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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Keep dreaming 11:14 Sun Oct 6
What's wrong with the "jewel" or is he just hyped?

A player in his position has to score more goals or even assist to goals?

He seems good at 2m passing and quick turns, but what else does he offer?

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Fortunes Hiding 11:53 Wed Oct 9
Re: Lanzini
Mane tracks back and it doesn’t affect his game

Rossal 11:46 Wed Oct 9
Re: Lanzini
dealcanvey 1:03 Mon Oct 7

Thats been the pattern of the last few games. Its utterly baffling

Full Claret Jacket 11:41 Wed Oct 9
Re: Lanzini
Hate to say it but Lanzini had a couple of good games before his new deal and has dropped off since.
That said I think he is doing more defensive work covering space than previous. Its clear Pellegrini has been altering the structure to stop leaking so many goals but this isnt where our creative players shine.
Think it just needs tine to get right. If he is now fully fit and not suffering from niggles then I'm sure he will shine in a couple of games, hopefully get some confidence and unnderstanding with the other forward players and be the player we know he can be.

dealcanvey 1:03 Mon Oct 7
Re: Lanzini
Why was Lanzini playing alongside Rice and Noble as the number 10?

Did not make sense to me.

JayeMPee 12:51 Mon Oct 7
Re: Lanzini
Love him, on his day he can be a match winner but not at his best against Palace, there again who was?

I do agree with posts about Antonio, we miss him. More than that we need the 'killer instinct', too much pussy footing about with short passes. Our goal showed how it should be done and then we reverted back to the norm when we should have been all over them,

Percy Dalton 11:38 Mon Oct 7
Re: Lanzini
He's our Mesut Ozil.
Goes on the missing list too much for my liking.

Russ of the BML 11:20 Mon Oct 7
Re: Lanzini
Lanzini is a bit of an enigma for me. I am not sure if he ever had it to lose but that may be me being a bit harsh, again, I am not sure.

Can be excellent on his day but, right now, he just isn't doing enough influential stuff. Very good with the ball, nice and tidy, good distribution and work rate but he's not winning games which, in essence, is what he is the side for.

I like him. Very good player and potentially unplayable on his day. But someone on here called him a great player and I just don't see that.

diehardhammer 11:14 Mon Oct 7
Re: Lanzini
Need musuaku back into the side IMO

lanzini and anderson use him as their outlet on the left hand side so much and his runs up field drag oppo players out of shape.

cresswell doesn't drive forward with the ball like Arthur does which frees up anderson and lanzini

Block 9:57 Mon Oct 7
Re: Lanzini
I'd personally push Lanzini wide, and move Anderson centrally.

mallard 9:46 Mon Oct 7
Re: Lanzini
That should be Nobles job, dropping deep and feeding the attackers

Block 9:43 Mon Oct 7
Re: Lanzini
His issue is that our back line are unable to find passes to him when he's in the pocket, so he has to drop in deeper to get the ball where he's completely ineffective.

He also isn't quick enough to run behind, Fornals within 2 minutes made 2 decent runs beyond Haller opening up space, albeit came to nothing in the end.

He's an excellent player, but he needs to stop dropping deep.

mike hunt 2:22 Mon Oct 7
Re: Lanzini
he has been pretty much bobbins since payet left, he made every player in that team look good

Any Old Iron 11:00 Sun Oct 6
Re: Lanzini
swindon hammer 4:16 Sun Oct 6

Damn right.

I like Lanzini, because on his day he can be great, but unfortunately thoses days are very few and far between. I know he had a bad injury but he needs to be more involved and more creative.

master 10:18 Sun Oct 6
Re: Lanzini
Great player. Isnt being told to stay central or stay up the pitch near Haller on attacks. Naturally then drifts out wide left, taking up Anderson and the left backs space, leaving the right side empty. Leaves us lopsided.

Side of Ham 9:20 Sun Oct 6
Re: Lanzini
I'm finding he's another we have that once he does find any form, he then gets injured, is out for a while, then struggling to get back into form.

Keep dreaming 9:16 Sun Oct 6
Re: Lanzini
Agree with him not being the kind of player to get the best out of Haller.
Can we get a mix between him and Antonio?

LeroysBoots 8:43 Sun Oct 6
Re: Lanzini
Never thoiught Id; say this but we do miss Antonio

Woudl love to see him and Haller working together

mallard 7:44 Sun Oct 6
Re: Lanzini
We need someone to play off Haller - Lanzini is just not doing it

Mart O 7:32 Sun Oct 6
Re: Lanzini
Fucking useless most of the time.

bruuuno 7:25 Sun Oct 6
Re: Lanzini
He usually is, soldo

Northern Sold 7:00 Sun Oct 6
Re: Lanzini
He was an absolute nobody yesterday...

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