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Q: 2019/20 Wolves (a)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, win
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c. We rarely follow up a win with anything and Wednesday will be no different, lose
d.The poll's back and everything is rosy, I've missed you old friend
e. Well how's your luck this one is on Amazon Prime and I subscribe along with SKY, BT & Netflix I've got all bases covered, it may be cheaper to buy a ST but then I'd have to get out of the armchair, WHU through & through me

Queens Fish Bar 6:26 Mon Oct 28
Freedom of speech
Jonathan Pie had something to say.


I like Pie and he is brilliant live. Someone on the left who challenges some of the stupid stuff some people on the left do/say/think.

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Mike the Hammer 10:11 Mon Oct 28
Re: Freedom of speech

May be two extremes, but unless you're a high level politician there's only one outcome...

ChesterRd 9:49 Mon Oct 28
Re: Freedom of speech
With rights come responsibility. Most people understand that.

The problem is the two extremes, those who take things out of context to the nth degree and seek offence when none was intended and those who spew their hate filled drivel knowing full well they are being offensive.

Both sides as bad as each other.

peroni 8:23 Mon Oct 28
Re: Freedom of speech
Leonard Hatred 6:49 Mon Oct 28

Mike the Hammer 6:56 Mon Oct 28
Re: Freedom of speech
It may be disgraceful, but those people are winning. The offended, be it personally or increasingly on someone else's behalf, have got law on their side now.
And it's gong to get worse.

Leonard Hatred 6:49 Mon Oct 28
Re: Freedom of speech
Shut up Hairy you tit.

HairyHammer 6:42 Mon Oct 28
Re: Freedom of speech
" Fuck off you fucking Narcissists is exactly about right".

To be offended at someone saying "Diabetes on a plate", after they taste something extremely sugary and rich in fat is in my opinion absolutely disgraceful and even bordering on being non human and definitely dead in the brain.

Leonard Hatred 6:35 Mon Oct 28
Re: Freedom of speech

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