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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Coffee 8:51 Sat Nov 23
Saturday football
It had to be. Just when we dared to lick our lips at the prospect of a return to form via a trouncing of those North Londoners, they get shot of The Best One They’ve Had in Decades and replace him with a relaxed, upbeat, clean shaven, smiling, Once Special One who seems content to have taken a step down from the pedigree of clubs he’s been more accustomed to. For us, Antonio and Noble make welcome returns from injury. Our goalkeeping woes are arguably matched by those of our opponents, with both their first choice keepers out injured. For once, this is genuinely a battle of managers as well as of players. Poor recent form has placed a pot of boiling water beneath Pellegrini’s rear end and he will be well advised to engage the best of his man-management skills today. As for Mourinho, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Home win.

Two more managers under the spotlight. Both sides come into this without a win in four and they both need the points for different reasons. It’s hard to see the Saints get anything from this game, however hard they try. Home win.

Wolves have regained their mojo, which has seen them climb steadily up the table. The CHERRIES have lacked vitality in front of goal and will be without Josh King this afternoon. You’d think the average Bournemouth fan would rip your hand off for a point today. Raul Jimenez, meanwhile, will be salivating. Away win.

A splendid opportunity for Leicester to consolidate their position in the table. The Seagulls’ emphasis on attack sees them sitting pretty in mid-table, but they’re without key players up front and in defence today. The Foxes have no significant injury concerns. Away win.

Underestimate Palace at your peril. They’ve earned their points, not least by effective use of the break. Jurgen Klopp will want to avoid another Liverpool slip at Selhurst Park, but he’ll expect a tough game. Probably the pick of the 3.00pm kick-offs. Away win.

Marco Silva will be thanking the fixture computer for this as he looks to continue his side’s resurgence. You have to pity Norwich who prop up the table and have managed just two goals and one draw in their last seven games. There’s little chance of that dismal record changing for the better today. Home win.

Only a win of the most unlikely proportions would see the Hornets climb out of the drop zone, but they will be encouraged by their first win of the season at Carrow Road. Burnley’s disciplined approach sees them continue to accumulate the points and they’ll expect at least one more today. Draw.

Whatever you think of FLJ, he’s made his Chelsea team eminently watchable this season. Vulnerable in defence yet potent in attack, they’ll give Man City a certain run for their money this evening. Pep will know that May is a long way away and that Liverpool will experience a blip at some point over the winter and spring. His sides are often at their best with backs against the wall. All of which makes for a tantalising encounter. Home win.

(Massive thanks to Sven for his sterling work!)

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happygilmore 9:38 Thu Jul 16
Re: Saturday football
They have now

Keep dreaming 11:28 Mon Nov 25
Re: Saturday football
Just how the fuck did we lose against Newcastle?

Oh, we had no goalkeeper...

twoleftfeet 11:23 Mon Nov 25
Re: Saturday football
Shows what difference a good goalkeeper makes.

Texas Iron 11:10 Mon Nov 25
Re: Saturday football
Carroll on...63 mins...
Missed nothing with Shelvey...

Villa 2-0...

happygilmore 10:29 Mon Nov 25
Re: Saturday football
Villa pushing us down to 17th

geoffpikey 8:14 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Great football game. Pellegrini should have video of that tattooed to his eyeballs.


Sven Roeder 8:11 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Defeat would have been very harsh on Sheff U
Excellent today & the better team for 80% of the game

wd40 8:10 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Sheffield United players giving 100% also
thinking on the pitch without having to get told everything by a manager.

We be so fucking lucky.

Kidders 8:10 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Great game

master 8:08 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Manager instills never say die attitude.

Tomsdad 8:06 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Great manager!

Sven Roeder 8:03 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Just saw that the WOMENS team were 2-0 up against 10 WOMEN with 15 mins to go v Reading

Lost 3-2

ted fenton 8:02 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Can't stand Man Utd but nice in a way seeing Sheff Utd getting robbed !!!!!!!

pdcwhu 7:59 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Everyone seems to forget Chelsea spent fortune on kids,
That's why there banned

happygilmore 7:57 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Chelsea and man utd giving youth a chance, good to see

geoffpikey 7:56 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football

English kids ripping it up.

Even more depressing. We can't play like this in a million tries under current regime.

master 7:56 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Losing the CF has killed them. Ole gets out of jail, SU implode.

joe royal 7:55 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Looks like we spoke to soon.

Tomsdad 7:53 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Chris Wilder, sorry not for me!

LeroysBoots 7:32 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Joe, was just going to.post that

We have a multitude of limp wristed 3rd rate foreigners

master 7:31 Sun Nov 24
Re: Saturday football
Blueprint for the premier league. Play on the break with pacey players. Leicester yesterday, Sheffield United today. Examples everywhere. We have one player in the entire squad who will play that way, and Pellegrini blatantly doesn't trust him or understand why he's effective.

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