test
I'm bumping this because I like to recycle and keep WHO tidy. So hold your whisht.

If any of you are thinking of giving this as a gift to a loved one for Christmas or a birthday, I advise you to be very sure the recipient is someone who potentially handle unexpected news well.

I did the test out of curiosity expecting 50/50 that my biological father was my 'dad' or a family friend suspected by my siblings of being my father (I knew him and he was a lovely man) Either way I'd be happy.

Turns out it was almost certainly neither. I've been closely matched to a family of people whose previous generation lived very close to where my parents lived at the time I was conceived
We've been in touch and worked through the logistics.

Seems my mum had a highly developed sense of fun.

chevy chase 6:04 Mon Oct 7
Re: DNA Test
10% Klingon. I know my great grandad got about but fuck me

Sydney_Iron 4:34 Mon Oct 7
Re: DNA Test
Not me but my Sister did one of these things a few years ago, so would assume the results are the same for me (Cant see me Mum ever played away from home!!!)

No real suprise, i have a Danish surname, and my Grandmother was Irish, So a heathy chunck of both Scandinavian and Irish, the rest was English.

Thanksfully she never meantioned Scottish or Welsh!!!

jfk 4:09 Mon Oct 7
Re: DNA Test
Not a DNA but helped my youngest compile a family tree today for a school project,went as far back as my great,grand perants and I'm in me early 50,s.
My wife is Irish my nans maiden was O'Neil on my dads side she was fom Manor Park and my mums parents were both Scottish who died in their early 20's after their house was bombed in Hackney during the blitz.They had only moved from Glasgow to London 4 months previously.
Sobering stuff.

gph 2:10 Mon Oct 7
Re: DNA Test
It's certainly true people have moved around.

The French are more German than their leftist nationalists care to admit, and the Eastern bit of the Germans more Polish than their rightist nationalist care to admit.

Of course, we're pretty German ourselves. When we're not Celts.

mashed in maryland 8:38 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Wow ur so cleva branded omg

BRANDED 6:54 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Pretty much all humans share the same DNA.

chiff 6:21 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
Sorry coffee I should have typed Indian, English.

dicksie3 2:48 Sun Oct 6
Re: DNA Test
True. After all, most countries have been invaded and occupied by different people - including the Anglo-Saxons settling here after the Romans left and their Empire collapsed.

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