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dirtyden 6:56 Sat Dec 21
RIP Martin Peters

West Ham have confirmed the tragic passing of 1966 World Cup hero Martin Peters.

The 76-year-old passed away earlier today after a long battle with illness.

Peters spent 11 years at West Ham as a player, before enjoying stints with Tottenham, Norwich, Sheffield United and Gorleston.

The winger is also famous for his goal in the 1966 World Cup final during England's 4-2 win over West Germany.

“It is with profound sadness that we announce that Martin passed away peacefully in his sleep at 4.00am this morning," West Ham's statement read this afternoon.

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Balto 2:32 Tue Jan 7
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Nice work Gaffa. For those of us who were drawn to West ham because of the "trinity" this was a sad event just before Christmas and I wish that the "goodbye" was at a better event than losing to Leicester.

ted fenton 6:23 Mon Jan 6
Re: RIP Martin Peters
That pic of Peters above looks a bit like Declan Rice !

Side of Ham 6:01 Mon Jan 6
Re: RIP Martin Peters
one Gaffa, nice

Far Cough 5:57 Mon Jan 6
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Gaffa, nice one

ted fenton 5:57 Mon Jan 6
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Nice one Gaffa.

Gaffa 5:50 Mon Jan 6
Re: RIP Martin Peters
My audio-visual tribute to Martin Peters:



bill green 8:34 Tue Dec 24
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Leann said she still takes her father to West Ham games – the club he played for more than 300 times from 1959 to 1970.

“Every time we pass the statue of him with Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst, he points to it and tells us that it’s him,” she said.

“The minute he climbs the steps to his seat, he turns back into our dad. He sings I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles and waves to the crowd.

“Those are the good moments, the ones that still make us smile. But he’s not the same person.”

normannomates 2:47 Tue Dec 24
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Alwaysaniron 10.33

Queens Fish Bar 11:09 Mon Dec 23
Re: RIP Martin Peters
10 of Martin's goals for West Ham


the coming of gary 5:24 Mon Dec 23
Re: RIP Martin Peters
today's Daily Mirror points out he got an MBE ; the same as Robbie Earle

JonWHUFC 4:52 Mon Dec 23
Re: RIP Martin Peters
RIP Martin Peters. Very sad news and a lot of that WC winning side have now sadly passed away. Never saw him play for us but that whole team will always remain as legends and it was a very proud moment for our club to have three prominent players in that side who made a massive contribution.

eusebiovic 4:35 Mon Dec 23
Re: RIP Martin Peters

Aalborg Hammer 3:03 Mon Dec 23
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Balto,my first game was that one against Manchester United -1969 (all in white) with Moore,Hurst,Peters ,Best and Law all on show-it was the first game that the new East stand built on top of the old Chicken Run...there I sat,13 years old,with my home knitted scarf having come up on the works coach from Berkshire with my Dad...I remember so much about the day. The bloke selling roasted chestnuts on the corner by the church ,my first hotdog and buying a programme with my pocket money.The British Legion band,the bloke waving to the North Bank when the team were on their way out...it took hours to get home as the M4 was in it's infancy and started at Maidenhead..happy days..RIP Martin..one of my childhood heroes,I was gutted when he moved on...

Alwaysaniron 10:33 Mon Dec 23
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Spurs despite their usual bollocks did MP proud yesterday. It's up to us now to show exactly what we are about as a club and how being part of a family really matters. He was one of us and we need to send him off in a proper East End way! I'll expect Bubbles to make the hairs on our necks stand up!

british is best 12:05 Mon Dec 23
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Rip martin . I have a cousin named after him .was as people say way ahead of his time .

Balto 10:50 Sun Dec 22
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Martin. I was too small to see the peanut seller.
I did see him later in life though ... as money was handed down and peanuts were handed up.

Coming back as an adult, I always took such great pleasure in coming out of the Upton Park tube, looking down Green Street and seeing claret and blue all the way.

I feel grateful that I brought my entire family over while we were still in the Boelyn Ground. My youngest, who plays competitive "soccer" is an Iron through and through, models himself on Mark Noble. Can't ask for more than that.

martinbritt_63 10:35 Sun Dec 22
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Balto 10:19 Sun Dec 22
Respect - in spades - the only thing I would add is the peanut seller.

Balto 10:19 Sun Dec 22
Re: RIP Martin Peters
There are some excellent pieces written by the journalists in the Guardian, Telegraph, Times and Independent. For many of us old geezers ... we started supporting West Ham when the triumvirate won the World Cup in 1966. A life time of suffering ensued.

I got to see all three play in 1967 and will never forget that, a 0-0 draw against Man.United. "Officially" 45,000 at Upton Park but it felt like more. I was held in the air for the duration of the match by those around me.

The smells of cigarette smoke, cigars, oranges, alcohol, my first rosette, I was hooked ... and that lanky player with the side parting was a big part part of the allure.

I live in California now but wish I could be at the next home game when we celebrate his life. I'll admit to shedding a tear when the news came through yesterday as I became a ten-year-old boy again. Condolences to family and friends. Rest In Peace Martin Peters.

martinbritt_63 8:36 Sun Dec 22
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Sven Roeder 6:35 Sun Dec 22
After the Boxing Day massacre 1963 v Blackburn - Greenwood wanted more "steel" in the side. Enter Eddie Bovington for the return fixture at Ewood Park that we won 3-1
He was pretty much an ever present for the rest of the season.
In 64/65 I seem to remember Peters lining up as a nominal left back at No. 3 so they could both play in the same side. MP eventually returned to the No. 4 shirt, but can't remember when.

Whatever - I miss him and another lost part of my youth.

terry-h 7:17 Sun Dec 22
Re: RIP Martin Peters
I think Tottenham did well swapping Greavsie for Peters plus cash in 1970. They got a player at his peak,and we got a veteran alcoholic. Well done Greenwood!

Far Cough 6:37 Sun Dec 22
Re: RIP Martin Peters
Indeed he did, my mistake

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