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geoffpikey 6:16 Mon Oct 14
"Gazza" part 342
Former footballer Paul Gascoigne "forcefully and sloppily" kissed a woman on the lips while drunk on a train, a court has heard.

The 52-year-old is accused of an "unpleasant" sex assault on the service from York to Newcastle in August 2018.

The ex-England star, who denies sexual assault by touching, told police he had "kissed a fat lass" to give her a "confidence boost", jurors were told.


Isn't it about time the idiot Gascoigne is locked up in some secure rehab institution? Or just put down? For everyone's good? What a total mess of a man.

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crystal falace 10:58 Fri Oct 18
Re: "Gazza" part 342
Just hope this will either force him or someone else to help him make changes in his life, tragic seeing some of the videos on social media of him fucked out of his head with no idea what's going on.

ted fenton 7:47 Thu Oct 17
Re: "Gazza" part 342
I for one am very pleased with this result.

wd40 5:41 Thu Oct 17
Re: "Gazza" part 342
Upset alot on here on him
being found not guilty.

crystal falace 4:59 Thu Oct 17
Re: "Gazza" part 342
Cleared of the 2nd charge now and has been released

Percy Dalton 3:26 Thu Oct 17
Re: "Gazza" part 342
He apparently gave her a peck on the cheek and not tongues at fifty paces as was alleged.

zico 2:51 Thu Oct 17
Re: "Gazza" part 342
"The jury is still considering a lesser charge of assault by beating"

That sounds worse!!

crystal falace 2:46 Thu Oct 17
Re: "Gazza" part 342
Didnt he practically admit to kissing her? not sure how he's been found not guilty unless they've deemed that a kiss isnt worthy of sexual assault.

zico 2:43 Thu Oct 17
Re: "Gazza" part 342
not guilty

icwhs 2:29 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
overbyyer 11:35 Wed Oct 16

Ag ag ag

Eggbert Nobacon 12:53 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
one of my mates was a young pro at Spurs the day he turned up with a ostrich to training, my mate and all the other younger player had to catch it!

Eggbert Nobacon 12:51 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
even better as the minder was our old mate Glenn Roeder


Godwinson 12:02 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
This is my fave:

On his first night in Rome after signing for Lazio, gave his minder the slip, put his shoes by an open window and hid in a cupboard. The minder thought he'd committed suicide.


Grumpster 11:57 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
the peckham cod 11:05 Wed Oct 16

Loved no 50 :o)

First saw him play against us in Ray Clemence's testimonial at the lane. We literally couldn't get anywhere near the cunt.

Brilliant footballer, flawed human being.

overbyyer 11:35 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
Whats the difference between kangaroo and kangaroot?

kangaroo - an Australian marsupial

kangaroot - Gazza stuck in a lift

Darby_ 11:25 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
It’s a criminal trial, isn’t it? She wouldn’t be getting much money out of that. As far as I’m aware, she’d have to file a civil case against him to get any money out of him, and two trials a lot of work for someone like Gazza who wouldn’t have much money to start with.

the peckham cod 11:05 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
The following points are a clue for why Gazza never fulfilled his full potential. Not sure how many of these are 'urban myths' but enough true ones for to make his mark. A real shame what has happened to him. One of the best footballers of his time.

