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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

andyd12345 9:33 Tue Nov 19
Poch gone
Pochettino has left Spurs, breaking news

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gph 1:28 Fri Nov 22
Re: Poch gone
I keep reading this as Pooch gone.

dealcanvey 11:43 Fri Nov 22
Re: Poch gone
Those that think Pochettino is not good enough to manage us are never going to be happy with any future appointment we make. Fact.

tnb 10:23 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone


There was only ever going to be so long that Pochettino could keep players onside with 'the project' especially when they all know they could be getting paid significantly more at other clubs and that particular disease ridden chicken has definitely clambered its way back to its roost this season and at the end of the last one.

They either needed to win something or it was always going to be finite, and Levy clearly doesn't want to (or can't) make the increased investment and/or take the associated risk to try for that next step.

In that way it is easy to see how this happened. But the appointment is insane.

I know it's easy to laugh at Spurs because of how much we enjoy it and I'm sure their fans would say all is rosy and I'm being biased and unduly negative but fucking hell - Mourinho.

Everything they have built up over the last few years, correctly or not, - respect for their youth policy and belief in English players, an attacking style, being seen (again rightly or wrongly) as fairly likeable. All of that has been thrown away in one day in the middle of an international break in favour of someone who will do the exact opposite on every point.


Side of Ham 6:50 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
It’s got to the point where I would begrudge them any kind of success with the club because of them as people and the fact they’ve made us aware who owns it when that is not what football was created for. I also wouldn’t wish them on anyone connected to football with any real talent or expertise.

Everyone can do better than have a connection to them.

Mike Oxsaw 6:17 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
Student Grant would be our owners choice.

BRANDED 6:15 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
We should get Avram Grant back.

Far Cough 6:13 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
Manager for Argentina anyone?

Soldier of Justice 6:13 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
you reckon?

Come On You Irons 6:11 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
Valid points Side of Ham, but looking at his career as a manager he improved both Espanyol then Southampton with modest budgets. Based on that, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that we could be a success at West Ham with a modest budget.

However, that ship has sailed and Pochettino would be setting his sights for his next job far higher than the likes of West Ham, I'm afraid!

goose 6:11 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
Come On You Irons 5:58 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone

of course i would, but there is zero chance of that happening.

i think nearly every manager has a shelf life of about 3 years. after that things need to be freshened up. for me Pochettino just did as much as he could at Spurs without completely overhauling the squad.

Side of Ham 6:09 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
What the fuck would be the point of him managing us? He wouldn’t get the backing/shrewd investing he got at the start with Spurs, and it’s only when Levy went all porn baron on him that it started to go tits up, which he would have from the get go here.

He did well at Southampton because they already had a half decent squad which he kicked on with and knew when to get out.

Come On You Irons 5:58 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
So you wouldn't want Pochettino at West Ham goose?

goose 5:46 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
24 points from 25 games is awful for a team aiming to finish top 4.
its not a blip.

its almost relegation form over more than half a season. the jammy CL performance masked some very serious problems.

Balto 5:37 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
Our owners should invite Poch to sit in the Director's Box with them. It would annoy Levi beyond measure and give MP something to think about. BTW, I would "love it" if we could get Poch over to our gaff.

simon.s 5:28 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
Block, it’s a shocking decision from them cunts, son. And the timing is terrible. I can only assume Mourinho was on the verge of going somewhere else, so Levy had to act fast.

Come On You Irons 5:24 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
He took them to a Champions League final a few months ago. That's hardly stale!

Block 5:13 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
He took them as far as he could, there's no hard feelings towards him but a change was massively needed as things got stale there.

He'll end up at Bayern.

violator 4:49 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
Matic to the yids in January, Mourinho LOVES a bit of Matic

goose 3:53 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
apparently they are 24 points from 25 games in 2019.

i'd have made the same decision.

goose 3:49 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
The champions league run masked a lot of poor form the back end of last season. This season they have been as poor as we have been.

They should be 'the best of the rest' but at the moment (and for most of 2019) they arent.

Eerie Descent 3:27 Wed Nov 20
Re: Poch gone
Northern Spurs 2:30 Wed Nov 20


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