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OneAll 5:14 Wed Jan 8
we need to get him back asap , I knew he was having a good season at west brom but just watched a video of his highlights so far and he pisses over everything weve got in attack. Video is on the skysports website

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daveyg 1:09 Fri Jan 10
Re: Diangana
He's coming back from a hamstring injury,needs games at WBA before we can assess him.

Exiled In Surrey 12:59 Fri Jan 10
Re: Diangana
Given concerns with Antonio's hammy, shouldn't he be brought back?

eusebiovic 10:52 Fri Jan 10
Re: Diangana
From what I can tell Slav has been playing him in a roaming role just behind the strikers...I still say he should get a full season under his belt

Lee Trundle 10:21 Fri Jan 10
Re: Diangana
I dunno where he would fit in with Moyes favoured formation.

The same could be said of all of our wingers, if we're going to play with wing backs.

Darby_ 10:01 Fri Jan 10
Re: Diangana
We don’t need him. We’ll be getting HUGGY back.

On The Ball 8:07 Thu Jan 9
Re: Diangana
It's the complete opposite of thick - staying there is 100% what he needs.

eusebiovic 6:05 Thu Jan 9
Re: Diangana

Sorry Chap...it's just that I'm pretty pissed off with this topic to be honest, it's been done to death in recent months...I just think we should leave him where he is...getting confidence in a winning team will bring the best out of him...especially if he ends up with a winners medal.

We won't go down...it'll be alright - just

OneAll 3:16 Thu Jan 9
Re: Diangana
your thick euse mate

crystal falace 2:24 Thu Jan 9
Re: Diangana
Sure i saw Sam Inkersole on twitter said that there was writing in the loan agreement which meant he couldnt play against us in the cup either.

The old c wing 1:30 Thu Jan 9
Re: Diangana
There will be little point making these investments in a player's future if we end up relegated this season.

At the moment does he strengthen our options either in starting our from the bench? Yes, massively.

There is a myth that we have lots of wingers. Only Antonio has pace, and we need more of that.

eusebiovic 12:13 Thu Jan 9
Re: Diangana
Leave him where he is...

Too many knee-jerking rubber-neckers watch football these days but understand absolutely nothing about it.

Young players need games under their belt - the more the better 100+ or more.

Coming off the bench for the last 15 minutes now and again just doesn't cut it.

When will cunts learn?

Vexed 11:41 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
Lets bring Diangana back! Said about 30 different complete idiots very fucking week,

Shut the fuck up.

Sven Roeder 10:42 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
I though he either couldn’t play as in the league or we at least had to give permission for him to play in the cups.
If he is eligible I agree we should request he doesn’t play.
He has been/is injured so I imagine Bilic will save him for the league in any case

Far Cough 10:30 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
Sven, they are allowed to play him, I hope Moyes has had a word with Bilic on the understanding, we won't recall him if he doesn't play

Sven Roeder 10:29 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
Bloody autocorrect


Dinngnnnnna would be ILLEGIBLE

Sven Roeder 10:28 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
Let’s hope he is because we will go through due to WBA playing an illegible player

Far Cough 10:28 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
You would hope Moyes has had a word with Bilic about that

DukeofDevo 10:25 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
Let’s hope he’s not playing against us in the cup!

Sven Roeder 9:23 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
You can see players like Mount, Abraham & Tomori all benefited from a full Championship season especially with the 46 game season.
Come back at the end of the season and get a good preseason in and give it a go with the first team squad then.
If he doesn’t stack up he would be in demand by Championship teams who see what he can do.
Hopefully Holland can do the same but would have preferred him at a Championship club rather than Oxford.

Alfs 9:22 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
Very impressed with what I saw in that video. Always liked the kid and he seems to have come on leaps and bounds. He's scored some cracking goals. That solo effort at around 45 secs is sublime.

Sniper 9:06 Wed Jan 8
Re: Diangana
Seems to have improved his end product significantly at West Brom

Part of me thinks strike while the iron is hot (no pun intended) and bring him back now whilst he’s on fire instead of waiting - if he wasn’t our player, I’d be chuffed if we were bidding for him as he’d improve the team

But I doubt he’ll play much and I don’t want his development stunted by being on the bench getting 20 minute cameos

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