1. One hour after playing for England, met 'showbiz pals' Danny Baker and Chris Evans in a Hampstead pub while still wearing his full kit... boots included.
2. When asked for his nationality before an operation, told the nurse: "Church Of England."
3. On a trip to London, jumped out of his car to demand"a go" on a workman's pneumatic drill. After getting the go-ahead, happily pounded thepavement to the amusement of shoppers.
4. On first meeting with Lazio's president to discuss his big-money move to the Italian club, was quick to tell the esteemed gentleman that he reminded him of Russ Abbot.
5. Organisers of Italia 90 TV coverage had the splendid idea of augmenting team line-ups with footage of each player mouthing his own name. Gascoigne's genius led him to subvert the process by, instead, mouthing'f***ing w***ker.' Broadcasters across the world had to use it all the way through the tournament.
6. Booked a series of sun-bed sessions for then-Newcastle team-mate Tony Cunningham. Who, of course, is black.
7. Asked by a Norwegian camera crew if he had a message for England's upcoming opponents, immediately responded with, "Yes. F**k off, Norway." Then ran off laughing.
8. Turned up for England training the morning after then-manager Bobby Robson had called him "daft as a brush" with a floor brush sticking out of his sock.
9. When asked for a footballing comment while at Lazio, burped enthusiastically into a TV microphone. He was fined 39,000.
10. Decided it would be a great idea to have massive hair extensions. Looked a fool and had them taken out a day later.
11. After paying for ex-wife Sheryl's breasts implants, sent flowers to the hospital after the operation addressed to 'Dolly Parton.'
12. Astounded commuters in London by jumping on a double-decker in London's Piccadilly Circus and asking if he could have a drive. The bus driver saidyes, and the passengers thoroughly enjoyed Gazza's impromptu performance.
13. Sent a rose to the Wimbledon dressing room for Vinnie Jones after the infamous ball-squeezing incident. Got a toilet brush in return.
14. Set up best mate Jimmy 'Five Bellies' Gardner with a 'girl' he knew to be a transvestite.
15. Has taken the p*** out of refs constantly during his career. On one occasion he sniffed a hapless ref's armpit while he was holding his hand high to signal a free kick.
16. Undeterred by their frosty reactions, Gazza again tried to prove that refs have a sense of humour by yellow-carding the referee after the official had dropped his card during a Rangers v Hibs game. He was booked for his troubles.
17. While attempting to deflect the 'kebab controversy' which spelled the beginning of the end of his England career, assured reporters that his doner-munching antics following Middlesbrough's promotion to the Premiership would in no way affect his fitness before France 98. One reporter asked: "What do you feel like now?" Back came the inevitable response:"I feel like a kebab with onions."
18. As an apprentice desperate to impress then-Newcastle boss Jack Charlton, spent a week's money on fishing gear and begged the famous angler to give him a lesson. On arrival at the riverbank, Charlton promptly threw all but the rod out into the briny, then poured a bottle of Newcastle Brown into the water, dipped in the rod and within seconds was pulling out a whopper. Lesson over.
19. As 'perk' of boot-cleaning duties during his apprenticeship, took Kevin Keegan's Golas home to show his mates. But left them on the NewcastleUnderground.
20. When playing for England against Belgium in Italia 90, ridiculed Enzo Scifo as he lay on the ground clutching his leg. Gazza thought he wasplay-acting, so did a mime of his own which involved hopping on one leg with his tongue lolling out.
21. His attempt to jet off to Libya with Middlesbrough for a post-season tour was hampered by the fact he'd left his passport at home. An emotional Gazza wept at the check-in desk until a minion was despatched to bring itto the airport.
22. Celebrated his new-found hero status after flying home from Italia 90 by wearing a huge pair of fake plastic boobs and stomach bearing the legend 'Gazza.'
23. On meeting the president of Denmark's FA, pretended he could speak Danish. When invited to demonstrate, imitated The Muppet Show's Swedish Chef.
24. Conned Five Bellies into eating a mince pie after he'd scraped out the filling and replaced it with cat excrement.
25. Walked into the Middlesbrough canteen wearing nothing but his training socks and ordered lunch.
26. Paid 320 for a Mars Bar in a newsagents in his home town of Dunston, then told the shop owner to spend the change on sweets for local kids.
27. Whilst dining in the prestigious Bedford Arms Hotel in Woburn with a few of his Geordie mates, decided to place his erect member on the shoulder of a diner at the next table. Thinking someone had tapped him on theshoulder the gentleman turned his head only to have Gazza's helmet prod him in the cheek.
28. Took a documentary team to a beautiful Scottish cottage which he informed them was his new place, pretended he'd forgotten his key and knocked instead. When the door opened, told the befuddled housewife inside that he was doing a telly advert and wanted to know if she preferred Daz or Omo.
29. Crashed Middlesbrough's team bus at the club's training ground and caused 310,000 worth of damage.
30. While at Rangers, urinated over sleeping team-mate Richard Gough.
31. Handed 1000 over to Jimmy Five Bellies after betting that the burly boozer couldn't withstand a cigarette lighter's heat on the bridge of his nose for five seconds........Jimmy could. Twice.
32. After briefly giving up drinking, was advised to find a new interest. Picked bingo.
33. Bought a 1000 robot and programmed it to travel into Jimmy Five Bellies' room at Gazza Towers and announce: "Make a cup of tea, fat man."
34. Was banned from Liverpool's Cream nightclub in advance within days of joining Everton last summer, because the Evertonians who run the place wanted him to avoid temptation and stay fit.
35. Prepared for England matches during that hugely important tournament byplaying marathon games of tennis in the scorching midday sun.
36. Thought it would be appropriate to wear a blue fright wig before the 1991 FA Cup Final.
37. In his time, has agreed to dress as a Roman centurion, a clown, Oliver Hardy and Braveheart for photo opportunities.
38. While his Italia 90 team-mate was the hero of Hillsborough, marched into a Sheffield barber shop and demanded "a Waddle cut."
39. When Gazza signed for Spurs in 1988, he came down to finalise the deal with a bunch of his Geordie mates. They took over the posh hotel in Hadley Wood where Spurs were footing the bill and wreaked havoc. Gazza met then-chairman Irving Scholar and began talks by saying, "We'd like to thank you for the best three days of our lives"
40. Was asked to leave West Lodge Park Hotel in London after guests were treated to the sight of a naked Five Bellies swimming across the duck pond.
41. On his first night in Rome after signing for Lazio, gave his minder the slip, put his shoes by an open window and hid in a cupboard. The minder thought he'd committed suicide.
42. Recorded a video message for a corporate party and signed off with a cheery "Happy Christmas, you f***ing w***ers."
43. Greeted reporters in Rome by standing up, asking for silence, thenfarting at ear-splitting volume.
44. Told an interviewer that he was so superstitious about the number 13 that he couldn't ever bear to see the numbers 4 and 9 together. Oddly, the combination of 5 and 8 was deemed OK.
45. Shredded England team-mate Dennis Wise's Armani suit "for a laugh."
46. While staying at a Scottish hotel, drove across its golf course in hisfour-wheel drive Jeep.
47. While reputation preceded him in Italy, the English language did not. Hence, his Lazio debut was marked by a banner which read: 'Gazza's Boys,We Are Here. Shake Your Women And Drink Your Beer.'
48. Conversely, rival Italian supporters once hailed him with a banner which stated bluntly: 'Paul Gazza, You Are Fat Poofta.'
49. After being sent off while playing for Lazio, shook hands with virtually every member of the Genoa side.
50. While staying in a New Zealand hotel, was told there was no bacon for breakfast. Replied, "What, all the sheep in this country and there's no bloody bacon!"

