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Far Cough 1:40 Tue Nov 5
The Irishman?
Anyone seen a preview?

All the old gang are in it, De Niro, Pesci and Al

I can't wait, me

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mike hunt 5:49 Wed Dec 18
Re: The Irishman?
I really enjoyed it, despite having a dislike of de niro as a a person
I guess I just got it
it is what it is

Come On You Irons 1:17 Tue Dec 17
Re: The Irishman?
I got round to watching this last night and I thought it was actually quite decent and not as bad as the WHO critics make out!

I agree with some of the criticism though that it was a bit too long and the scene when a ‘young’ Frank Sheeran played by De Niro is beating up the grocer looked silly.

Joe Pesci was the standout for me. An excellent, understated performance. De Niro and Pacino were also pretty good and neither ‘phoned it in’ as they have had a tendency to do in recent years.

I’m glad Scorsese was able to make this film and that he and Pacino finally made what will likely be their only film together.

Far Cough 2:17 Fri Dec 13
Re: The Irishman?
What does everyone think of the Gotti HBO thing?

Me, I think it was great Armand Assante was brilliant as Gotti

Mirkwood 10:50 Wed Dec 11
Re: The Irishman?
Its like Goodfellas without the violence. In other words shit.

Norman 12:05 Wed Dec 11
Re: The Irishman?
Watched the first 2 hours and not impressed so far. As said it's not a patch on the Departed

Far Cough 11:33 Wed Dec 11
Re: The Irishman?

Eddie B 11:30 Wed Dec 11
Re: The Irishman?
Far Cough, ah but did he beat the shopkeeper up whilst pretending to be a man in his mid 70s?

Far Cough 11:08 Wed Dec 11
Re: The Irishman?
Michael Franzese, says that Frank Sheeran never killed Jimmy Hoffa or Joey Gallo but apart from that, he said it was a great film

Swiss. 10:56 Wed Dec 11
Re: The Irishman?
Departed was good. 10 times the film the Irishman is.

normannomates 5:14 Wed Dec 11
Re: The Irishman?
I enjoyed the departed.. aside from the the two balloons

normannomates 5:07 Wed Dec 11
Re: The Irishman?
It's shite.

Far Cough 12:28 Tue Dec 10
Re: The Irishman?
Nothing to do with Holywood

mallard 9:03 Mon Dec 9
Re: The Irishman?
I thought The Departed was an excellent film

Texas Iron 9:00 Mon Dec 9
Re: The Irishman?
Too Long...
Too Old...
Too Boring...
Too Much Hype...
Too Much Crap from Hollywood...

Peckham 8:37 Mon Dec 9
Re: The Irishman?
Seriously compared to Goodfellas, Casino, Raging Bull where Pesci and De Niro were pukka, even The Departed.

This film was proper shit. 3 and a half hours you want an epic film worthy of spending that amount of time sat on your arse to be entertained.

Goodfellas is timeless. I am sure we have all seen more than once.

This film shows how fucking good they were in the 80s and 90s.

Fucking greed pops up everywhere, the film version of the Rolling Stones doing a come back gig.

Anyone wanting to watch this , save your time , watch Goodfellas again for a gangster masterclass and Al Pacino in Scarface or Scent of a woman for a first class performance.

For those who want to see the film with an interest to the hit or events then the book I heard you paint houses by Charles Brandt is a lot better.

The only gangster OAP in film that worked was Marlon Brando as Don Corleone and in TV Don Héctor Salamanca.


47 minutes - The Real Goodfella Henry Hill documentary - lows budget yet 5* compared to the 140 million dollar the Irishman.

Pagey 8:06 Mon Dec 9
Re: The Irishman?
You only have to read the reviews online from all the people that love it. They basically say that anyone who thought it was poor, overrated and dull “doesn’t understand it”.

No, it was just shit.

There’s no comparison between The Irishman and The Shawshank Redemption in my opinion. Shawshank pisses all over it. It’s all about opinions though and we’re all different.

I also thought The Joker was overrated and boring so it’s probably me.

Manuel 6:47 Mon Dec 9
Re: The Irishman?
Northern Sold 6:32 Mon

STILL coming out with the same shit. Get over yourself, man.

crystal falace 6:35 Mon Dec 9
Re: The Irishman?
That's why they released it in cinemas for about a week wasnt it? so it was eligible for award consideration?

Northern Sold 6:32 Mon Dec 9
Re: The Irishman?
Blimey we do have some people that go a tad OTT on here.... I mean it's hardly that pretentious shit fest that is Shawwank Redemption is it...


Martin Scorsese’s acclaimed Netflix drama The Irishman has picked up this year’s top award from the National Board of Review, a sturdy indicator of Oscars success.

Marriage Story stakes strong Oscars claim with Gotham awards triumph
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The crime saga, starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, was named 2019’s best film, following in the footsteps of Green Book last year which went on to win the Academy award for best picture.

“We are thrilled to award The Irishman as our best film,” said the NBR president, Annie Schulhof, in a statement. “Martin Scorsese’s masterful mob epic is a rich, moving, beautifully textured movie that represents the best in what cinema can be.”

Steven Zaillian also picked up the prize for best adapted screenplay for the film.

Pagey 6:16 Mon Dec 9
Re: The Irishman?
Solid 2.7/10 for me....

Northern Sold 6:11 Mon Dec 9
Re: The Irishman?
Solid 7.2/10 for me....

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