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w4hammer 10:44 Thu Oct 17

apparently a shit/unhappy year?


fucking brilliant for me- got me a suzuki AP50 ( red) found a couple of pubs where we could drink at 28P a pint; two or three birds on the go and made my transition from piunk music to the likes of Evelyn Champagne King - shame; Sylvestre- Might Real and getting into nightclubs where birds smelt nice as opposed to spat at you in punk clubs...

and I had three holidays in bournemouth

fucking superb year for me

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Moncurs Putting Iron 7:59 Wed Oct 23
Re: 1978

Hopefully he had short filed nails?

normannomates 5:40 Wed Oct 23
Re: 1978
Ahh 1978

Remember it well

August 20.. First finger

medwayhammer1 2:20 Wed Oct 23
Re: 1978
Crass Feeding of the Five Thousand

jooliandix 1:03 Mon Oct 21
Re: 1978
I was 10,went to my first Hammers match,Bonzos testimonial ,we beat the yids 4-2

only1billybonds 9:11 Mon Oct 21
Re: 1978
We played Millwall in a league game for the first time in years. Beat them 3-0, a very lively day on both sides of the river.

Darkness on the Edge of Town was released.

azel senior 8:20 Mon Oct 21
Re: 1978
The year of AC/DC releasing Powerage and If you want blood.

Best studio and best live album in the same year? Doesn't get better than that!

side effect 4:48 Sat Oct 19
Re: 1978

Moved from Forest Gate to east ham. Ended up the worst move possible.

And left rokeby school.

Godwinson 10:21 Fri Oct 18
Re: 1978
I started school that year so can't remember too much.

It seems despite the state of the country at the time people were able to thoroughly enjoy themselves!

oioi 12:36 Fri Oct 18
Re: 1978
1978. I shot ONJ at The Intercontinental on Park Lane. She was stunning. Got drunk in the free bar afterwards with a couple of other photographers I knew. Nicked a life size cardboard cut out of ONJ, got it stuck in the revolving doors of the hotel, doorman helped us get it free then we drove off down Park Lane with ONJ sticking out of the sunroof of my mates VW beetle.

BillyJenningsBoots 12:26 Fri Oct 18
Re: 1978
Great year for music and was the summer after I started at secondary school and Grease was the hit film of the year... There were a lot of girls emulating ONJ with very tight trousers!!!

Bought my first record Roxanne by the Police and outlandos d'amour my first lp...

Bungo 11:51 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
Leonard Hatred 10:31 Thu Oct 17

Me too. I'd have been 12 though.

Beat Ipswich 3-0. David Cross hat trick.

oioi 10:43 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
Great year for me. I was 26 & blagged a brilliant job working with pop/rock bands. Loads of parties and general good times. Very happy days.

Pop Robson 10:36 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
Great age to start your WHU lifetime of misery

We'd have been in the POW back then drinking pints Ben Truman 1666 and playing Space Invaders on a TABLE !!

Got covered in beer and fag ash but it was leading tech back then, space saver get it !!!

Leonard Hatred 10:31 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
I went to UP for the first time. I was 7.

Pop Robson 10:28 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
Left school, had the summer off and signed on the dole for 11 weeks until I started my apprencticship

About 10 dole plus me paper round money and me Saturday job s in

Local pub served us The Apollo in Paddington St, Skol Lager 46p a pint

Great days music was good, gigs were cheap and vinyl was every colour you could think off

West Ham went down, but it didn't matter back then

chelmsfordhammer 9:21 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
Got into the mod scene in 78 and still into it now so a pretty special year for me.

Joe C 7:42 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
Was a brilliant year for me, I was born in the December.

Mind you, I wasn’t due to be born until Feb 1979 - so maybe it wasn’t so great at first

the coming of gary 7:27 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
all mod cons, parallel lines, this years model, germfree adolescents, plus all the classic buzzcocks singles

Dan M 7:10 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
First time I've thought about it for years, but I'm glad to see the hotel is still there - https://www.britanniahotels.com/hotels/the-norbreck-castle-hotel

Dan M 7:09 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978
I was six. Mum, Dad and me went on holiday to Blackpool, staying at the Norbreck Castle Hotel. Also Ron (one of Dad's fellow cabbie mates) and his bird Flo came along (she later dumped him when he refused to leave his Mum behind - he eventually fell out with the taxi trade and after his old lady passed away he became a bit fat shut-in that was eventually found very dead in an armchair after the neighbours called the police).

Can't say I remember all that much but there's a photo of me in the Pleasure Beach wearing a black Harrington and a Hulk mask.

Hello Mrs. Jones 6:53 Thu Oct 17
Re: 1978

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