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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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davese16 12:58 Tue Dec 31
moyes tactics/formation
id like to see us play a 3-5-2 against bournemouth with 2 attacking wingbacks that can make it 5 at the back if needed

diop rice ogbonna
fredericks masuaku
anderson lanzini fornals

haller antonio

or if slightly more defensive noble in centre midfield with fornals on the bench, possibly cresswell for masuaku

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stepney hammer 5:25 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
Jasnik 5:22 Tue Dec 31

You had it covered in the first three words.

Jasnik 5:22 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
Why play snodgrass on the right to me it bloody stupid

ornchurch ammer 5:14 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
Personally I would encourage the full backs to push on from a back 4, like wing backs, and have Rice drop in to make a back 3 when needed, especially against teams only playing 1 up top.


Fredericks, Balbuena, Ogbonna, Cresswell

Snodgrass, Noble, Rice , Fornals

Antonio, Haller

the exile 3:24 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation

Fair enough. It's a close thing between Mas and Cress - good that we've got competition for the position. Personally I think Mas is the better player as a wing-back when he's on his game, but that's always the question with him. I would agree he hasn't been very convincing lately.

El Scorchio 3:24 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
I’m 99% sure Snodgrass starts. Set pieces aside, he’s got the workrate and effort that Moyes will want. Willing to chase and get stuck in and can pick a pass too.

TBH he’s one of the few who hasn’t let the team down this season so far.

southbankbornnbred 3:20 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation

Yep, totally agree. Rice has to be our holding midfield player otherwise we are far too lightweight in the most crucial area of the pitch.

I'd pretty much go with the side you've named, but with Cresswell at LWB. I just don't rate Arthur, even with an extra defender behind him.

southbankbornnbred 3:16 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
Massive game tomorrow, too. The proverbial six-pointer: win it, and we definitely leapfrog Bournemouth into 16th place, and possibly Southampton (if they lose to Spurs) and go 15th.

That will buy Moyes a tiny bit of breathing space while he plans some small reforms to Pelle's unbalanced squad during the transfer window.

Lose it, and Bournemouth go four points clear of us and leave us adrift with the current bottom three. And that could determine who wants to come here, or go elsewhere, in January.

Crucial, crucial game. No avoiding that.

the exile 3:14 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
I don't think he'll put Rice back into defence - he has done enough to prove himself as a more than capable midfielder, which wasn't the case last time Moyes was in charge. Besides, we need his strength in midfield alongside the more lightweight players like Noble and Fornals.

It's going to be interesting to see what he does with Lanzini and Anderson. He will be aware that both of them have been badly underperforming so at a time when the priority has to be tightening up at the back, they may be seen as luxury players. I think he'll give them time from the bench and tell them they've got to earn their places in the side. Likewise Snodgrass, who can cover for Noble, Lanzini for Fornals, Anderson for Antonio.


Balbuena Diop Ogbonna

Fred ............................Masuaku

Noble Rice Fornals

Antonio Haller

Hammer and Pickle 3:05 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation

Tempo, pressing and desire to get the ball to a man in space with tempo.

southbankbornnbred 2:59 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
Not sure where Moyes will be tactically.

He spent most of his time at Everton playing a 4-1-4-1 because he couldn't play his two centre halves too high up the pitch, so inserted Carsley (initially) in front of them.

But, as we know, he liked to go with three at the back and two wing-backs when he was with us. I suspect he will go with something like 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 tomorrow.

But just as important as his line-up and formation, will be the tempo at which the team plays.

Pelle's biggest mistake (of many) was that the side too often played with little pace tactically. I don't mean individual pace from players - I mean the tempo of the side. It was all too often sideways and slow. Possession was fine, but you need to inject pace into the team's movement and passing - and that's what we need to work on more than anything else.

Too often this season, we have been easy to defend against because our build up play has been so slow that teams can easily get eight or nine men behind the ball and then break on us. We need to hasten the speed at which we play the game generally.

Tempo, tempo, tempo....

Stubbo 2:44 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
Snodgrass is *almost* worth his place for his set piece delivery which is truly excellent.

Noble should be the most under threat. I'd like to see him step aside and have Fornals developed into a Modric type player.

Anderson, Lanzini, Antonio, Masuaku are all quick enough on the break, and looking at the videos of Haller whilst no speed machine theres plenty evidence of him involved in attacks for Eintracht on the break.

As everyone can see is plainly obvious its the midfielder to press and dictate the play alongside Rice that is missing. Fornals has the tenacity and technical ability but is maybe too lightweight but Id say he's currently the best of our options.

Noble these days only offers commitment to the cause. Id quite like to see him become a bit part player-coach and start that transition.

El Scorchio 2:07 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
GreenStreetPlayer- Anderson is pretty rapid and to be fair to him can also finish, so I can see him possibly being put up front with Antonio. But I imagine Haller has to start regardless.

If he’s after Giroud, then perhaps he’s going to try and get him to knock it down to Antonio or another player. That won’t be very pretty, though.

bill green 1:38 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
in fact Pearce has said that Rice gets exposed when Noble goes walkabout chasing lost causes
and they know Masuaku cant defend, no surprise there of course

bill green 1:37 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
daveyg 1:24 Tue Dec 31

daveyg 1:24 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
If he continues using Snodgrass and Noble in the same line up he'll be as screwed as Pellegrini was.
Snoddy gets the odd goal but his lack of creating anything and pace far out weighs that. The same can be said of Noble.

eswing hammer 1:23 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
He will have to shore up that defence, we have just come out as the worst prem defence of the decade conceding 520 goals, no set of fans have had to endure that !

GreenStreetPlayer 1:16 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
"trying to hit teams fast on the break".

Have we got the players with enough pace to do that though. Antonio, anyone else?

El Scorchio 1:03 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
It’s a given we’ll play defensively. We have to tighten up, work harder and press more when we don’t have the ball. We also have to compete for 50/50s and second balls which we really weren’t doing against Pellegrini.

It probably won’t be pretty at least for a few games but it’s going to be very compact and defensive with trying to hit teams fast on the break.

I know people don’t like it and it’s not going to fill me with delight watching it either, but you do have to build from the back when in our situation. I just hope he gets a system working quickly.

arsegrapes 2:58 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
Tactics and formations will go out the window when push comes to shove.

We might get a bit fitter, but I can see us running around like blue arse flies, parking the bus with hand brake on. When desperation sets in I can see Moyes reverting to “The Escapini Defence” if all else fails.

Darby_ 2:14 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation


Diop — Rice — Ogbonna

Fred ———————- Cresswell

Snod — Noble — Fornals

Haller — Antonio

Anderson to be brought on fairly early in the second half on the right and told to use his speed and run at defenders.

GreenStreetPlayer 1:59 Tue Dec 31
Re: moyes tactics/formation
------------- Fab------------------

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