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Hammers1993 3:47 Sun Jan 5
2020 Movies
Another year and another set of movies being released.

As always there are a few surprises throughout the year that come out but the big movies look to be good ones this year:

- The Gentlemen

- Jojo Rabbit

- 1917

- Uncut Gems

- Bombshell

- Bad Boys for Life

- The Lighthouse

- Just Mercy

- A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

- Parasite

- Birds of Prey

- Dolittle

- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Bloodshot

- Portrait of a Lady on Fire

- Dark Waters

- Onward

- A Quiet Place: Part 2

- Mulan

- Bond: No Time to Die

- The New Mutants

- Black Widow

- Scoob!

- Fast and Furious 9

- Wonder Woman 1984

- Ghostbusters: Afterlife

- Minions: The Rise of Gru

- Tenet

- Top Gun: Maverick

- Jungle Cruise

- Morbius

- Bill & Ted Face the Music

- The King's Man

- Halloween Kills

- Eternals

- Gozilla vs. Kong

- Dune

- Coming 2 America

- West Side Story

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Bernie 9:32 Sun Feb 23
Re: 2020 Movies
Uncut Gems really good, Sandler superb, didnt really like the score and it was noisy at times but great movie.

DukeofDevo 2:54 Sun Feb 23
Re: 2020 Movies
zico 2:25 Wed Feb 19

My recommendation Zico is that you get an Amazon 4K firestick! Have a look on YouTube for tutorials on loading a decent build like Xanex, which has Built in and you can watch these films for nothing, rather than buy the dvds. It’ll be the best £40 approx you spend!

Have a look on the Kodi thread, it’s usually on the front page somewhere!

OccupyGreenStreet 1:52 Sun Feb 23
Re: 2020 Movies
Uncut Gems - knows how to build the tension, some great scenes.

Takashi Miike 11:12 Thu Feb 20
Re: 2020 Movies
like 90% of the shit being made now? I'm glad you're noticing it too, crystal

crystal falace 11:09 Thu Feb 20
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched Queen and Slim last night, decent acting from the 2 leads but other than that a load of race baiting shite. basically just a black lives matter film.

Northern Sold 10:26 Thu Feb 20
Re: 2020 Movies
Oh I dunno syd they got it about right on Midway... including the actual characters that were actually there...far more believable than the storyline of 1917...which is Indiana Jones at best...oh fantastic choreography though

Syd Puddefoot 8:14 Thu Feb 20
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched “Midway” last night.

Cliché ridden dross with action scenes more at home on an X-Box. I was expecting CGI of course but really.

Avoid. If the subject is of interest then you are better off looking for the original John Ford documentary version.

Manuel 8:05 Thu Feb 20
Re: 2020 Movies
Got around to watching Joker, not sure why some say it's massively depressing? Ok it's a bit dark, but surely that's the whole point. Thought it was very good, albeit not a great film by any means.

Alfs 6:23 Thu Feb 20
Re: 2020 Movies
Just watched The Professor (Amazon}. A bit corny but enjoyable all the same. Mr Depp is cool as ever.

zico 2:25 Wed Feb 19
Re: 2020 Movies
DukeofDevo 11:20 Tue Feb 18

Being the deaf bastard that I am I still on occasion but the odd DVD as they have subtitles, although with a Stallone film I'm not sure you need them!!!! Most of the time I'll get cheapos at CEX but fancied watching this but stupidly didn't read the reviews first!!

Bernie 11:55 Tue Feb 18
Re: 2020 Movies
He may have paid a tenner to watch it sitting in Sly Stallone's front room.

DukeofDevo 11:20 Tue Feb 18
Re: 2020 Movies
zico 8:46 Tue Feb 18

Zico can’t believe you paid a tenner to watch Rambo Last blood! Where did you watch it?

The film was just a long justification for the last 20 minutes of violence. I don’t think it will be the last one.

ted fenton 8:54 Tue Feb 18
Re: 2020 Movies
Seen some superb films of late courtesy of Android TV but
"Uncut Gems" didn't cut it for me.

zico 8:46 Tue Feb 18
Re: 2020 Movies
Saw Rambo Last Blood (ok it's 2019) and a bit of a waste of a tenner!! Enjoyable enough violent romp although unbelievably short but bar the last one John Rambo, all haven't been a patch on the first which was an outstanding film. Seems strange how Stallone rescued Rocky from an awful Rocky 5 with a very good Rocky Balboa and then the highly watchable Creed movies but seems to have gone out with a very poor final Rambo instalment.

Cheezey Bell-End 9:43 Mon Feb 17
Re: 2020 Movies
Saw 1917 tonight. Best film I've seen for a long time.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:38 Fri Feb 14
Re: 2020 Movies

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:37 Fri Feb 14
Re: 2020 Movies
The first Superman was vaguely OK, spoiled only by the fact we've seen exactly the same film at least twice before, with Supes played by more endearing actors.

Suicide Squad was indeed pants as was anything Batman related (JL, B V S). In fact the Batman stuff was beyond pants.

Wonder Woman was pretty good, if a bit over-rated (Gosh! Women can make films that men want to see!), I loved Aquaman for its sheer chutpah and spectacle, Shazam was an enjoyable romp and Joker doesn't really count. I didn't much care for it, actually.

All IMHO, of course.

I'll be giving Birds of Prey a go at the weekend.

ted fenton 3:17 Fri Feb 14
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched/Read Parasite last night nearly turned it off after 30 mins but ended up really enjoying it.

Dan M 4:15 Thu Feb 13
Re: 2020 Movies
I liked Joker once it was apparent it wasn't a comic book movie in any way shape or form. It was a fairly predictable take on Scorcese "little guy - nasty world" films with some DC character names and a balls-out central performance.

As for super-dupers, just three months until Black Widow.

Council Scum 4:09 Thu Feb 13
Re: 2020 Movies
Shazam I didn't mind, Joker was awful.

Dan M 4:07 Thu Feb 13
Re: 2020 Movies
Might get out the Unlimited Card to see Birds of Prey tonight as well. I never expect anything from DC films, so it's a bonus if they're OK or better (Shazam, Joker... erm... that's about it).

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