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JLAP 9:52 Tue Jan 7
WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
What’s happening in your world boys and girls?
All I keep hearing in the City is that contracts are terminating in Feb/Mar, options are FTC, Perm or inside IR35.

Is that a fair picture or are you noticing many opportunities operating INSIDE IR35 post April?

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southbankbornnbred 1:37 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
Bill - the whole thing was a massive gravy train inside the Beeb and govt depts. The "talent" were often being paid hundreds of thousands at just 21% tax, while the rank-and-file were being taxed 40% on anything above 40k.

It was patently unfair and something had to be done.

But in classic fashion, the govt made a pig's ear of the reforms and now nobody knows what the hell is going on.

bill green 1:23 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
southbankbornnbred 11:55 Fri Jan 10

John Birt was Director General of the BBC being paid via his PSC.
Now Lord Birt of course :)

southbankbornnbred 12:52 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
I actually attended a seminar where the govt was telling people "if you're unsure about the new rules then just move inside IR35 and sort out any issues later".

Yeah, right. Some new system that is. They couldn't even define the boundaries of the new rules at their own seminars.

southbankbornnbred 12:50 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
MO - I think you've hit the nail on the head, mate. The way the new rules (if you can call them that) operate is so fluid that they are now causing more confusion and uncertainty.

Classic government.

In trying to clean up what was obviously a mess (major public servants using corporate structures to pay 21% tax instead of 40% income tax - thereby depriving the public purse of millions for schools, hospitals etc), the departments responsible have now created a Frankenstein.

Mike Oxsaw 12:46 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
One of the reasons I rarely give contract in the UK a second glance is all this in/out IR35 bollocks.

Not only does nobody seem to have a scooby, it's so fluid that the government could flip my work from one state to the other mid-contract. Fuck that bollocks.

Much easier lifestyle - and shit-loads more dosh - to be had elsewhere.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:34 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
Plus you have to charge and hand over VAT. So the total tax you pay is still a significant part of your total revenue.
So yes we earn more, which is the real point of doing it, but we still hand a shitload over to HMRC. Looks like that will be less and less in the future.
I'm likely to leave the UK soon and doubt I will work here again now.

Northern Sold 12:29 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
No paid leave?? No paid sick?? No pension??

You need to become a perm' MPI my old son...

In all honesty I did think about becoming a contractor a few years ago (Cobol, IDMSX mainframes etc)... but... I can see my work place from my front garden... and I'm a bit of a lazy cunt... so I just prefer to come in and moan about the lazy african contractors who nick my milk and smear shit all over the toilet cubicles... anyway we are due to be relocated to Stratford in a few years time so I my last 5 years or so I might go the extra mile or 2 and ply my trade elsewhere

Moncurs Putting Iron 12:07 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
Northern Sold 11:34 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?

A little more nuanced than that, I do pay NI and I do pay Corp Tax and I do pay Dividend tax.

I don't get a pension, I don't get paid sick leave in fact I don't get paid leave at all.

(I know you know this BTW, just thought I would chomp down on the bait)

What this has been good for is removing me from my comfort zone, proving my skills and experience are transportable after 24 years at the same place, working with people who moaned about their lot daily whilst doing the minimum and taking the wage I decided I didn't want to turn out like that.

southbankbornnbred 11:55 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
This is probably not the best time to reveal that I was part of the team of journos who exposed misuse of the PSC system, which led to the reforms of the IR35 rules.

We caught 2,500 civil servants using PSCs to pay corporate, rather than income, tax - including the then head of the Student Loans Company. That kick-started the Treasury review by Danny Alexander. In the meantime, we also caught loads of BBC types doing the same. Complete misuse/abuse of public funds.

But, in my defence, in typical Treasury/HMRC fashion, they totally missed the point of what we had unearthed and instead went and fecked up a half-decent system for everybody else.

So then I got caught up in the IR35 nonsense, too! Talk about hoist by your own petard!

bill green 11:39 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
Here's the joke - govt jobs outside IR35

Digital Business Analyst (SC Cleared)


3-month contract initially

475 per day (outside IR35)

We are currently looking for an SC Cleared Business Analyst to work for a Central Government department in London. This is a 3-month contract.

Northern Sold 11:34 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
Yeah obviously won't be a lot left over once you pay pwopa tax, Ni etc.... you know like the rest of us do.... anyway good luck with your avoidance boys...

JLAP 10:45 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
I wouldn’t get out of bed for a monkey Sold 😉

Northern Sold 10:17 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
Public sector is where it's at for the Temp IT bods... I reckon our IT dept is now 50/50 with perm and cons (and I do mean cons!)... come and earn your monkey a day working on brexit and making tax digital... you cant be any lazier than the current bunch of shirking cunts we got in..

JLAP 9:35 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
If your operational IT dept are all contractors then that is what the government are trying to clear out. They should be gunning for the BAU DBA types who are sitting on 5+ year contracts.
I’ve never done more than 2 years in contract and all project based. My scenario is legit

Full Claret Jacket 2:42 Fri Jan 10
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
It will pretty much wiped out the IT department where I am and there is a hiring freeze so no-one can go permanent.. All those on contracts are being told they are out at end of Feb and the jobs are going offshore as the company doesn't want the risk or burden of assessment. That's over 150 people they are no longer getting tax from unless those people find other well paid jobs. Some of these people are very good and key to projects so the Permies there are shellshocked as everything is set to fail.

It's very short-sighted. The contractors pay Tax, NI, Dividend tax, Corporation tax and VAT. It adds up to a fair bit. HMRC keep selling this as Tax evasion but it's not. Taxes are paid and many of those who make good money (which is probably less than you think) spend money in other industries who will now lose custom and suffer.

hammer205 10:36 Thu Jan 9
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
The last gravy train unfortunately pulled from us. Poxy government. Love screwing people over.

Forced me to go permanent which has its plus and negtives

BeauLarkyBuff 4:41 Thu Jan 9
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
Just retired after 30+ years as a contract developer and tester. IT in this country is going to the dogs. My last company has just laid off all contractors and offshored to India and Romania. So pleased that I don't have to try and understand broken English technical documents anymore.

JLAP 9:53 Thu Jan 9
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
The Government has just announced that it is going to review off payroll (IR35) from today. The review will focus on the implementation of these reforms, which are due to come into force on 6 April 2020.

Jesse Norman, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, said: "The purpose of this consultation is to make sure that the implementation of these changes in April is as smooth as possible."

The review, which will conclude by mid-February, will engage with affected individuals and businesses on their experiences of the implementation of these reforms.

So, the legislation will NOT be delayed.

Moncurs Putting Iron 3:17 Wed Jan 8
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
Pickle - They did. My first contract after leaving 24 years with BT was a WAN, LAN and WiFi delivery project for a partnership of County and regional councils.

Was a pleasant change tbh.

Moncurs Putting Iron 3:14 Wed Jan 8
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
Northern Sold 2:18 Wed Jan 8
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?

Back in the 90s when we had our first batch of Infosys contractors come over I had to post a 'memo to all in the office' on correct toilet cubicle use.

Advanced stuff like, sit on the seat don't stand, don't wipe excrement on the walls there's bog roll.

Aalborg Hammer 2:21 Wed Jan 8
Re: WHO’s Contractor’s - IR35?
We had a very long questionnaire to fill out...our boss then deemed whether we were inside or outside IR35...we're having to wait a month to be paid (until February when we revert back to weekly) and having to take out extra indemnity insurance too...wouldn't mind but it not even ratified into law yet

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