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yngwies Cat 12:35 Tue Oct 29
Frozen Shoulder
Had it for a few months now. Fuckin hurts.

Any Whoers sage advice?

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PwoperNaughtyButNot 10:05 Sat Nov 2
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Get a nectar bed

Keep dreaming 10:02 Sat Nov 2
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Razzle, forget resting. It makes it worse.
Do as FCJ, gently exercises.

Full Claret Jacket 2:12 Fri Nov 1
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Have same problem since November last year. I'm told it lasts a long time but best treatment is to take anti-inflammatories and exercise it regularly even though it's painful to do so. I still see a physio. It improves in spells but then I do something that aggravates it.

Razzle 1:46 Fri Nov 1
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Word of advice is, do not do cortisone. It only masks and you damage the area even more.

Rest and more rest, then gentle rehab..

I had cortisone in my foot that led to a tendon tear, which then led to platelets and loads of time out..which is ongoing

Keep dreaming 6:12 Thu Oct 31
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Hahaha, not long ago

Pardon my awful English

Westham67 6:06 Thu Oct 31
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Laying on tennis ball is good for loosing up you glutes if you get a stiff one , oo er Mrs

Manip 5:22 Thu Oct 31
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Defrost it in the microwave.


Get a tennis ball and roll it over the affected area.

Westham67 5:20 Thu Oct 31
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Keep dreaming , when was the last time you "Pulled a load "

fraser 3:59 Thu Oct 31
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Hydrodistention is better than cortisone apparently

Keep dreaming 3:33 Thu Oct 31
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder occurs over time due to inflammation of ligaments.
Ligaments get inflammation when overloaded where muscles aren't pulling the load.

If you have got a frozen shoulder, it can be treated by cortisone injections along with easy movement exercises.

If you want to prevent frozen shoulder, be active and strengthen your muscles instead of stretching your ligaments

Boycie 12:57 Wed Oct 30
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Distilled Japanese tree oil. Rub on three times a day. Make sure you wash your hands before you have a wank, it burns like billyoh! Not that I did that my mate told me

Too Much Too Young 8:15 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder
2 bottles of red wine and half a dozen spliffs should see it off nicely.

zico 7:50 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Not sure if it will help with a frozen shoulder but it might be worth a call to a Kinesiologist to see if they can help. Many moons ago when I was still playing football I had a hamstring issue that was so bad I just couldn't even put my socks on. Tried physio etc and nothing, so went to see a Kinesiologist.

Thought it a tad odd when he started pushing various apparent pressure points on my head etc and thought it might be a bit of a con, but two appointments which cost about £60 total and never had the issue again.

MTC 7:18 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Had it about four years ago and probably lasted about 2 years.Got to a point where was having trouble sleeping and even getting dressed it was so painful.Had two cortisone injections and some physio but nothing really worked.The shoulder still isn’t 100% and have read things saying sometimes it never totally heals.

Guy Gibsons Dog 1:53 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder
zico 11:33 Tue Oct 29

Mine went on for about a year, saw some real shithouse doctors I had wanted surgery but it was a last resort

claret on my shirt 12:35 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder
put it next to a radiator?

Pickle Rick 12:25 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder
There are these people, what do you call them now, wait a minute its on the tip of my tongue; got it, try a DOCTOR!

The_Phantom 12:13 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Rub some Deep Heat on it.

If that doesnt work, rub some on your balls and you'll soon forget about your shoulder

fraser 11:33 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder

zico 11:33 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder
Guy Gibsons Dog 5:51 Tue Oct 29

Mate of mine had that for years and it was getting worse. He had an op about 3 months ago. Small incision, arm in a sling for 6 weeks and now doing very well so much that he is aiming for the golf course in March. Wished he had done the op earlier.

Westham67 11:29 Tue Oct 29
Re: Frozen Shoulder
If you are on the Romford area I could wipe my knob on it for you , its works for me as my knob reaches my shoulder as well

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