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Slim Shady 11:27 Sat Dec 28
Moyes out.
Needs to be done

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, 11:31 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
Moyes is not taking any credit for this result by what was a clearly Pellegrini team.

The players did it for themselves ably assisted by a hapless Bournemouth outfit.

BRANDED 10:41 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
he's currently 100% win rate in the second coming

Bishopsfinger 10:34 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
Maybe it was actually Pellegrini who was the caretaker for Moyes?

Northern Sold 10:09 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
Hairy... yeah I might have been one of the blokes giving it `shitty' comments after he got shown the door... in my defence I thought he was a dour 29% win ratio Jock cunt at the time... happy to be proven wrong this time around...

lowermarshhammer 9:50 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
Hairy fair point well made there

Miss the good old days when nearly all managers were a semi permanent fixture at 85% plus of clubs.

It was s better game in the 70's

HairyHammer 9:45 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
I remember the shitty comments when he left, there was hardly any respect for him getting us out of the shit from many it was embarrassing .

By the way I was not having a go at any single person, I am just someone who has enough intelligence to not start getting silly when a new manager arrives he might still be a disaster but when he begins you should simply support without immediately shouting your shit.
Alex Ferguson is no idiot Moyes knows the game well enough.

Takashi Miike 9:15 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.

Takashi Miike 9:14 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
not sure if you've noticed yet, but the owners got rid of him last time and the fans had no way in it. I'm also sure they don't read any of the shit I post on here, so you can fuck off too with your infantile "I was right, I was right" bollocks

camel-with-3-humps 9:12 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
Hairy Hammer is talking about you Takashi Mike.

It’s time to apologise.

Northern Sold 9:11 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.

Takashi Miike 9:10 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
hairy armpit, "This man was treated like shit by the owners", the fans had nothing to do with it so fuck off

HairyHammer 9:09 Wed Jan 1
Re: Moyes out.
This man was treated like shit when he got told he was not wanted by too many fans even though he got us safe,
He is being disrespected by too many once again

So some of you melts take a good hard look at your pathetic hate.

arsegrapes 2:47 Tue Dec 31
Re: Moyes out.
Has he fucked off out of it yet?

Capitol Man 2:32 Tue Dec 31
Re: Moyes out.
No fan of the appointment, but the west ham stat is misleading given what we inherited. Nine wins and ten draws from where we were when he came in wasn’t bad at all.

Thing that weird for me is he was never the sort of manager to come in and do a quick fix. What he built at Everton was done over time.

If you were going to appoint him as they did last time around you needed to give him a chance to build his own team.

The results weren’t really bad at all - it was the style of the team which seemed at odds with our supposed new ambition. The fact that we are back with what wasn’t deemed ambitious enough a year and a half ago is fucking depressing.

Irons10 2:18 Tue Dec 31
Re: Moyes out.
Tevaz I wished they didn't at least we would have kept our identity intact.

How fucking depressing is this stat:

Real Sociedad 12 wins in 42 games
Sunderland 8 wins in 43 games
West Ham 9 wins in 31 games

Winning IS what you do David

TeVaz 9:59 Mon Dec 30
Re: Moyes out.

“ who do they think they are “ ?

They are the ones who saved the club after the Icelandic farce aren’t they ?

Still cunts though !

Boycie 8:41 Mon Dec 30
Re: Moyes out.
Moyes our Moyes in Moyes out

The Libertine 10:31 Mon Dec 30
Re: Moyes out.
This is the final straw that breaks the camels back. It been a long time where I have been feeling more and more numb, but now... No more. Now it is no longer the football which is interesting but it is a morbid death struggle. You know you will likely throw up and have endless nightmares if you keep looking, but somehow you cant take you eyes away.

This is no longer West Ham United, but rather West Ham Departed.

I suppose we should not be surprised, after all the reason for Avram Grant was premier league experience, likewise with Fat Sam and now Moyes. But experience will premier league means little when you have players that needs motivating, players that need to fight for a common goal.

I am depressed.

madeeasy 9:41 Mon Dec 30
Re: Moyes out.
ons10 11:49 Sun Dec 29

I feel exactly the same. I'd take us losing each and every game until those 2 poisoned cunts left and we can get the true west ham back.

They can take their customers and fuck right off with it all.

madeeasy 9:39 Mon Dec 30
Re: Moyes out.
Get that cunt out our club and he can take the poisoned dwarves with him.

Stubbo 12:00 Mon Dec 30
Re: Moyes out.

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