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Billy Blagg 12:08 Thu Nov 28
Billy Blagg's 13th Annual Advent Calendar of Christmas Songs
Is it coming back for it's 13th year? Or, now in its teens, will it stomp off to its bedroom, refuse to come out and just shout 'I hate you all' from the other side of the door? Be here December 1st to find out. And don't forget, for those Crackpots keen to get the festivities started, you follow the link. click on the web links at the side and start listening to the songs from the other twelve years.


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Coffee 10:51 Wed Dec 25
Re: Billy Blagg's 13th Annual Advent Calendar of Christmas Songs
Another top class and occasionally quirky calendar. Thanks, Billy!

Billy Blagg 9:29 Wed Dec 25
Re: Billy Blagg's 13th Annual Advent Calendar of Christmas Songs
That's it for another year. Thank you for all the support, emails, WHOmails and comments. I really do appreciate it. The plan is to carry on doing this until I can't do it anymore so, Brexit willing, I hope to see you back here Christmas 2020.

Now I want you all to go to the Calendar and play all the last 13 years. I'll be asking questions later.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Billy Blagg 3:22 Wed Dec 25
Day 25
The Calendar eventually rights a wrong. To save me C&P the whole thing. Go off to the page at


normannomates 3:28 Tue Dec 24
Re: Day 24 - This Ain't New Jersey - Smith & Burrows
*cheers Billy

NO no

normannomates 3:27 Tue Dec 24
Re: Day 24 - This Ain't New Jersey - Smith & Burrows
Cheers Billy no

Billy Blagg 3:16 Tue Dec 24
Day 24 - This Ain't New Jersey - Smith & Burrows
Christmas Eve: I'm in town for the duration, hanging grimly onto what little sanity I have left, so this video of the London streets seems appropriate. The song is, of course, from the wonderful 'Funny Looking Angels' album. They argue, they fight, they disagree, they drink too much - but, ultimately, it's Christmas, they have each other and nothing else matters. Let it be a lesson.


Billy Blagg 2:39 Mon Dec 23
Day 23 - Everything's Changed At Christmas But You - Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors
Ah, Christmas eh? Break open the Cinnamon Vodka, warm a Heston mince pie and wipe away a tear to something you'd not give house room to the rest of the year.

This slow piano-based, heart-render is about getting old and the kids moving on, just leaving you with your memories and your loved one. If you're lucky.

I've got a wet Snowdog serviette here if you need one.


Alfie 2:17 Sun Dec 22
Re: Day 22 - Joy To The World - Seabird
Bill- Merry Christmas to you mate - good to seeyou cracking on despite it being hard am sure every day especially now.

- keep on keeping on - if we arent outers we are stronger. West ham boys are big & strong! Merry xmas.

Billy Blagg 2:07 Sun Dec 22
Day 22 - Joy To The World - Seabird
With a number of alternative versions of popular Carols come Seabird, an Alt-Rock band from Kentucky with a nice line in tunes and a great lead vocal from Aaron Morgan. Their two EP's 'The Silent Night' - from which 'Joy' comes - and 'Over The Hills And Far Away' are both worth a listen.


Billy Blagg 2:10 Sat Dec 21
Day 21
There's a story behind this one so I invite those interested over to the Calendar site at

Billy Blagg 3:47 Fri Dec 20
Re: Day 20 - Too Right It's Christmas - Frankie & the Heartstrings ft Edwyn Collins
Block 10:46 Fri Dec 20
Good news. I'm doing my job then ;)

Block 10:46 Fri Dec 20
Re: Day 20 - Too Right It's Christmas - Frankie & the Heartstrings ft Edwyn Collins
Some decent songs here, Blagg son.

Some of which i wouldn't have looked for as not really my taste, but good listening all the same.

Billy Blagg 2:22 Fri Dec 20
Day 20 - Too Right It's Christmas - Frankie & the Heartstrings ft Edwyn Collins
Raucous fun from this North-East Indie band whose sound has been likened to that of '80's post-punk maestros Orange Juice; perhaps why ex- Juicer Edwyn Collins has been invited to join in the festive jollity here.


Billy Blagg 1:51 Thu Dec 19
Day 19 - White Christmas - Bob Marley & the Wailers
I remembered the other day that it was a rule on early editions of the Calendar that every year had to have a version of White Christmas on it. I lost that somewhere along the line, but give it a return nod here with this early version from Bob and the boys. Even the Marley Encyclopedia Wiki page isn't able to tell us anything else about when this was recorded, so just crank it up and enjoy.


Billy Blagg 1:53 Wed Dec 18
Day 18 - FaLaLaLaLoveYa - Nikki Lane
Apparently Ms Lane wants to 'wrap you up with a big red bow'. God, I used to have Christmases like that, Nikki luv.


Coffee 11:58 Tue Dec 17
Re: Day 17 - Santa's Comin' Down The Chimney - Confidence Man
Sort of Block 11:57 Tue Dec 17

Block 11:57 Tue Dec 17
Re: Day 17 - Santa's Comin' Down The Chimney - Confidence Man
This is magnificent.

Blagg, it's a shame you only post on here at Christmas, whilst it's very welcome your input into this site would help the site clowns a hell of a lot more.

Billy Blagg 2:11 Tue Dec 17
Day 17 - Santa's Comin' Down The Chimney - Confidence Man
I often get stopped in town. "Tell me Blagg," they say "when do you start looking for these Christmas songs?"

Well, the answer is, sadly, long before any sane man should be expected to start, but sometimes I do get some help. For example, I know when and where I was when I heard this one by Australian Indie, electro-pop outfit Confidence Man.

It was Thursday, September 19th - a good month to six weeks before I'd normally start to think about these things; indeed it was the last day of the English Cricket season. I'd just spent the day watching the mighty Essex CCC clinch the County Championship and was celebrating in the lounge with the cats when this pinged into my inbox from my Antipodean chum Haz. 'I found this little ditty' he said and Christmas had started.

So, having waited a full three months, let's all join together now: 'Milk and Cookies by the tree / Comin' down the chim-er-ney'


Billy Blagg 3:13 Mon Dec 16
Day 16 -
I'm sending you off to the Calendar page today for Day 16. You'll love this one. Honestly


Billy Blagg 9:38 Sun Dec 15
Advent Calendar of Christmas Songs
Tomsdad 6:00 Sun Dec 15
More bad news mate - you're off the pub quiz team :}

violator 5:40 Sun Dec 15
Wouldn't happen now. Good job Bananarama pitched up for the chorus.

Mex Martillo 11:31 Sun Dec 15
I think that's lined up for a Tarantino Christmas Cowboy movie.

Tomsdad 6:00 Sun Dec 15
Re: Day 15 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman - Los Straitjackets
Used to be able to name all the singers in order to Band Aid, can't remember now!

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