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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Bishopsfinger 4:29 Wed Oct 30
Yes again
The stadium is awful..........

The staff , the atmosphere, the whole damm thing is shocking. From the scaffold stands and the Mickey Mouse trampolines.

Why oh why not have a section for the more vocal support at least it provides half a chance of an atmosphere. Have a kids section also if need be. Give the fans a chance to support the team but I think the plan was to dilute the hard core support from the off. Divide and conquer style.

It’s just not Upton Park and of I’m honest they could give the tickets away and provide free beer and I still wouldn’t enjoy the fucking sterile Piss pot of a stadium. Rip the flats down at Upton Park. I want to come home now please I don’t like it here.

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Boycie 12:10 Sat Nov 2
Re: Yes again
let's all get down the Orient

mallard 8:10 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
Went to my first away game for years, up at Goodison and I'd forgotten that amazing feeling to be surrounded by West Ham fans singing our heads off throughout the match.

Never witnessed that at the LS

BRANDED 8:01 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
The football is fine. It’s just the whole experience. It’s flaccid. It’s like a Brexiter having sex. Its like an afternoon at a “mall”. Just fucking duller than watching grass grow. The grunge of Upton Park is what made it remotely enjoyable. Now it’s just an identikit corporate cash extraction exercise for pen pushers.

Side of Ham 7:46 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
Yep it's what the PL has turned the game into, that's the cunt, the stadium is just an example of how they want it to be. A bucket list wankfest for nomarks from nomark places to suddenly think where they live is the bollocks because their local team is in the PL.

MOTD these days there will be 1 or 2 games that are worth watching the rest is meh............but they'll tell you it's the most exciting thing ever as it's now purely a marketing project.

ornchurch ammer 7:26 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
The shithole is for the new fans and the kids growing up not knowing any better. Anyone that went to Upton Park regularly will not accept it as a home ground.

I hate the new stadium with a passion and its sterile surroundings. But I also hate everything about the Premier League. Overpaid and overhyped players cheating, time wasting abd doing anything to win. Pundits telling you how great it all is and the authorities implementing abominations like VAR.

If someone told me 30 years ago that I would get bored of top level football and going to West Ham then I wouldn't have believed it but I am close to knocking it on the head now.

Only reason I keep going now is to see mates and be able to take my boy home and away, especially away.

Had a great day up at Everton the other week, had to force myself to go on Saturday.

BRANDED 6:56 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
Modern Premier league footy is shit. It’s a corporate globalist shit storm of ridiculously overpaid premadonnas, boring cunt fans and sterile spoon fed stadium shit atmos.

Everything about a corporate stadium experience is shit TOWIE cuntfestery.

tonka 6:46 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
Agree Simon.

I was in block 113 first season it was good.

Hermit Road 6:46 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again

factory seconds 6:16 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again

I agree with that but I think it's the way it was going anyway. It has been on a downward trend for years mainly because we are all getting older and the thing that made West Ham so important to most of us, poverty, shared identity and a lack of anything else to look forward to just doesnt apply to the under 35s. As for teenagers today, they've got loads of options, no particular attachment to the area and have an overabundance of material goods.

simon.s 6:45 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
Oh, and if you want fans to hang around afterwards and have a beer, put some fucking heating in the gaff.

Gavros 6:23 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again




Grays 6:22 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
factory seconds 6:16 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again

Further to that I think the place is ageing very badly and looking very tatty for something fairly new, by stadiums standards.

factory seconds 6:16 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
might be in a minority here but actually think it's getting worse.

it was briefly tolerable when we went on a run when the sun was out. good results and a bit of sunshine will put most west ham supporters in a half decent mood, even if we'd relocated to the moon. was never particually exciting though, more like halfway between the boleyn and watching a tennis match.

but other than that, around 113 way at least, it feels like we get less and less up for things. the so called tevez derby was as flat as it's been. still think the two best atmospheres that the place ever had were in the first season (chelsea in the cup and spurs).

, 6:04 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
Top football has been growing away inexorably from its original demographic for years.

If for some people what matters now is meeting mates and having a drink there is always non or lower league football available. Loads of people follow a lower team where they drink etc and still have a favourite top club that they support from a distance.

Bungo 6:01 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
Wow, what a blast from the past!

Just in case this doesn't get locked, here's my old 'London Stadium Bullshit Bingo' list which you are welcome to tick off as each item gets mentioned in subsequent posts. You're welcome!

• Gaps
• Retractable
• Popcorn
• Hotpoint
• Stewards
• Sitting
• Standing
• Overpriced burgers
• Shelving
• Cesspit
• Cunts
• Half and half scarves
• Stop/Go signs
• Lady Brady
• Stratford station
• Season Tickets/Empty seats
• Westfield
• 66,000?
• Soulless bowl
• Waiting list

Rossal 5:46 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
I sit in block 132 which i think is one of the better blocks of the stadium

When we're winning its decent. When we're shit then the stadium becomes shit. The carpet helps, its still not a football ground but when we're winning its far more bearable.

Football with VAR this season seems to of taken a hit, football just seems shit now.....so that multiplied by us being shit at the moment multiplied by the OS and you end up with threads like these.....

Grays 5:36 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
simon.s 5:32 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
The fans are still West Ham though.

The "proper" West Ham over there are diluted and few and far between.

simon.s 5:32 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
The fans are still West Ham though.

Apart from the ones who get free tickets and wear man utd tops under their coats, of course.

Grays 5:19 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
simon.s 5:00 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
I don't buy all that 'your not West Ham anymore...' bollox, first sung to us by Chelsea, who'd know all about selling out. It's a cheap shot, sung by every wanky team now.

It's bang on, nothing about the stadium or area is remotely West Ham for me, in fact it's the total opposite.

SUM A DING WONG 5:13 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
Ag ag!

simon.s 5:11 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
Sorry that was the Chelsea version. They’re not very bright


SUM A DING WONG 5:07 Wed Oct 30
Re: Yes again
"I don't buy all that 'your not West Ham anymore...' bollox"

I completely and utterly agree, mate.

Its "YOU'RE not West Ham anymore"


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