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Q: 2019/20 Wolves (a)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, win
b.Wolves will be tougher than the rent boys but I think we can grind it out, draw
c. We rarely follow up a win with anything and Wednesday will be no different, lose
d.The poll's back and everything is rosy, I've missed you old friend
e. Well how's your luck this one is on Amazon Prime and I subscribe along with SKY, BT & Netflix I've got all bases covered, it may be cheaper to buy a ST but then I'd have to get out of the armchair, WHU through & through me

muskie 7:12 Sat Nov 9
2019/20 Relegation thread
Well, someone had to start it.

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White Pony 11:46 Wed Dec 4
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
This season needs a Hartson/Kitson type intervention

Northern Sold 11:45 Wed Dec 4
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
Ha Ha Ha.... he's becoming more like Diego Maradona every game he misses...... which are lots.... funnily enough

Eerie Descent 11:35 Wed Dec 4
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
We're relying on an injury prone bulldozer to keep us up.

The Hammers 11:32 Wed Dec 4
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
Worst team in the league by miles.

We've been poor since pre-season

Come On You Irons 11:11 Wed Dec 4
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
As it stands back to two points above the drop zone. We are going down under Pellegrini. It's plain for all to see.

The clueless owners need to dig into their long pockets and sack him.

Texas Iron 2:19 Tue Nov 26
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
If you lose all the games against teams you're supposed to beat...
You get relegated...
40 points is needed to guarantee safety...

27 points still needed...from 25 games...
But not likely on current form...
Something must change...and quickly...

Sven Roeder 1:26 Tue Nov 26
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
I think that 9-0 that Southampton suffered was a bit of a kick in the arse that they needed.
They were competitive against Man City and should have scored 5 or so at Arsenal.
The 2-2 draw was daylight robbery.

Norwich seem to have a decent spirit and have had a lot of injuries.
They were excellent at Everton who smashed us.

We are comfortably the worst performing team in the league. On last Saturdays performance we would struggle to beat a league 1 team.
Hope that makes it clear.

Barty 12:55 Tue Nov 26
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
If they don´t invest on the defence and centre midfield in January we are going down

Mike the Hammer 12:53 Tue Nov 26
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread

Eerie Descent 4:32 Sun Nov 24

Southampton have lost 6 and drawn 2 of their last 8 Prem games...

SDKFZ 222 12:44 Tue Nov 26
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
I know it sounds sad but every time we have been relegated it has enabled me to tick off yet another different stadium from my list.

There’s a silver lining to every cloud 😂

Hammer and Pickle 12:16 Tue Nov 26
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
Good point simon - I'd take relegation if it means these cowboys piss off and we get a proper board.

simon.s 12:10 Tue Nov 26
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
Relegation is not all bad. It would fuck off all the newbie cunts over the LS, and the pressure really would be cranked up on the owners. Nowhere to hide then.

Oh, and Millwall.

SteveJacko 12:05 Tue Nov 26
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
Can’t see much coming from the next 5 games. Could be looking up from the bottom of the table by Christmas. What a fuck up.

muskie 11:56 Mon Nov 25
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
17th now. We're screwed.

muskie 10:24 Sun Nov 24
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
The Pellesaurus will achieve one thing at West Ham -

Proving the definition of insanity.

Stupid senile old cunt.

Eerie Descent 4:32 Sun Nov 24
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
We are currently the worst team in the Prem. Statistics as well as a pair of eyes will tell you that.

muskie 4:25 Sun Nov 24
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
Difference is this time last year we were playing well, we have to be the worst team in the prem on current form with no sign of any change.

Westside 3:58 Sun Nov 24
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
Has the reasonable start given us false hope and the shit recent form made us despair?

Last season after 13 games we had 12 points, one less than this season.

camel-with-3-humps 12:00 Sun Nov 24
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
We’re in trouble. But we have the players to turn it around, even if with glaring gaps in our team.

We just need a new manager. I’d snap an arm off to have Rafa.

Great tactician and hard as nails. He’d fire a blow torch on the nuts of Yarm and Anderson.

Sven Roeder 10:16 Sun Nov 24
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
Just watching MOTD
Southampton playing really sharp and inventive football at Arsenal... should have scored 5
Norwich have gone and won at Everton where we got smashed
I’m not seeing anyone near as poor as we are at the moment
Alarm bells should be going off loud and clear

South Woodhammer 6:37 Sun Nov 24
Re: 2019/20 Relegation thread
Looking at the various shortcomings in our squad I think whoever we have in charge after Pellegrini gets the inevitable sack faces a very difficult task to keep us up this season. The root cause of the problem goes back to our recruitment over the last few seasons and particularly the failure to address obvious issues like the lack of a physical presence in midfield. Someone like Sissoko or Wanyama who don’t start for Spurs would’ve been perfect for us and instead we sold Kouyate and Obiang and replaced them with Wilshire and Sanchez, injury prone broken down and lacking athleticism. We cleared out four forwards pre season and replaced with one big money signing who after a decent start now looks slow and lost in this team and another late on transfer deadline day who never plays. How shit must Ajeti be ? Fornals seems to be totally unsuited to Premiership football and is another of our so called ‘ flair players’ , Anderson , Yarmalenko, Lanzini , none of whom have the energy or desire to roll up their sleeves and dig us out of the relegation battle that we’re now in. We need to be fighting for every ball now not show ponying and pussying out of tackles like Anderson and Yarmalenko are doing every game. And the goalkeeper situation is beyond words. I don’t think that the owners are totally to blame here this time. Pellegrini has spent big money compared to Moyes and is in his second season with 3 transfer windows to put things right and has got the signings disastrously wrong .... who the fuck scouted Roberto ? Ajeti ? Fornals wasn’t needed. Why no box to box midfielder ? It was a no brainier for Mourinho to take that Spurs job , they have a squad full of underperforming internationals that needed a kick up the arse and he’ll get better results out of them by shaking things up. We’ve got much deeper rooted problems and unless the new manager whoever he is gets a shitload of money to spend in January which is unlikely given the two bobs track record then I believe this is the year that we’re going down... I wonder how much popcorn and pick and mix they’ll sell in the Championship?

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