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Mike Oxsaw 6:49 Sat Oct 12
Bricking It.
May help some on here...


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Alwaysaniron 9:32 Sun Oct 13
Re: Bricking It.
Well done to all those involved. Special shout out to the Gooner builders who are clearly proper football fans.

Buster 6:41 Sun Oct 13
Re: Bricking It.
Jonjo is a decent lad indeed, but you have to wonder how much of his childhood has been nicked by his parents for pushing him to do all this stuff for the past few years.

On The Ball 5:15 Sun Oct 13
Re: Bricking It.
They did try and contact all brick owners, but it wasn't a maintained contact list so it wasn't very successful.

The owners might be cunts, but don't assume that all the people working there think the same way.

claret on my shirt 1:53 Sun Oct 13
Re: Bricking It.
does really make you wonder about our owners doesn't it!

Noah 10:58 Sat Oct 12
Re: Bricking It.
I got 2 of these, one for me and one for my boy so have emailed him.

Top lad and great initiative.


mallard 11:28 Sat Oct 12
Re: Bricking It.
He’s a good lad that Jonjo and also respect to the Arsenal builders for not skipping them

Dan M 11:13 Sat Oct 12
Re: Bricking It.
West Ham officially announced at the time that all bricks would be unsalvageable and instead recreated at the new ground.

Now that JH is getting publicity the club are banging the drum for his ingenuity and saying what a great scheme it is. Very slimy indeed.

During the demolition, of my mates put on a hi-viz, blagged his way on site and retrieved his.

LeroysBoots 9:50 Sat Oct 12
Re: Bricking It.
Thanks Mike, nice story

Mex Martillo 9:41 Sat Oct 12
Re: Bricking It.
Nice story Mike thanks.
You’d have thought that West Ham could have done this or even moved the wall. I think it is the kind of thoughtlessness that Hammers United are trying to fight against.

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