Sven Roeder 10:31 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
To be fair by the sound of the evidence you do imagine he did it in some drunken idea that he was cheering her up.
Should have been a talking to rather than going to court with the FAT LASS looking for cash.
If it was Fred Gascoigne from Newcastle I’m sure that would have been the outcome

Sven Roeder 10:28 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
I looked up to confirm Gazzas itv pundit career and apart from saying ‘you know what I fucking mean’ at one point he was very confused.
Seems they did send him out and about out of the studio to meet the public.
He went to Trafalgar Square. And stuck his head in the fountain

Grumpster 9:40 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342
Bloke is clearly fucked which is a shame.

And I know you can't go round randomly kissing people in public, but I imagine it's only gone to court as she can see an easy way of making some cheap money, as hardly the crime of the century and he should have just been fined.

See what the judgement ends up as, but the last police programme I watched had some chav being found with a cannabis den in his loft and then at the end of the programme it tells you that no charges were brought due to lack of evidence. Other than the 20 plants we can all see???

I mean our justice priorities in this country are fucking all over the place and no doubt the woman is claiming some sort of PTSD over it all.

Sniper 9:25 Wed Oct 16
Re: "Gazza" part 342

Didn’t they try him as a roving reporter?

Sven Roeder 11:30 Tue Oct 15
Re: "Gazza" part 342
ITV did use Gazza as a pundit for the 2002 World Cup.
It was as you’d expect
Think his first words were ... ‘Ive never even heard of Senegal’

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