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Coffee 10:09 Sat Nov 30
Saturday football
Aguero’s out for City, but such is their strength that his boots are easily filled. City have the equal best goal difference in the division. The Magpies are in 14th spot and a defeat would certainly help our cause. A bit. An interesting opener to the weekend’s Premier League fixtures, but any result other than a reflection of form would be a massive and unexpected Brucie bonus. Away win.

Tedium writ large. Despite poor form on paper, Palace have played better than their recent form suggests and are particularly effective on the break. Burnley will be quietly content with their league position, but may find it hard to break down the Palace gates. Draw.

He’s done well, has Frankie, there can be no denying that. And he would not be human if he didn’t feel an extra urge to add to the pressure on his footballing alma mater. ‘What was that you said – fat cunt? Lumpolard? Nepotism?’ As for us, what can you say? Confidence seems shot, the keeper’s crap and few in their right mind would back us with more than loose change that would otherwise be destined for a bag of chips this afternoon. Yes, it is a funny old game, but barring a miracle the laughs will be in one direction only. Good luck to those that go, you always do the club proud. Blind optimism is awol. Home win.

Graham Potter has brought style and steel to the Seagulls. Just as Jurgen Klopp did with Liverpool, albeit on a different scale. This could be an entertaining game and a good alternative for the second 45 minutes if we find ourselves 3-0 down at half-time. Form, league position and home advantage lead to one possible conclusion. Home win.

The revitalised Jose love-in is already tedious. The CHERRIES are again without Josh King, not that it makes a huge difference. Harry Kane, blah, blah, blah. Home win.

Battle of the bottom two. The Saints are brittle, as is their confidence, while something indeterminate seems to be stirring in the Hornets’ nest. Both will pushing desperately for all three points – which, in both cases, would still keep them in the bottom three. The two managers may be on borrowed time, but for entirely different reasons. Hard fought and desperate at St Mary’s. Draw.

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Manuel 3:42 Tue Dec 3
Re: Saturday football
Yea think that lino will have the riot act read to him. Utter jobsworth fucking moron.

Sven Roeder 12:55 Tue Dec 3
Re: Saturday football
In your own hysterical ranting style, yes.
But the flag is irrelevant til the ref whistles.
Players need to learn to completely ignore offside flags.

Ronald_antly 12:48 Tue Dec 3
Re: Saturday football
Which is what I just said.

Sven Roeder 12:30 Tue Dec 3
Re: Saturday football
I think linesmen have been told that they can flag when they are SURE it’s offside.
It was so close him flagging was wrong.
Understand if the ref whistles then that stops the play even if the flag is wrong.
As usual refs and officials are making a pigs ear of this whole thing.

Ronald_antly 12:10 Tue Dec 3
Re: Saturday football
Any Old Iron 12:42 Mon Dec 2

The linesman in that instance needs a good fucking kicking.

They have been expressly told NOT to flag for tight decisions.

Sven Roeder 11:51 Mon Dec 2
Re: Saturday football
Saw a bit of the first half
West Brom dominated and an injury hit Preston seemed a bit on the THUGGISH side.
Diangana was marked closely and didn’t see much of the ball with Preston sitting deep.
Last min pen and a win away on a Monday night in some two bit Northern hovel .... that’s how you get promoted.

twoleftfeet 11:44 Mon Dec 2
Solihull Moors vs Rotherham was a proper match.

Karen Carney needs a shave though.

terry-h 11:35 Mon Dec 2
Shocking decision by the ref to give West Brom a last minute penalty.
Preston 0 Baggies 1

Top of the table Bilic but hardly deserved.
Diangana disappointing and subbed.

Iron Duke 12:51 Mon Dec 2
Re: Saturday football
The interpretation of offside is a joke. Unless it is clearly offside, the attacker should get the benefit.

Any Old Iron 12:42 Mon Dec 2
Re: Saturday football
How the fuck can a goal be given when a lino has his flag up for offside for ages and defenders, naturally, switch off.
VAR is a complete joke.

Tomshardware 8:27 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
Leicester are having a superb season.

Alwaysaniron 8:20 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
Their fans must be totally gutted. I hate them almost as much as I hate Leicester. Better for us they lose though.

stepney hammer 8:19 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
Haha, fucking Scouse cunts.

They deserved something out of the game as well. Makes it even more funny.

Sven Roeder 8:18 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
Everton go to Anfield on Wednesday
Imagine Silva will get that one & a hammering could be the end

Mart O 8:17 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
Bwahaha...Ineacho scores in thew 94th minute. I'd rather Leicester get the points than Everton. The latter have really put a shift in today, but come away with nothing, must be utterly gutted. Good.

LeroysBoots 8:16 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
Love it

Everton time wasting cunts, then bosh

Hate Everton

terry-h 8:16 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
So unkind for Marco.


Sven Roeder 8:13 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
I have no confidence in that VAR line drawing
But it’s ... Iaenacho

Alwaysaniron 8:02 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
I fucking hate these happy crappy Leicester cunts.

Just saying

Northern Sold 7:46 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
MINGS equalises... cracking game now

Sven Roeder 7:46 Sun Dec 1
Re: Saturday football
First thing Iaenacho has done in 2 seasons
Vardy scores 1-1

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