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andyd12345 4:22 Sat Oct 19
Pellegrini’s signings
There seems to be a common view that “in Pellegrini we trust” when it comes to transfers. After today’s absolute shower of shit that was served up, how many of his signings have actually been any good when compared to how much we paid for them

Anderson - Miss
Diop - Hit
Yarmalenko - Hit
Fabianski - Hit
Perez- Miss
Balbuena - Hit
Silva - Miss
Wilshere - Miss
Sanchez - Miss
Fredericks - Hit
Nasri - Miss
Haller - Hit
Fornals - Miss
Ajeti - Miss
Roberto - Miss
Cardoso - N/A
Martin - N/A

So by my reckoning, 6 players have been signed in 2 years that have done well based on how much we paid for them. And Fredericks was a done deal before Pellegrini joined.

Time to bust this myth that Pellegrini and Hussilos have got some world class scouting network that unearths gems. 70% of his signings have been SHIT.

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Lertie Button 8:42 Sat Nov 9
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
Wilshire wasn't a miss, his signing on a 3 year contract was a fucking disgrace. The owners should have insisted that a 1 year rolling contract was the best they offer

andyd12345 6:23 Sat Nov 9
Re: Pellegrini’s signings

Amend Balbuena to MISS as well

Haller downgraded to TBC

So we are now on 3 good signings out of SEVENTEEN

rochesterjohn 12:43 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
But Eerie, I've been assured on numerous occasions that we're playing well and some of the best stuff we'd ever seen?
To be fair, we've had 10 min spells where we've been very pleasant on the eye and have cut teams open but in general it's been a pretty turgid affair.
He needs a serious rethink on team shape cos the personnel we have can not work to whatever he's trying to achieve.

Darby_ 12:35 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
I don’t just post about Brexit and Trump, andy. I’ve often over the years cunted you off for being a perma-whinger.

Eerie Descent 12:33 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
I think the saddest thing for me on the whole this season is that for the bulk of it, we've actually been pretty boring to watch.

Obviously not as boring as under Allardyce & Moyes, but that's a very low bar.

rochesterjohn 12:24 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings

Agreed, it's a consistent in their ownership to back the manager to the bitter end, in some ways it's an admirable trait but I feel it can be to the detriment of the club.
What I'm struggling with us that even when we were "flying" it was obvious we were in a false position and this has been going on for some time now, a little purple patch at the back end of last season covered up a multitude and has bought him credit that he doesn't deserve.
I know from 2 very good sources there were serious concerns regarding training methods and development of players yet they've allowed it to continue, make no bones about it,, we're in a mess and a few lucky wins early in the season hasn't changed that.
Lovely guy though,proper gent and all that.

cartis 12:20 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
Eerie Descent 12:12 Sun Oct 20

Spot on.

Eerie Descent 12:12 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
I'm not bothered about us having a 'top 7 worthy team'

I'm bothered about the serious lack of effort and application put in by the team most weeks. Because of the odd flash of talent by some, and mainly by Yarmolenko, we've managed to get a few wins, but in general we have been limper than an extinction rebellion wrist in most games.

Getting walloped 4-0 by Oxford a few weeks back is the most telling thing for me, and has definitely seen my support for him start to go.

Sajmo1 12:07 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
Well you can't say what you think about this whole situation without getting slatted. If you want to believe that we have a top7 worthy team we have nothing to talk about

Takashi Miike 12:07 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
john, I never saw the game yesterday but it sounded like they still thought they were on their I international break, it's unacceptable but is happening too often. I'm not on the sack him bandwagon yet (not that they ever sack a manager during a season), but it's clear he needs to get rid of at least half a dozen who go through the motions. anderson, when he's interested is elite level talented but how many times does he look disinterested? he's not alone though, there's a collective lack of intensity and that comes from the manager, so things do need to improve but nothing will be changed until next summer at the earliest so I just hope MP wakes them up and performances improve e

Manuel 12:05 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
Agree this site is toxic. It's fucking vile.

Eerie Descent 12:04 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
Toxic site


Go back to bed you wally.

Sajmo1 12:03 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
I guess that's better then being the most arrogant person on this toxic site

Sajmo1 12:02 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
Yeah because haller couldn't get 70-100k a week anywhere else..

Manuel 12:02 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
This sajmo character bounces from thread to thread like some kind of club PR employee.

rochesterjohn 12:01 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
Have you finally seen the light?

Takashi Miike 11:59 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
sajmo, they sign because of the wages, not because of a cunt who looks like wurzle gummidge

Eerie Descent 11:48 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
You talk absolute shit.

Any thoughts on how the fuck we managed to sign Payet without Pellegrini in charge?

Sajmo1 11:46 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
Well that proves how shit the rest of the squad is. We brought 5-6 quality players but that's not enough. We are not the only team that's reinforcing...

Eerie Descent 11:38 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
Yeah, we couldn't have signed a decent player without this manager in charge, and we're doing so fantastically well with the players we've been able to sign because of the manager. Teams like Oxford will be quaking in their boots after his next raft of signings.

He must have been in charge when we signed Payet.

Sajmo1 11:14 Sun Oct 20
Re: Pellegrini’s signings
He's worth it dickie. If you really think that diop, haller, felipe, yarmo & co would have signed for us if we were managed by howe for example then you are deluded.

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