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easthammer 2:01 Tue Dec 17
Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
Are professial footballers right to express opions on social and political matters?
Are Arsenal really being "apolitical" or they worried about revenues in which case they are really "amoral" instead?
Is the Uighurs plight "false news" as China claims?

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threesixty 7:04 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
The difference with China is that there not going to bomb you if you don’t like what they do. They just aren’t going to do business with you.

And I think that is what people in the west are finding alarming more than anything else. The sheer financial fire power they are using is making people have to look at themselves and ask how much they are really up for these spats?

Hundreds of millions in cash lost because someone has an “opinion” is freaking them out. And western businesses and politicians are simply not prepared to deal with this.

In some ways it’s fairly reasonable stance. If you say anything we don’t like you can’t have our money. End of. Now if the west is really “about this life” and not a bunch of hypocrites then perhaps they should not do business with the Chinese and see who squeals first?

And you know we really are all about the money over here and just pretend to care about lives and stuff so we will just pretend its not happening (I.e. arsenals stance).

Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.

tnb 6:55 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
Ozil is a prick, and while I'm not sure I buy into the hypocrite argument with relation to other Muslim misdeeds (he would probably say those people aren't aligned with his understanding of Islam, and last I checked he wasn't a member of ISIS so he would have a point) he certainly is picking and choosing causes given how eager he is to ingratiate himself with Erdogan who is an evil cunt in his own right.

But even a prick can be right sometimes and he's right on this. Arsenal's response is sickening and transparent.

Even if you don't like Ozil (and neither do I, just to be clear) at least he's not having his wages paid by one oppressive regime whilst advocating for human rights elsewhere - on the hypocrisy scale he doesn't get close to Guardiola and his yellow fucking ribbon.

crystal falace 6:40 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
South park did an episode int he newest season about how every company in the world is now bending to the will of china, was very good

mashed in maryland 6:38 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
Uighurs are a Turkic ethnic group, not really any surprise a Turkish footballer would have an opinion on the situation.

Seems like the Chinese government are finding themselves moving up the list of groups that public figures aren't allowed to criticise. We're all free to have our own opinions on why this is and how it'll go from here...

Mart O 6:28 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
Ozil sucks cock and so do you.

Golden Oldie 3:40 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
Professional footballers have just as much right to express their personal feelings on social and political matters as the next man, unless that opinion happens to upset one of the largest income streams in Asia or conflict with our controllers over here.

Sven Roeder 3:24 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
1. Right? Not sure about right but they are perfectly entitled to. Why it would have any weight more than Joe Schmo in the street I don’t know
2. Arsenal just want to play football and make money. It’s not THEIR place to make political pronouncements. Unless they are told to by the Premier league , UEFA etc in relation to GAYS and WOMEN and DARK PEOPLE
3. I understand the Chinese do put Muslims in places to re-educate them. Which sounds like exactly the sort of thing they’d do. They have economic power though so we aren’t that bothered. And occasionally think it’s sounds a good idea. Can we send Ozil ?

Bishopsfinger 2:50 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
Could go on all day about various creeds plights but bottom line is Özil is a tit and hypothetical m. Typical footballer spouting shite again. Thinking he can use his status to highlight a cause.

Mr Kenzo 2:44 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
Shut up Hairy, you TIT

HairyHammer 2:37 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
Funny how losing money frightens the life out of the big boys.
Ozil is right the Chinese are treating the Muslim Uygurs like shit just pulling them out of their homes and indoctrinating them into China loving Communist robots, sick brain dead country with a mad mind set Russia is similar the leaders can't have a crap if someone is out of line.
I only wish Ozil would speak about the thousands currently being held in Turkish prisons for no reason at all apart from having opposite views to his beloved Erdogan.

wansteadman 9:37 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
I imagine arsenal are going over his contract with a fine tooth comb to find a reason to boot the useless cunts £350,000 a week off the books

Worst Case Ontario 3:59 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
1. Sure they are - free speech, innit? Unless their contract says the cannot.

2. Worried about revenues

3. Couldn't tell you.

Hermit Road 2:28 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
100% hes right to speak out about China and he's also a massive hypocrite who wouldn't say a word when Muslims are on the other side oppressing people who dont share their beliefs

easthammer 2:13 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
Yes and guess the premier league is even more worried, so much for their stance equality and support for minorities in these situations.

Cheezey Bell-End 2:04 Tue Dec 17
Re: Ozil Arsenal and Uighurs
He's right and Arsenal are just worried about their income stream.

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