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Sven Roeder 10:06 Sat Oct 19
Saturday Football
Mr Coffee is away on his own international break so will be filling in for a couple of weeks ....

Everton v West Ham United (12.30)
Club in crisis .. 4 successive defeats, manager on the brink, strikers who can't remember their goal celebrations.
Who is your dream next opponent? No more of that nonsense so its Silva for the tin tack. AWAY WIN

Bournemouth v Norwich
Beating Man City seems a long time ago as injuries and reality bites for Norwich. More misery by the coast. HOME WIN

Aston Villa v Brighton
Two big winners last time out who would have cursed the international break interruption. Both will fancy a win here but both might be disappointed. SCORE DRAW

Chelsea v Newcastle United
Excellent win for the Geordies v Man Utd last time out but might require a few more Longstaff's to get anything here. HOME WIN

Leicester City v Burnley
Leicester have been flavour of the month with the pundits but the old awkward Burnley are back and only two points behind them. James Maddison could mean that its Leicester that cash out the 3 points. HOME WIN

Tottenham v Watford
A chance for Spurs to regroup with what looks a comfortable fixture. Or plunge into complete chaos. I've triple captained Harold Kane in Fantasy Football. HOME WIN (Unfortunately)

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton
Wolves look to be approaching last seasons form which should be too much for the Saints. HOME WIN

Crystal Palace v Manchester City (5.30)
Palace can be awkward Nigel's when they sit in as we know to our cost. Wont be enough against a desperate Man City who cant let the 8 pt gap get any bigger. AWAY WIN

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Sven Roeder 1:51 Sun Oct 20
Re: Saturday Football
The Villa one was borderline but if the ref hasn’t called it a foul in play I didn’t think it justified changing
The Burnley one was ludicrous. Purely accidental

Watched MOTD and saw P Neville argue that Alli controlling the ball with his upper arm was the ball hitting his shoulder.
Watford were just plain cheated by not getting the Delefeou penalty. That was as clear as Haller v Norwich.

VAR worked to disallow Wolves first two goals although the lino had already flagged for the handball for the first. The second was an offside that was right but hard to judge in real time.
The pen they did get was never going to be overturned.... but there was an element of Vardy/Gerrard swallow dive to it

Spandex Sidney 1:26 Sun Oct 20
Re: Saturday Football
I am a fan of VAR and it worked well in the WC I thought. So what has gone wrong? Well the Premier League has fucked it up, of course.

Either you have no VAR and the ref's decision is final or VAR gives the decision if it is wrong. Personally the latter for me.

Fuck interfering with the ref's God-like sense of superiority, if the decision is wrong he get's overridden, end of. The point of VAR is to take the discretion out of it as muc h as possible, if so then the ref has to be over-ruled if he is wrong

Manuel 11:07 Sun Oct 20
Re: Saturday Football
The disallowed goals for Villa and Burnley were simply outrageous. I believe both were originally given as goals, and rightly so. How the VAR ref saw them as fouls beggars belief. This shit makes no sense, but I fear it's here to stay.

ironsofcanada 11:46 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
fraser 11:32 Sat Oct 19

There is nothing tough about the technology, it is the how and where to use it that took a long time elsewhere. Same thing we are seeing here, if anyone cares about our opinion.

fraser 11:32 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
The technology works, they just have no inclination to use it properly.

Both decisions on one game were clear cut everyone could see.

ironsofcanada 11:07 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
Any Old Iron 10:30 Sat Oct 19

Not a cheerleader either way but I did say similar technology took years to work out in other sports.

Keep dreaming 10:43 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
But I can't work out how Tottenham got a pen for less hands against manC, and got away with the hands on Alli today.
It's mindbogglingly

Keep dreaming 10:41 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
I raise my hand.
But I'm quite sure it still can work. It just have to used to make the correct desicion, not overruling them as we have witnessed today.
We have plenty cameras and angels, and anyone could easily have made the correct desicion.

The only problem is how it's used.
As it is used now, it's just plain stupid.

Any Old Iron 10:30 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
The VAR cheerleaders have gone a bit quiet. Quelle surprise!
It was always going to be a shitshow.

Side of Ham 10:10 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
VAR is proving what we all thought.....

Sven Roeder 9:54 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
That’s the second time Watford have led 1-0 and a ball has hit an arm and they have ended 1-1 due to incompetent VAR
They have 4 Pts and have been cheated out of 4 more.

TeVaz 9:43 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
Just seen Spurs goal . How the fuck is that not handball?
VAR has to be binned . It’s not working !

Sven Roeder 9:26 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
The handball is an easy decision
It hits the arm so its no goal. There is no subjective judgement needed.
I look forward to the excuse because it’s just plain wrong.

Think it’s 87 Premier league games so far
Not one pen has been reversed
Not one pen has been given by VAR when the ref had said no. None.

fraser 9:16 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
So unless it's 100% blatant mistake by the ref it doesn't get overturned (not sure what quantifies as such if the 2 in spurs game weren't)

Yet in this case both were in those cunts favour, so nothing has changed at all other than the offsides which are given by a pixels width.

Manuel 9:04 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
VAR was always still going to be down to interpretation, the only difference is that these clowns now have more time and angles etc to look at an incident. Of course it is shit, only an utter moron would say otherwise.

Keep dreaming 8:59 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
Yeah, VAR made itself surplus to requirements tonight.

It shows, even with technology, there will be massive errors.
So why bother?

Sven Roeder 8:49 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
Saw that. It’s clumsy but it’s a pen. If it had been given it wouldn’t have been overturned.
The whole thing is a nonsense

Watched the highlights of Spurs Watford on the Sky YouTube
Vertonghen is late and takes Delefeou’s legs for a stone wall pen. Not given
The Alli goal is even worse. The ball clearly hits his upper arm ... he actually uses his arm to control the ball ... and the goal is given.

Keep dreaming 8:45 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
Zaha pushes DeBruyne into the ground. VAR says no penalty.

This has to be a joke.
Who the fuck operates these pcs? It has to be a couple of teenagers spending most of their time on counter strike

Sven Roeder 7:26 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
84 mins Brentford 0 Millwall 2
FT Brentford 3 Millwall 2

Sven Roeder 7:15 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
Haven’t seen it but believe Delefeou was brought down for an obvious pen but VAR ref refused to over rule their MATE.
The thing is pointless is it’s referees making the VAR decisions
It should be a panel of ex players who understand the game not the self serving KNUCKLEHEADS in ref kit.

Keep dreaming 7:01 Sat Oct 19
Re: Saturday Football
VAR says no goal
Ref saus goal
Absolute farse

How Watford didn't get a pen and how Burnley's goal was disallowed only God knows.

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