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Don Ravioli 9:54 Sat Nov 16
Krav maga
Any of you good people do it or have tried it. Looks good and I want to do some sort of martial art type training, few mates have said to try Brazilian jiu jitsu but don’t fancy all that rolling about on the ground.
Cheers in advance

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Don Ravioli 6:10 Mon Nov 18
Re: Krav maga
Mr so and so
Sounds good, the one I found is called Krav Maga elite. Hopefully same sort of instructors.

Council Scum 4:07 Mon Nov 18
Re: Krav maga
Krav maga looks great in practice, it won't do shit in the real world. Sorry.

mr so & so 4:03 Mon Nov 18
Re: Krav maga

my daughter 17y/o has learned krav for 4 yrs, her teachers are spot on instructors, lots of technical and applied skills which is so reassuring for them and also transferable as she came to my boxing gym recently and her defensive, balance, speed and movement skills fed in perfectly and was body sparring within a short time

Don Ravioli 3:08 Mon Nov 18
Re: Krav maga
Cheers people, even the usual piss takers.
Gonna go with the Krav Maga found a gaff that does it not too far away from my house and they do kids classes as well so might get my boy who does karate to do a bit as well.

normannomates 6:08 Mon Nov 18
Re: Krav maga
Good stuff.. Any lazy fat fucker in a duffle coat can learn to go and break some egos..
Peckham.. How did you rise from the ashes you cunt?

joe royal 1:37 Mon Nov 18
Re: Krav maga
Me ears are alight.

mashed in maryland 8:59 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga

Vexed 8:17 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
You have to wonder about he sort of people that do bent shit like this.

Darlo Debs 6:29 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
I was a bit surprised, thought Krav Maga was gonna be some kind of eastern European lager.

joe royal 6:22 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
Does anyone know a good karate instructor ?

Westham67 6:03 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
The Prof what a doughnut he was

Westham67 6:02 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
I prefer it with tonic rather than straight

Nurse Ratched 5:44 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
Arf! @ The Prof.

The Prof: makes tit of himself

Gets banned.

The Prof: Returns to WHO as 'The Prof Will Not Be Silenced'

Gets banned again immediately.

Good times on WHO.

RBshorty 4:16 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga

Far Cough 4:15 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
Prof was an expert in the ancient Chinese art of "Tastey Right Fist"

OccupyGreenStreet 4:13 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
Most clubs and schools offer free trial lessons, give a few a go. Depends how old and fit you are when you start, where you’re based, and whether you are looking for something primarily sport and fitness based that will keep you interested for a few years, or a short term effective disabling skills for the street or security personnel type training.
Krav maga training is closer to the latter as the aim is to disable the attacker immediately with maximum effect and therefore next to no rules; boxing, mma, bjj, judo to the former with a clear set of rules, progression, and opportunities to spar.

Darby_ 1:52 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
Wasn’t the Prof an expert in this?

stewey 1:42 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
Has he signed yet ?

Golden Oldie 1:34 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
You can learn 27 different ways to kick a Palestinian woman in the back

Stubbo 1:31 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
My kids will be learning Krav Maga as soon as they're old enough.

gph 2:08 Sun Nov 17
Re: Krav maga
Cue Golden Oldie complaining that 6-pointed shuriken are cheating, but 5-pointed ones are ok.

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