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ludo21 12:10 Sun Oct 6
Offside & VAR
I appreciate that this has probably been done death but...

Fair enough the Palace goal was onside so in the end they came to the correct decision but in the first half Yarmalenko was given offside from Noble’s pass which put him clear on the edge of the box. The tv replay showed that he wasn’t offside but as he was flagged the ref blew and stopped play.

If they are going to rely on VAR then they need to stop flagging for offside (or at least the ref should not stop play) until the attack has come to an end.

Who knows whether we would have scored but it was one of our best chances of the match whereas there’s was allowed purely because the goal followed so soon after the flag had gone up.

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master 12:43 Wed Oct 9
Re: Offside & VAR
VAR camera angles should always be from above to know when the ball have moved forward and to know when contact with the ball was made.

No idea how to achieve that but it gives you a clear indication of the 2 axis that are relevant to offside (vertical being the one that doesn't come into it).

HairyHammer 12:39 Wed Oct 9
Re: Offside & VAR
It will take a few years to improve the system and still will not be perfect but is it better than just a ref, in my mind yes.

Ashy 12:20 Wed Oct 9
Re: Offside & VAR
Personally I'd prefer that VAR doesn't use the lines and dots at all.
Use your eyes like the linos do in an instant, just to confirm and decide if the player is on or off.
If its a close call then the attacker gets the benefit of the doubt, bit like the old law.
Might be a bit quicker too.
Just my view.

Lee Trundle 6:42 Tue Oct 8
Re: Offside & VAR
You only have to look at the NFL and how they take it to the nth degree with their video calls, and there's still questionable decisions.

It's never going to work 100% of the time. It's a load of old shit.

FruityBoots. 6:32 Tue Oct 8
Re: Offside & VAR
I think had I known how they were going to use VAR for offsides in this instance also for balance the City goal against us I wouldn’t have been so for this. Even looking at the stills, is the line that accurateto the hairs on Anderson’s knee cap compared to Ayew? The cameras are incredible but can they really pick out millimetres from the distance they are set? They must do away with these slide rule lines and VAR. referees should just make a judgement by eye and maybe within a minute of the incident.

Texas Iron 5:33 Tue Oct 8
Re: Offside & VAR
Agree with ludo...
Yarmolenko was not offside...bad lino call...

nychammer 3:30 Tue Oct 8
Re: Offside & VAR
regarding offside, is VAR only employed when a goal or penalty is in the balance? If so is this at the behest of the referee only or automatically reviewed?

WHUDeano 3:17 Tue Oct 8
Re: Offside & VAR
stepney hammer 4:11 Mon Oct 7

Bit too much common sense in that to be considered by those in charge of the game.

Brucies_Star_Prize 2:20 Tue Oct 8
Re: Offside & VAR
percyd 1:30 Tue Oct 8

I've been banging this drum for a long time. Utterly ridiculous that an arbitrary amount of time is added at the end of each half.

It would also stop time wasting in an instance.

Mex Martillo 7:20 Tue Oct 8
Re: Offside & VAR
It’s better than it was though isn’t it?
Liverpool last season was a joke.

percyd 1:30 Tue Oct 8
Re: Offside & VAR
ornchurch hammer
"The other thing that hasn't been picked up yet is that the time taken to VAR isn't fully added on. They scored yesterday with 85 minutes on the clock and we kicked off with 90 so 5 minutes out of the game. Surely more than 6 should have been added given the number of subs made?"

Dead right. Timekeeping in football is at the Hackney Marshes level. Should follow Aussie Rugby League model: ref signals time off/time back on and a bloody great clock in the stadium tells everyone how long to go.

Lee Trundle 4:41 Mon Oct 7
Re: Offside & VAR
Dunno if I've mentioned this about a million times before, but I think it's a load of OLD SHIT.

Fifth Column 4:40 Mon Oct 7
Re: Offside & VAR
Sniper - no, an arm / hand was not considered offside in WWC. That's never been the rule.

In general I think goals should be given where it is so close that it's almost impossible to decide with VAR. To me, those decisions the player is "level" in reality. There should be 30cm or something like that as minimum clear offside using VAR.

stepney hammer 4:11 Mon Oct 7
Re: Offside & VAR
Need more consistency on the use of VAR. If penalties and red cards are not going to be overruled unless it's a clear and obvious error (which isn't happening anyway - see Haller not being awarded a pen against Norwich following a check) then the same should apply to offsides.

If it's millimetres the original decision should stand, if it's one like Origi's goal last season at our place or Aubermeyang's at Old Trafford last week then overturn it on the basis of being 'clear and obvious.'

Sarge 3:20 Mon Oct 7
Re: Offside & VAR
Sniper - with regards to pars of the body it's 'any part of the body that can score'

So not hands or arms but certainly knees + feet - and in the case of Christian Dailly in the play offs, his gonads.

Quite where that leaves Simone Zaza I'm not sure...……………..

Sven Roeder 3:15 Mon Oct 7
Re: Offside & VAR
We were very slow to close Townsend down
We either needed to get out or mark properly
Anderson was left to deal with Cahill
Ayew was unmarked

Had several opportunities to stop the goal.
As said the offside or not is almost irrelevant

Of course the whole situation arose from Roberto trying a risky pass which Fredericks lost and then fouled Zaha.
Comedy of errors basically

, 3:08 Mon Oct 7
Re: Offside & VAR
It's not the fault of VAR that Cahill was allowed a free header and Ayew was ineffectively marked.

The real issue is our defending innit?

Sniper 3:02 Mon Oct 7
Re: Offside & VAR
I agree pickle

I hate that the interpretation now is that he’s only offside if the balm comes to him - he’s 7 yards from the goal

Also on the stream I was watching, Cahill didn’t look onside from Townsend cross - again, it was millimetres

I’ll take the liberty of lifting what I said on the match day thread about all this too (an I appreciate I have been corrected in that the ruling that offside can be given against any part of the body that can legally touch the ball but that’s bollocks too)

I don’t buy VAR when the decision is close (as in millimeteres) in two ways like it was today. You watch the var team basically pause the footage and manually drawing on lines when the camera angle isn’t perfectly side on. It’s nonsense.

They need to state first of all what body part classes as offside - you can’t go comparing a knee and a foot between players and judging on that. Also for the initial cross today and the knock down it looked like the attacker had an arm/hand ‘offside’ - didn’t that count at the women’s World Cup?

It should be the torso like in athletics.

And when the decision is millimetres either way there should be a football equivalent of ‘umpires call’ as I trust DRS 100 times more than VAR and even they admit there are margins of error that allowances need to be made for.

Pickle Rick 2:41 Mon Oct 7
Re: Offside & VAR
Going to put it out there that the guy at the far end when you look at Ayew is miles offside and interfering in play as it meant one of ours had to be in position to cover him;

yeah I know, it don't count.

Northern Sold 6:51 Sun Oct 6
Re: Offside & VAR
ludo21 12:10 Sun Oct 6
Offside & VAR
I appreciate that this has probably been done death

Yup.... Im bored to death with the fucking thing

brundal 6:47 Sun Oct 6
Re: Offside & VAR
Var has one major flaw, it can be 100% sure when the ball was kicked. Therefore it can’t
correctly judge if a player is only millimetres offside. If any court case was based on this evidence it would be thrown out.

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