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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

diehardhammer 3:14 Thu Jan 2
Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Would you put the complete 1st team out?

id go:


Zaba ogbonna diop cresswell

Powell RIce

Yarmo Lanzini Musuaku/Holland


would like to see Powell and ajeti given a chance and some minutes with noble and haller on the bench just in case

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Sven Roeder 2:35 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
I’ve always thought footballers are creatures of habit and need to get into a routine and play.
Not playing and being left to their own devices isn’t a good idea (ie Snowman in the Lamborghini).
They should all play twice a week and would be the better for it.

That said any eleven we put out should beat Gillingham. Anyone who can’t beat them shouldn’t be in a Premier league squad.

dolph 2:28 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Anyone more informed than me know how Dju and Xande have been getting on in the U23’s?

ironsofcanada 2:12 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Unfortunately the lineups I have seen so far show that the managing establishment do not think that a best eleven is best for their team in this cup.

I hope we buck that trend.

I hope I am not being too arrogant but I think we will work our way from near the bottom off the table, no matter what, and playing for anything else is a long shot.

So I say give Holland a chance before he leaves (and cup-tie him for Oxford), he deserves a chance given his effort against the same.

And first choice beyond that, including Fabianski if it will not break him.

, 12:02 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
I want to see a starting eleven that is the best of those that are fit to play.

Would not mind seeing brief cameos from youngsters after we have the game won.

The Fonz 11:52 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Fabianski just posted on social media about fa cup. Hopefully means he is starting

ChillTheKeel 11:32 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Maybe it'll finally sink into the pimps' thick heads that the best way to ensure their beloved prem league survival is via confidence and a winning mentality, no matter the competition.

But if their lapdogs are already wheeling out the excuses....

terry-h 11:22 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Olly Lee might be playing for Gillingham I suppose. He's as good as some of our present u-23 prospects.
If that Spanish cunt's in goal, I think our cup run will be no more.

Takashi Miike 11:16 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
getting the usual 'players need rest' shit coming through the propaganda sites/channels/pages. allardyce confirmed recently on the radio that they don't give a shit about the cups, and they'll be more proof later if the jock twat puts out an understrength team. any momentum/good will gained against bournemouth will be flushed down the toilet if they throw this tonight

Willtell 11:08 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Yes it should be the same team as against Bournemouth if we want to win the cup as Moyes says he does...

ChillTheKeel 10:46 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Same 11 that played so well against Bournemouth of course.

1964 10:41 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
If you want to win you have to play players that have played together before and can read each other. Not an assortment of promising players that have not played as a team before,

Gillingham will be well organised and at full strength - so should we.

Lato 10:18 Sun Jan 5
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Fab (fingers crossed)
Reid Diop Ogbonna
Zab Arfur
Powell Rice
Holland Ajeti Lanzini

Subs Roberto, Fred, Balbeuna, Coventry, Snoddy, Anderson, Haller

Please no Sanchez, I cannot bear to watch that dodgy 70's pornstar barnet flapping around all over the shop again!

Sniper 9:23 Sat Jan 4
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Maybe give diangana and Cullen a run out?


Sir Alf 4:52 Sat Jan 4
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Injury news sounds ominous. Roberto actually made 2 reasonable saves last time out but one goal he arguably should have done better with and he just isn't of the quality. Just worry Fab will get injured again :-(

Cresswell being doubtful is also a problem as we don't have another left back what with Johnson being injured. Arfur is not a left back and should never be risked there. And then there is midfield without Noble and/or Snoddy who do we use? Manuel "Stings like a butterfly, floats like a bee" Lanzini? Too lightweight.

We could risk them all and accept that we may end up with a patched up side in the Sheff Utd game? Its a tough one as like most it would be great to actually take the FA Cup seriously but what this is really showing is just how fvcking weak teh squad really is. Sanchez and Roberto cannot be trusted to even play, we have no back up at left back, no cover for Noble and no real options up front with just 2 forwards available. WTF was Sullivan thinking other than "must save wages" abd reduce the net spend to recoup the last season's above average spend.

I totally blame him and Gold for this. Pellegrini was paid so much he was never going to complain and while he showed he was spent as a manager the squad available and how it was weakened last summer meant he had no way to hide his ineptitude in terms of coaching, tactics etc,

The U23s is an option at least 1 or 2? But how good are they really? They went down a division and are tearing that up and maybe there is not much difference between Div 1 and 2 ? Coventry just signed a new deal is an U21 Eire player and gets good reviews. Powell too. One of those 2 alongside Rice who they know would seem a reasonable risk?

Browno22 1:33 Sat Jan 4
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Ajeti shouldn't play up top on his own. Play 2 up top to give him a confidence boost.

Oh wait we only have 2 strikers

Any Old Iron 12:11 Sat Jan 4
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
I am sick of seeing us put out 2nd and 3rd choice players in cup games and then getting humiliated by 2nd and 3rd level outfits.
As much as I support the return of Moyes, if he does an Allardyce then he might as well fuck off monday morning.

He must play a genuinely strong side and put the Gills to sword then move on with confidence to the next game.

mallard 9:54 Fri Jan 3
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Really can't see the logic in changing a winning side.
Would never have happened in the nineties

gank 9:47 Fri Jan 3
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Glenn Rodent has it

Lertie Button 9:04 Fri Jan 3
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
Would start with the same lineup as the Bournemouth game and when we are 10 nil up would make a change or two

Stubbo 7:36 Fri Jan 3
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
I would start with:






Then look to get a few goals in front and get Ajeti on for Haller, Reid on for Balbuena, and Sanchez on for Rice.

Start strong, get the job done early, then ease off. None of this Start weak then try and rescue it when it goes to shit. We need momentum.

Glenn Rodent 7:02 Fri Jan 3
Re: Team for Gillingham (Fa Cup)
There are fitness doubts over Noble, Cresswell, Ogbonna and Antonio. But Fabianski should recover form a slight knock.

I would go with –


Zabaleta Balbuenna Diop Masuaku

Sanchez Rice

Snodgrass Anderson Fornals




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