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Alex G 9:44 Wed Oct 23
So seeing as this site seems to be slowly changing into West Ham Supporters Travel Advice Online I thought I'd put in my own plea for advice.

Booked a five night stop over in Japan whilst flying out to Australia for Christmas, landing in and leaving from Tokyo. Any tips for things to do whilst there. Should I spend all my days in Tokyo, or is it worth travelling around and seeing another city or two?

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On The Ball 10:07 Thu Oct 24
Re: Tokyo
In advance, download the Japanese Google Translate file - and Google Maps for wherever you're going so you can use them offline. Always helpful, but possibly never more so.

Darby_ 3:10 Thu Oct 24
Re: Tokyo
If I had five days in Japan, I’d fly to Hiroshima. My favourite part of Hiroshima is the island of Miyajima. I’d spend a couple of nights there laying on the stunning beaches and exploring the island. The Shukkeien gardens in the city are really nice too.

Tokyo itself is too big to explore in a few days. Maybe walk around the Harajuku station area, looking at shops and having a coffee. Have a drink at one of the bars at Golden Gai, such as the punk bar there.

I’d also suggest trying an onsen if you could be bothered learning all the onsen etiquette.

Bernie 12:59 Thu Oct 24
Re: Tokyo
2nd shout for the robot restaurant, food is a bit ropey but the entertainment is brilliant.

Try and get to a maid cafe, really fucking weird, the Jap's do weird brilliantly

BRANDED 12:44 Thu Oct 24
Re: Tokyo
One thing to be aware. In Central Tokyo you’ll get a lot of written text in English but beyond that a lot less. Nothing much you can do about it but makes food and travel a bit more complicated.

Joe C 12:11 Thu Oct 24
Re: Tokyo
Alex - WHOmail

On The Ball 11:58 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
Rail pass is a great point. I think the trip to Hiroshima pretty much covers the cost, plus as well as using it to go to anywhere else in the country, IIRC you can use it on the tube.

East Auckland Hammer 11:57 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
The Peace Park at Hiroshima is (or was a few years ago at least) a really eerie experience.

Seeing the shadows on the steps and various buildings where a person was before being completely vaporised is something I'll never forget.

Try playing pachinko. Fuck knows how you play it though.

If you want to go shopping, head to the Ginza area or to Akihabara if you specifically want electronics.

Some awesome temples, shrines and gardens to go to in Tokyo too. I can't remember the name of any off hand, but worth asking around for advice on where to head.

I know there used to be a couple of good Samurai museums there too, which could be pretty cool if you like that sort of thing, or if you have kids who do.

grasshopper 11:32 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
Get a japan rail pass and go to hiroshima, well worth a visit

Side of Ham 11:15 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
*stretches eyelids sidewards*

Hai Walter Bullshitty san......

Nurse Ratched 11:07 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
*rolls eyes*

BRANDED 11:06 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
Used to go regularly in the 90s. Less now. Love the country. Love the food. Love the people.

Alex G 11:03 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
Cheers guys - I'd seen the robot restaurant and thought that was worth a night out! Seems so many absolutely crazy things in the one city so any advice is much appreciated!

DukeofDevo 10:20 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
Forgot to say watch Joanna Lumley’s Japan 3 pretty good episodes might give you some ideas

DukeofDevo 10:17 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
Get a rail pass, go on the bullet train, I’m sure the tourist office is up near Oxford Circus or it was back in ‘02 Watch Lost in Translation. Don’t mention the war! Everybody is super polite and helpful

On The Ball 10:07 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
Tokyo is awesome. You could spend that whole time in Tokyo, but.... the rest of Japan is also awesome. You'll get lots of great suggestions here.

One you might not get - you can do Hiroshima in a day. And PLEASE go to the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo - it's absolutely mental, just like Tokyo.

lowermarshhammer 9:55 Wed Oct 23
Re: Tokyo
Hakone day trip from Tokyo

Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo

Tsukuji fish market very early in the morning followed by breakfast.

Day trip to Nikko, about two hours by train.

Eat and drink in an izakaya in the evenings.

I'd avoid Roppongi like the plague.

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