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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Sydney_Iron 8:21 Sun Dec 29
Enzo Maresca
Maybe needs his own thread, a few sourse claiming hes been offered the managers job!!!!

Be a break from tradition for our owner taking such a punt, especially in our position......

Would rather him than some of the other names mentioned, Only 39, Highly respeced at the club, high risk but fuck it, take a punt on a young guy rather than one with a list of failures, boring football and sackings to there name.



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Mex Martillo 12:29 Wed Jan 1
Re: Enzo Maresca
He did OK John, made some good saves and was not at fault for the two goals.

rochesterjohn 1:14 Wed Jan 1
Re: Enzo Maresca
He actually had a very good game at Palace.

Cheezey Bell-End 1:01 Wed Jan 1
Re: Enzo Maresca
But anyone could see that Roberto was utterly inept and that there was no real risk in playing Martin. I don't get why Roberto played against Palace, while Fabianski was fit to play v Leicester 2 days later. Fabianski lying in traction could do a better job.
Plus why would Harris co-operate? He's a Millwall man and Martin had snubbed a contract to join us a few months prior.

Alfs 5:29 Tue Dec 31
Re: Enzo Maresca
I read on the BBC that it wasn't MP who made the call but interference from above - so more likely Gold or Sullivan.

Sven Roeder 5:22 Tue Dec 31
Re: Enzo Maresca
I like the idea that we bring someone in and then 6 months later after seeing him train and play we have to ring up his previous manager to ask if he is good enough.
I understood our keeping coach had known Martin when they were at Liverpool together
So we ask the (ex)Millwall manager if he is up to it.
Hilariously West Ham

goose 11:22 Tue Dec 31
Re: Enzo Maresca
Hammer and Pickle 5:28 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
One thing we know for sure - it was he who took the risk of playing Martin over Roberto

no we dont know that for sure at all. he might have helped set them up but i very much doubt he picked the team.

if the standard are to be believed MP called up Neil Harris to ask about Martin.

Sven Roeder 11:15 Tue Dec 31
Re: Enzo Maresca
They’ve sent a plane to pick him up

blueeyed.handsomeman 9:51 Tue Dec 31
Re: Enzo Maresca
[ hear that he has left the club and is linking up with cardiff

VirginiaHam 6:00 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
This has a whiff of Bilic but without the international experience.

Hammer and Pickle 5:28 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
One thing we know for sure - it was he who took the risk of playing Martin over Roberto.

Sir Alf 5:14 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
Very risky is my first thought. I suppose none of us know what if any influence this Maresca has had and what his role is exactly. If it includes fitness and conditioning then that alone is reason enough not to appoint him.

terry-h 5:06 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
The players 'liked' Roeder after Redknapp was sacked.
That went well.

COOL HAND LUKE 5:02 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
Yes, and we can all see you've put your 'education' to such good use, haven't you?

Must be your turn to get the shit in...

Hammer and Pickle 4:57 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
Aha, so you’re full of shit just as I expected.

Didn’t even have to go to my year of psychology at Goldsmiths to see that.

COOL HAND LUKE 4:54 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca

No, what tells me it won't work is that they need to feel the wind around their ankles now, or nothing will change, and that will not happen if we keep them in their comfort zones. Incidentally, not a soul on here has a problem with my comments, other than you (again). Funny, that...

My paper was "How to piss on a Cabbage from different angles, whilst staggering drunk across the garden". (Actually, my qualifications and which modules helped me to achieve them are absolutely none of your business. I was not boasting, merely trying (again) to make clear to you that your malevolent view of all your fellow posters on here as 'resentful old wanker' is sadly misplaced.)

Hammer and Pickle 4:30 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
This Higher National Diploma in Business Management tell you that the players "liking" him makes him unsuitable for the job?

Or is it perhaps you are simply a resentful old wanker who has never successfully motivated anyone in a positive manner, your only tool being acting like a cunt to get people running around and then doing fuck all as soon as your back is turned?

I guess that's the kind of management style you'll be familiar with, and it is exactly why so many British American and Italian companies show such amazingly poor performance and productivity.

This degree of yours in English Language - what did you write your paper on?

COOL HAND LUKE 4:27 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
HairyHammer 4:23 Sun Dec 29

Agreed. The best we can hope for, realistically, is to tread water until the Daves have gone.

HairyHammer 4:23 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
The last thing we want is someone who wants to play expansive high up exciting football with players who can't defend are too slow and owners who will not spend or constantly buy the wrong players, Moyes for me can do a job by simplifying things I think we fans cannot think with perspective sometimes .
If the owners will spend big and do exactly what the next man wants then bring in one of these south american Portugese Croatian lot no probs, but if they are who we know them to be I am sorry the football will have to be boring and negative but most games we will draw or win and that is what I believe is needed if money is not going to be spent, sadly it is an indication.

Texas Iron 4:21 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca

COOL HAND LUKE 4:18 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca

Nope. The players have already been trying their luck with this one... they've been quoted as saying they like him and his training sessions etc. Why would I make it up? This is not Jackanory…

If it helps you to stop fantasising that I am some sort of brain dead wanker: I'm an English Language graduate, with an HND in Business Management, and have spent virtually all my working life in senior management positions with British, American and Italian blue chips. And incidentally, I've made you aware of all this before during a similar conversation on here...

It's a world away from being a cuckold cabbage pisser, but no hard feelings, eh? Prat.

Leeshere 4:13 Sun Dec 29
Re: Enzo Maresca
If we are looking at younger up and coming managers then I would rather go for the Oxford or Wycombe managers, at least they have some managerial experience and have built good teams.

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