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Bishopsfinger 12:20 Sat Oct 12
They are almost a thing of the past with the extended pub opening hours. Which ones were or are you favourite haunts?

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Mad Dog 12:30 Tue Oct 29
Re: Nightclubs
Just saw that. It was one of the main places I frequented.

Browno22 9:22 Mon Oct 28
Re: Nightclubs
Just been announced that Talk in Southend is closing on new year's eve

COOL HAND LUKE 12:37 Sat Oct 19
Re: Nightclubs
cup of tea 2:01 Sat Oct 12
Southend? You must've done Zero 6 as well, surely?

Takashi Mike:
The Cube was The Green Man back when I lived in Leytonstone.

I also frequented:
Cali Ballrooms, Dunstable
New Penny, Watford (My GF at the time was at teacher's training college at Radlett).
Numerous in Cambridge (Belinda's / The Dorothy / Rex, Magrath Avenue / Ronelle's / Howard Mallet). Anyone who went to The Dorothy will remember the Sweat Box...)
Wigan Casino and various other Northern Soul venues.
Plus many others I worked in as a DJ in the 70s, mainly across East Anglia and on the East Coast.

The thought of 'going out' now at 10 or 11pm is a definite no no… I have a six year old who always gets up very early, and you have to grab your own sleep when you can... :-)

jfk 5:17 Sat Oct 19
Re: Nightclubs
There was a small Columbian club called the Sol y Sombre at the end of Charlotte street,remember rolling out of there at six in the morning and getting a tube then an overground back to Romford
Another was the cask and glass Holburn way mid 80,s always packed,sweat and nicotine was dripping off the ceiling used to come out of there like we'd been tango'd.
I doubt clubs like them are about nowadays.

Darlo Debs 1:24 Sat Oct 19
Re: Nightclubs
Two Puddings
and Room.at The Top.for the rare times i ventured Ilford Way

JLAP 1:12 Sat Oct 19
Re: Nightclubs
Ha ha nice story Joe, how raw was a nightclub on top of blackwall tunnel.

joe royal 1:06 Sat Oct 19
Re: Nightclubs
Strawberry sundae was pretty good, didn’t like the Colosseum much.

Best ones were the ones under the railway arches by the squats.

ChillTheKeel 4:16 Fri Oct 18
Re: Nightclubs
Whoever mentioned Satellite in Vauxhall - that was one of the best nights in the mid 90s, and there was plenty of competition

Don Ravioli 4:09 Fri Oct 18
Re: Nightclubs
i worked with a couple of Millwall boys in the late 90’s and had a few nights down the old Kent rd, Gin palace, ceasers and some little spiel called dillingers I think.
They were constantly telling me to keep my mouth shut on the way down but when we were in there were telling everyone laughing their heads off. No one gave a fuck and were good as gold with me.

Block 12:53 Fri Oct 18
Re: Nightclubs
Jumpin Jaks ilford, basildon or stevenage.

joe royal 10:28 Fri Oct 18
Re: Nightclubs
Couple of MATES formed a band and did a gig in the tunnel club, prob the only show they did.

Remember missing the last bus through the tunnel and was to tight/pissed/poor to pay for a taxi so 4 of us ran through it.

Can’t even run for a bus these days.

JLAP 9:12 Fri Oct 18
Re: Nightclubs
Blimey arsegrapes, proper Millwall haunts there mate. I worked in New Cross for years and frequented most of those with work colleagues.. Samsons, Duncow & Bon Bonne were the places to be sarf of the river back in the day.
Also the Tunnel club?

arsegrapes 2:03 Thu Oct 17
Re: Nightclubs
More pubs with dance floors, very loud music and bouncers! Bandit Country in 70s & 80s but proper lively

Samsons Castle Grange Road
Gilly's Wild Rents

Old Kent Road
The Duncow
Prince of Wales
Henry Cooper
Thomas A'Beckett
Frog and Nightgown
Gin Palace
World turned upside down

Bon Bonne nightclub Herne Hill
Cats Whiskers Streatham
Chiselhurst Caves
Bibas Bromley

yogib 1:47 Thu Oct 17
Re: Nightclubs
The Bass Clef in Hoxton before the likes of Gavvy fucked the place up......Jazz, Funk and Soul in abundance for those that knew how to get funked up.

cup of tea 12:46 Thu Oct 17
Re: Nightclubs
Joe.... Corner of South Street opposite the station next to Maccy Ds

joe royal 11:09 Wed Oct 16
Re: Nightclubs
Tea. Where was the one in Romford?

bruuuno 10:47 Wed Oct 16
Re: Nightclubs
I remember a group of about twenty of us getting skunk out of jaks on Bournemouth pier once, we did the Conga on the way out to find the police waiting outside hence mass scramble in all directions searchlights on etc

cup of tea 9:58 Wed Oct 16
Re: Nightclubs
I remember Jumpin Jaks well, many a pissed up night there. Went to the one in Romford (pub crawl including Yates, Brannigans, Mcsluskeys etc) and there was one in Basildon.Went to the Basildon one on a Friday before Forest(a) on the Saturday - was on the train to Nottingham throwing up and it was bloody 0-0!

joe royal 9:20 Wed Oct 16
Re: Nightclubs

What one , there was a chain of them.

Block 6:48 Wed Oct 16
Re: Nightclubs
Jumpin Jaks


Beat Freak 2:40 Tue Oct 15
Re: Nightclubs
Zap - Brighton
The Escape - Brighton
Sterns - Worthing
Laserdrome - Peckham Rye
Speed @ Mars Bar - small bar/club Near Astoria

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